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Letter: Want to cut gas costs? Slow down!

I support the modest increase in the state gasoline tax proposed by the New Hampshire House. I drive many miles every year in this state, and it’s worth it to me to pay just 3½ percent more (12 cents on $3.50 a gallon) to have the bridges and roads repaired and safe. If we want to drive on the roads and know that the snow will be removed, the potholes patched, the bridges repaired and open, and Interstate 93 completed, we should be willing to pay what it takes.

Of course, if the 3½ percent increase is a burden, a driver can simply slow down from driving 70 to 60 mph and save 10 to 15 percent on gas. But based on the overwhelming number of vehicles that pass me at 70 or greater on the highway, I don’t think that’s much of a threat to the increased income the state is hoping for. The bottom line is that if someone needs to keep their gasoline costs down, they ought to be looking at their own driving habits, not complaining about gasoline taxes.



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Got a chuckle out of that Gen Xer. So we are told we should go green and buy a Prius. Yet driving at 85 mph does not save gas, 55 mph does if you want to be efficient. Pretty hypocritical. So if you own a Prius, my guess is that if you drive at 85 mph you pretty much voided the whole I am green and wonderful stance right.

Yeah, I would say so. I don't have anything against hybrids or even driving 85 mph, but it is hypocritical. Or maybe greenies run late to work occasionally too.

Not really. On our trip to Denver, traffic was flowing at 80 or so most of the way out and back. We went with the flow and averaged 49 mpg in our hybrid - even though it was over 100 degrees most every day with the AC cranking. Near Detroit the traffic flowed at about 90 - I think the speed limit was 75. You most likely drive a VW Rabbit. Is it a diesel?

I got a chuckle from your response. You wasted energy which hurts the environment just by driving 80MPH. You ran the AC at full bore which also hurt the environment with emissions. You drove a hybrid and we know that hybrids require more energy to produce and are really a net negative as compared to a conventional vehicle. The cost of energy to build all of the many parts save nothing. I certainly hope that you did not drive 90 in Detroit. Bottom line, please stop lecturing us on global warming and the environment if you are unable to practice what you preach.

good one

Am I the only one who finds it somewhat strange to be passed by a Toyota Prius hybrid at 85 mph on the highway?

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