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Letter: Government must evolve too

My partner is the one whom I admire, who supports me, makes me laugh, keeps me sane and hugs me when I cry. My partner is my best friend, and I married him because I love him and want him in my life forever.

I did so because I wanted to show him my love and devotion, as I would have wanted to do if I had found those qualities in someone else. It wouldn’t matter if that person was a women or a man, young or old, black or white. As a nation we have worked hard to deter racism and sexism, to create equality for those with disabilities and different religious beliefs, just to name a few. We have tried to remove these barriers so that people will feel more equal, have less pain in their life and not be made to feel ashamed for being who their creator made them.

No matter who you believe you creator is, you know that they never wished you to feel you were an outcast or wished you had barriers beyond your own limitations. They wanted you to feel empowered, filled with love and happiness in your life. So why are we allowing our government to continue to afflict any group for any reason? We have evolved and so must our government. I have my freedoms and rights, so must others.



Legacy Comments2

``Itsa do you know you talk out of both sides of your mouth and neither side make any sense.

I would disagree, the government has "devolved". Progressives constantly cry for "progress" but in their view that means restricting more rights for instance on the right to bear arms, free speech, which toilet we install in our homes or what kind of light bulb we use in that lamp. Progressives want government out of our bedrooms so I will take the bait and say that we should stay out of the very personal lives of others. There are other ways to ensure the rights of people with alternative lifestyles without tearing down long held traditions. To the point of faith or belief, many people are not all that hung up on that. When you say "why are we allowing government to continue to afflict any group for any reason?". I would agree if you replaced "afflict" with "restrict". Government is one of the biggest discriminators against people belonging to a number of groups representing their self interest and on the other hand are the biggest enabler of a number of groups representing other self interests, it depends which political party is in office. So, when progressives can show as much respect and praise for Christians as they do for Muslims, as much call for the rights of conservative groups as they call for the rights of liberal groups, an equal treatment of one group as much as calling for the affirmative action rights of another. If we want equality, we can show no preferences to sooth any conscience of perceived equity and in turn practice anything which will discriminate. We can't as a society, have it either way.

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