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Letter: Blame Shaheen, Shea-Porter

We have Rep. Carol Shea-Porter and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen to thank for higher health-care premiums. Both Shea-Porter and Shaheen voted to implement Obamacare. I am assuming they read the law before they voted.

So, my question is, why did they vote for the medical device tax?

This tax is on heart valves, insulin pumps and thousands of other products. It is estimated that there are more than 50 medical device manufacturers in New Hampshire that will be taxed on their sales not their profit.

Shaheen wanted President Obama to delay the implementation of the tax until after the 2014 elections. Naturally, both Shaheen and Shea-Porter are up for reelection in 2014. In a vote on the budget, the Senate agreed to repeal the medical device tax. However, this vote is a non-binding amendment that means nothing.

Recently, it was revealed that there is an Obamacare fee (tax) of $63 per person to begin in 2014. This tax is to cover the cost of people with pre-existing conditions. This tax has significant consequences for large employers. Once again, why did they vote for this tax?

Recent actuarial studies have indicated that premium for health care could increase on average by 32 percent.

We have an opportunity to vote out Shaheen and Shea-Porter in 2014.



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Is the comment system down?? Funny..cant comment on the Concord HS girls coach story. Or see them...Oh if only it was a Tea Party member that was involved. Then it would work....

Jim....its working..has been all afternoon here. Redirect the alcola shipment to Concord!!

It just came back. lets go to the story in question

Democrats promised that Obamacare would create jobs, lower health costs and allow people to keep their current plans if they choose to, however these things are simply not true. The CBO estimates that Obamacare will reduce employment by over 800,000 workers and they also found that 7 million people will lose their present employer health insurance over the next 10 years, forcing them into government pools. The CBO estimates that Obamacare over the next 10 years will raise health care spending over $580B. The promises made were lies and more of these lies come to fruition every single day. In fact less than 45% of the population supports Obamacare, we should start right there. If Republicans take back the Senate they should return the reconciliation favor and kill it through the same process that sneakily passed it. Moreover, the House should simply not fund it in the meantime.

It gets worse than that. Employers will be offering less health care to those who they provide insurance now. Deductibles will be going up as are premiums. Employers will have to cover all people working 30 hours, this will create more part time situations. Then the people 18-25 will pick up a larger portion of the cost and they won't even use it. I hope that this group turns on Obama and Democrats once they realize that they are realizing much less in their paychecks. So, once again, Democrats are having the majority pay more so that a minority can get health coverage and the majority will have less care and have to wait in line with those who they are subsidizing. The real reason for Obamacare is to have a single payer system and this will force that. Orwell was just thirty years ahead of his time, what a visionary.

You are funny Itsa, conservative right-wingers love to quote Orwell without realizing he was a Socialist and was talking about people that think like you do. Have you ever even read any Orwell? Conservatives are so strange. Worried to death about the government, so they are willing to get rid of Democracy if it doesn't suit their purpose. Now a town in GA actually makes a law mandating people to own a gun. Orwell would have loved that. Beware the enemy, Itsa, it is you.

It is obvious Tillie that 1984 and Animal Farm were amazing books. What also is obvious, is that you did not get the meaning of those two books.

Orwell was a left wing Socialist and was rabid anticommunist. These books were about totalitarism. We have more to fear these days from the info big business and corporations have on us than any government. What do you think your rewards card is? The GPS and black box in your car. Everytime you hit 'like" on facebook they are keeping tabs on you. While you are all so afraid of your government, the money men are watching your every move and you are helping them.

The saddest part is that those who voted for this bill had no idea what it contained. (both parties did this). Think about that. They passed major legislation, greatly increasing taxes and palosi bragged "You have to pass it to know what it contains" (paraphrased) . Why would any responsible politician vote to make something the law of the land, having no idea what it contained? What else have they voted for/passed w/o knowing what it said? Will they do that next time? ever again? Is this not a betrayal of trust? Would you want that person representing you?

They just did it again when they voted for the budget deal.

democrat Senator Lehey will only allow 1 session of discussion on the immigration bill - he says it has to be rushed to vote - NO DEBATE is the policy of democrats

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