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N.H. News Roundup

N.H. News Roundup: Name that rest area, more snow is coming (really)

(AP file)

(AP file)

I want one.

A rest area, that is. And if a bill passes through the state legislature, I just may get my wish. Proponents of the bill think allowing the sponsorships will help keep the rest stops maintained – and more importantly – open.

PETA has already jumped on board with this idea. Should the bill pass the animal rights group is hoping to sponsor a rest area and have signs that read, “Rest easy. Stop cruelty. Go vegan area.”

For a list of the Granite State’s 16 rest areas (not all are open, and some are closed seasonally), you can visit the NHDOT’s website.

Is it too early to call dibs on the Southbound Hooksett area? Because . . . dibs.

In other news

 There’s a winter weather advisory from late tonight into tomorrow. Not a joke – this is seriously happening.

∎ A former Portsmouth school employee accused of trying to solicit a 14-year-old girl through Facebook was granted lower bail.

∎ New Hampshire’s members of Congress have come together to seek a North Country health clinic for veterans.

∎ The police say the getaway car of two suspected burglars got stuck in the mud and led to their arrest.

∎ FairPoint is preparing to layoff 90 workers in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.

∎ You can hardly tell it’s spring on White Mountain.

∎ New Hampshire reached record levels of lottery sales after the state sold more than $16.9 million in instant tickets last month.

∎ If you’re in Washington, D.C., on a Thursday this month, you can have coffee with Sen. Kelly Ayotte.

∎ Monadnock Music’s 2013 summer music festival opens July 14.

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Legacy Comments12

Itsa maybe you have never gone camping or traveling with children on long trips. They need to go to the restrooms, picnic and run off some energy. Go to craft stores and antique shops? Who are you people? Where you born grown up and cranky and hating nature?

Now Tillie... If something doesn't directly benefit these tightwads then they shouldn't be asked to contribute to it. Like Teabag Party fashion, they somehow think they're going to save millions inconveniencing the tourist trade that our state revenue is based on because we certainly don't want to think about an income or sales tax to inconvenience the well to do that buy homes and expensive toys in NH as we're a "tax-free" state. "Its the New Hampshire Way".....

Teabag Party "tightwads" as opposed to people with their palms up and hands out? 'Well to do?' I really don't think that most of us are "well to do" but it does sound like you may be a bit envious. Our property taxes could pay for much more if people kept up their homes instead of letting them decay. Well maintained homes are worth more and valued more than a home in decay.

Yeah Itsa... it would bode well for the whole state if we got rid of the "current use" tax exemption so that all property owners would pay their fair share and not slither away with subsidized taxes from their fellow neighbors. Kinda like being part of the "entitled" isn't it Itsa?

tillie, there are plenty of places to stop and have a picnic. Yes I am an avid camper, travel with children regularly on long trips. They go to the restrooms at convenience stores, restaurants and to run off energy I find a nice store to shop and and run them around or a park. I can't understand the 'born grown up' comment and I love nature and by the way, am seldom "cranky".

I don't call what they name it, I just wish they would reopen the closed ones such as the one in Epsom on Rte 4. It was such a pretty spot for people to stop and now it is just an overgrown disgrace. Especially for a state that depends on tourism so much.

I dont believe tourists come to see the rest stops.

I agree with you GWTW... they don't come to see them, they just come to visit and use them. We are a tourism state aren't we?

Well..if you go strictly by the numbers we are a manufacturing state.

Oops..scratch that.."Trade, transportation and utilities".............

Oh, I don't know, Route 4 has plenty of antique stores and other landmarks and plenty of places to pull off of the highway. There are craft stores, even one that sells bent sticks and twigs. There are plenty of other places to pull over and stop.

In the "anything for a buck category" why don't we put a tasteful neon sign on the State House Dome and lease space on it? Great space for advertising a casino.....Oh, for the days when we had Boston Garden, Great Woods and the Orange Bowl just to name a few.

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