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Letter: Crass opportunism

After the bombings at the Boston Marathon, U.S. citizens quickly ran to the aid of the victims. U.S. first responders arrived at the scene quickly and moved to help victims and secure the area. U.S. police forces both in Boston and the FBI did quick work in identifying and tracking down the suspects of the bombing. U.S. citizens then shared information that allowed the suspects to be apprehended.

Everything went well until some U.S. senators got involved. Without any knowledge or facts on the ground Republicans, starting with Lindsey Graham along with our own Kelly Ayotte, started posturing and grandstanding, demanding that the two suspects be categorized as “enemy combatants,” thus turning a great American response into a chance to thump their chests and politicize the situation. Thankfully, our president dismissed their crass political opportunism out of hand.

I have full confidence that our U.S. justice system will do the job it needs to do to make sure that due process is followed and justice is done. Too bad our U.S. senator doesn’t have that kind of confidence in this great country, its laws, its institutions and its people.



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Did any of you lefties on here ever consider that this bomber has information? Did it ever occur to any of you that once he assigned a lawyer, he would clam up? Obviously, many here are not into finding out if we have more suspects related to these two monsters. I have no issue with civil court. My issue is that this adminstration stopped the interrogations. By the way the adminstration led the FBI to believe they could ask questions, then shut them down with no warning.

Have any of you righties ever considered that even "monsters" have a Bill of Rights (Amendments 4, 5 and 6) and several notable Supreme Court decisions (Miranda, Escobedo, Gideon, et al) to prevent police from extracting "information" from them. Funny, isn't it, how due process is a nuisance technicality when applied to somebody you dislike and a Constitutional protection for your buddies. Rabbit, you really need to do a bit of study into the strict limitations on the public safety exception before spouting off.

It's my understanding that the police could have questioned him all they wanted to, as long as none of his statements were used against him in a court of law. Once you are read your rights, that changes.

Actually Gracchus you are the one that needs to do some study. The DOJ extended the public security aspect of questioning a terrorist without reading him his Miranda Rights. This does not impinge on any rights, because the info gained is not allowed in court. The whole point of Public Safety is to get info, get it? So, lets not get any terrorism info, lets just take the Liberal Slant. This is a poor misguided American citizen who was brainwashed by his brother. We do not need to find out info about if the brother was in a cel here in the US, if more attacks are planned, or even if we have a terrorist cels at our univeristies here. Lets let the left decide how long we need to question a terrorist.

Irony, hyprocrisy and actually a sense of humor. Not good at laughing at themselves. Sorry Gone, I meant grammar I was thinking of Kelsey Grammer. I hope you aren't constantly going to be checking my spelling and grammAr, or I will be worried. Guess you don't text much.

Crass opportunism? Right after the Newtown killings, progressives, including our own president took that incident and made it political. Now, THAT is crass opportunism. Flying the families of the Newtown tragedy to Washington to get a vote which yielded a political result that was in line with the president's ideology was crass opportunism. I could go on but Obama is the KING of crass opportunism.

good one

Talking about grammer, it is very childish to capitalize Republicans and not Democrats. When someone does something like that, I don't feel they are making a fair comment and don't bother reading the rest.

It's grammar...not grammer.

GWTW, grammer, grammar, grandma. There is a great website out there called and I urge everyone posting here to use it. All of us make mistakes, no one is perfect but there are tools which are helpful and everyone should be aware of.

Such as NOT ending your sentence with a preposition?

Absolutely. I am sorry too that these people have so much hate for Obama that they actually allign themselves with these bombers' mother and believe this was a put up job. As if Obama, for whatever reason decided to bomb Boston, he picked the bluest city in the nation. I wasn't around then, but in the newsreels I saw when Roosevelt declared war on Japan after Pearl Harbor all of the congress was with him, even the Republicans who hated him because of social security and the WPA. This was different, politics was put aside, our country was attacked, we were all Americans. I saw several Republicans within daysof Boston attacking Obama on the floor of congress.Our enemies must love that.

Hmmm..I thought this was the work of 2 lone wolfs? Are you saying the Boston Bombings are not the work of 2 lone wolfs and part of a larger plot by our enemies? Should we declare war on someone here?

I know you are the expert on grammer and spelling here, but should that be lone wolves?

That is a good question. I don't believe we have ever had to describe two individuals as "lone wolfs/wolves" before. Its usually used when one person acts on his own. But then Menino did say "they" acted alone.

Talk about crass democrats will never let a good tragedy go to waste to attack an Republican.

After 9/11 we all pulled together against a common enemy. Guess that is not true anymore.

Tillie, please clarify. Should America be pulling together against Van?

How mean spirited. Where is your tolerance? You embrace of "diversity" when it comes to opinion. Van's point was spot on.

The one thing that can be absolutely relied on is conservatives' near-total inability to grasp irony.

That was sure mean spirited. The comment after all was not worthy of reply. After all crass republicans will never let any opportunity go to waste to attack an educated voter, or Democrat, your choice.

If Democrats believe that "education" trumps common sense, class and intelligence, they are sorely incorrect. The top echelon of progressives are educated and brainwashed, I might add but the bottom are low information lemmings holding their hands out and palms up. Democrats and progressives do not genuinely care about them, beyond making them dependent on government.

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