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Letter: Unqualified

Re “Rep: U.S. government behind marathon attack” (Monitor Local & State page, April 24): State Rep. Stella Trembley’s Facebook posting makes it perfectly clear: There should be minimum competency testing for politicians.



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Just be happy you don't have Dennis Fields for a Rep.

Another example of allowing refugees in, no questions asked and then excusing them because they are Muslim.

Well lets look at the facts. The govt allowed these people to come here. Under political asylum. The parents are back and the older son goes back for a 6 month visit. Most of them were on welfare. The FBI is warned about the older one from another govt. Both the mother and the older son are on the terrorist watch list. Homeland security says they acted alone, with no evidence at all. Thats a pretty scathing indictment of govt I'd say. Black ops? More like complete stupidity at all levels. So, IS govt inherently good as Harry Reid says...or...inherently bloated and inefficient?

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