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Letter: This measure was just common sense

I have heard the mantra, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” ad nauseam from staunch defenders of the Second Amendment.

Accepting that premise, how could there possibly be an objection to background checks? Do they believe it would be taking away the rights of felons and the mentally ill to deny them the opportunity to buy a gun?

Their next objection is that all the safeguards already in place should be enough.

The bottom line is that if one child is saved, the safeguards are worth it.

Imagine it was your child put in harm’s way by a convicted felon who had been allowed to purchase a gun at a New Hampshire gun show. Sadly, that is why the parents of those children killed in Newtown, Conn., have now become activists – to put safeguards in place to prevent another child from being killed.

New Hampshire is one of 39 states with a gun show “loophole,” which means there is no federally mandated background check requirement for any weapon sold by an unlicensed dealer. People not “engaged in the business” of selling firearms can sell guns without a license – and without processing any paperwork. These “private sales” include guns sold at gun shows, through classified newspaper ads or the internet, and between individuals virtually anywhere.

There is no one magic fix that will prevent death by firearms, but we must be logical about common-sense gun reforms. Background checks are common sense.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte, who represents our state in Washington, has failed her constituents by voting against this common-sense bill.



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common sense? democrats don't want to document illegal aliens but want to document law abiding gun owing citizens

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