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Letter: Adding insult to injury

There is an old saying about “adding insult to injury.”

Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s opposition vote on the Senate’s bipartisan, common-sense bill on background gun checks will allow countless future injuries and deaths that could be prevented.

The insult comes in Ayotte’s May 3 newsletter about her town hall meetings in Fitzwilliam, Tilton and Warren: “I believe it’s vitally important that citizens have the opportunity to speak with me directly, and I appreciated the opportunity to continue that dialogue this week” and “I also was glad to answer questions on gun violence.”

Two letters in the May 4 Monitor give a markedly different picture of the Warren and Tilton town meetings. In “From Ayotte, phony-baloney,” Nancy Martland writes that of about 60 people who filled out tickets, only about “10 lucky individuals, who seemed to be cherry-picked by Ayotte handlers to avoid difficult questions, were allowed to speak.” Kate Miller in “From Ayotte: a hollow promise,” goes further: “In fact, state Sen. Jeb Bradley admitted he had weeded out those audience questions on gun control .”

Ayotte cannot have missed the avalanche of letters to the editor on her gun bill vote, and she surely noticed the unusually large numbers of people at the town meetings observing her handling of questions. Yet she still tells us, “I was also glad to answer questions on gun violence.”

Ayotte has not only made a disastrously ill-judged vote, she has also greatly underestimated the intelligence and the memory of New Hampshire voters.

Will we remember in November 2016? We certainly will.



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the Ayotte "hacktavists" is just more nonsense from the democrat crisis alarmists .......are "Mass killings are becoming an epidemic? No they’re extraordinarily rare. 513 people have been killed in mass killings since 1983. That’s far too many. But 3,696 people have been killed by lightning in the same 30 years."

Oh please June...We will remember, right right...I bet I voted for more democrats in the last election than you have voted for republicans in your entire life time. What do you possibly have to remember on election night? thing. Vote (D). Thats it.

Rep. Frazer, In the recent mislabeled legislation, the title, “background checks” was just the cover of a much bigger book. Sen. Ayotte was wise enough to look at the legislation in detail. That’s the kind of legislator we need. Or, you could have legislators like Pelosi who says, “You can see what’s in the health care bill after you pass it”. Is this what you want in a legislator? Is that responsible on any level? Would you want that kind of legislative process going on when a more rational government comes back into power? Really – is that the system you want? We need more like Sen. Ayotte who look beyond the outer label on the package to the details inside. ”. I don’t see this patrol thrown at the Democratic legislators who voted like Sen. Ayotte. Proof positive this has nothing to do with public safety - this is pure partisan politics!

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