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Letter: Save Sanbornton’s town meeting!

Re “Sanbornton needs SB 2” (Monitor letter, April 19):

Senate Bill 2 advocate Bill Whalen’s botherment with turnout for town meeting bothers me. The “approximately 150 Sanbornton residents who attend town meeting” deserve applause. SB 2 would replace that large number with darned few who are keeping track of news reports on such.

SB 2’s process can include discussion and altering of warrant articles at a required budget hearing (a meeting!) but no final decision making. SB 2 veritably squirms with “may nots” about that warrant-article altering, throwing doubt on what’s behind SB 2’s establishment as an alternative to town meeting.

Under SB 2 a voter is alone in a booth with all the articles on her ballot – and no one with whom to discuss them. I see potential for exasperated, thrown-up hands and a straight line of “no” voting.

Whalen went last year to Sanbornton town meeting, using the microphone often. Bravo! People participate in our democratic process, where we are citizen legislators, making time for our town’s well-being by coming to town meeting, speaking, listening and there together deciding.

Before May 14’s voting, share this letter with others, and bring it to May 15 town meeting too. Vote No on Question 1, and protect the Sanbornton town meeting – then participate, even enjoy it. Town meeting is our inherited treasure.



Legacy Comments1

Sure wish the author would have the same opinion of the low information voters voting for Obama in the National Election. So let me get this straight the author of this letter is asking voters to vote no because she is worried that voters will vote no???????? Good luck my to my friends in Sanbornton, I hope you you liberate yourselves from the exclusiveness of town meetings which are designed to keep certain people out. Such as the old, people who have to work at that time and people who are away on business and many others for their own personal reasons.

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