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Letter: Inappropriate on school grounds

Re “Blessed be the school” (Monitor front page, May 18):

Lizarda Urena needs to stop preaching on the campus of Concord High School. This is a clear violation of the separation of church and state, regardless of the principal’s view.

Has the school board been advised of this decision? Has this decision been recorded somewhere in the board minutes as being okay? I want to see that. Has this decision been vetted by the school attorney? Does the principal have written authorization from someone other than himself that this is legally allowed? I think he is mistaken, I don’t think it is an allowable activity.

I foresee many problems here. Do we allow other street preachers access to our school campus? We are okay then if Westboro Baptist street preachers want to walk on campus and pray over our children as Urena does? What of kids who are Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or any other religion, kids who perhaps don’t want to hear her entreat her particular sky god to protect the school property? They have to listen to her praying? Why? How is this not proselytizing her religion?

I understand her good intentions, but her praying needs to move off campus asap.



Legacy Comments3

It is my understanding that Lizarda Urena is not preaching, and not attempting to convert anyone. All she is doing is praying for the protection of the young people in the school. Prayer is a powerful thing and I would be most happy to have her pray for my kids safety. Lizarda is not a preacher, she is a prayer warrior!! She is doing no harm to anyone. With what is going on in this Country we should all be praying!!

I wonder if you would have the same opinion if she were a bearded, brown-skinned man who started each session with "Bismillah ir-rahman ir-rahim..."? And what, exactly, is "a prayer warrior"? Are there prayer peace-marchers?

Gracchus - you nailed it. I bet not. I see no harm. she isn't bothering anyone. The world would be better off if more people prayed (in whatever flavor) for the kids. I think there are many other people & issues to secrete stomach acid over.

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