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Letter: Ayotte is right

Sen. Kelly Ayotte has it correct. Her support of comprehensive immigration reform is the right position to take. Our immigration policy is a mess. We spend too much time and money trying to control borders and removing illegals and not enough time providing a legal system for foreign workers to fill our labor shortages.

Ayotte understands that immigration reform is not all about control. It is a balance of reforms that provide for legal use of foreign workers in agriculture, high tech and tourism, combined with knowing who has overstayed their visa, and that hired workers are legal.

Ayotte has made the hard decision to support immigration reform; that is the kind of leadership we expect from a New Hampshire senator. Thank you, senator.



Legacy Comments4

Republican in the House signed Bohner's NO PORK refused to sign it....FACT .....due to democrat leadership failure the Senate has not passed a budget in 4 YEARS

the litmus test on this vote should be this question: Immigration reform? Or a comprehensive transformation of America?....the answer is that this is a 1000 page Obama /democrat nation killer transformation piece of crap legislation filled with a host of democrat wish list goodies. Enforce current laws and the issue fixes itself.

democrats loaded The immigration reform bill with many goodies like the following........ a national biometric database of virtually every adult in the U.S.......until they remove all the constitution busting items no single real American should vote for it

And lest not forget all the goodies of pork the Republicans added to the bills as well or are you just saying it was Democrats only?

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