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Letter: Chicken or the egg

Let me see if I have this correct. Under the “Stand Your Ground” principle, even if I initiate an altercation, and the person I attack feels as though his life is threatened and defends himself with potential deadly force as permitted under SYG, which then causes me to feel my life is in danger, I can then kill him? It is the classic which came first, the chicken or the egg. And remember, New Hampshire has Stand Your Ground as well, so beware.



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Jim, You touch an important point. If SYG is hobbled and you are forced to defend self/family - you must kill the assailant to prevent their accusation of, " He look at me funny - I claim criminal threatening" . Then the citizen forced to defend self/family can easily go to jail or be economically crippled for life with lawyers fees (the real winners here). If you are lucky, the D.A. MAY choose not to prosecute, if in a good mood. But if we learn nothing else today - we see politicians can reach down and force locals to bypass police findings, disregard judges and juries and essentially abandon the rule of law for thier political purposes.. Justice has nothing to do with this. Did we forget something here? Oh yes - the criminal - small potatoes to a politician out to make a name. The criminal gets little to no punishment and is back out on the street adding to their rap sheet. Then instead of referring to more citizens hurt and killed; they use the sterile term recidivism.

A defense lawyers dream come true. What the law needs is a clause that says if a person seeks out someone or is deemed the aggressor then they lose the right to claim "self defense". One should not be allowed to instigate the fight, then when they start losing the fight they claim self defense and shoot someone....... In my opinion once Zimmerman was told by police not to confront this person, he sought out the individual and became the aggressor. It is not "your ground to stand" if you are moving toward someone.

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