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Letter: Belknap jail should be a Motel 6, not MGM Grand

Having served as a member of the Belknap County delegation from 2008 to 2012, I had the opportunity to attend the jail presentation with six other members during my terms. We saw a power point presentation and were given an information packet that indicated the new jail could cost anywhere from $21 million to $43 million. It was up to the jail committee, the commissioners and the delegation to develop the needs.

The current committee is continuing our work to, hopefully, make the right choices. During that presentation, I commented that I would not favor an elaborate MGM Grand Hotel concept but preferred a simple, basic, functional Motel 6 concept. My intent was to move the project into something county taxpayers could afford. Three of the attendees are still on the delegation. It surprises me that they have not brought this presentation to the delegation’s attention. I have mentioned this to individual members, but none have seen the packet or been informed about the presentation.

We are not bad people; we are just looking to get the most for your, the taxpayer’s, money and to provide a safe environment for both the staff and the inmates.


Center Barnstead

Legacy Comments3

So if jailing a criminal is cruel and unusual punishment, you'd be willing to take in a bunch of them at your home for a few years? Also, tell us where marijuana grows naturally around here? If anyone does find some growing in NH, believe me, it didn't grow natively or naturally!

Marijuana grows quite well in front of police stations, and can be used for a large variety of purposes, such as for making rope and paper.

Building a new jail in Belknap County would be incredibly stupid. The only reason there is even a jail there now is because of the drug war, which is winding down now that marijuana was semi-legalized yesterday, and needs to be legalized completely. New Hampshire had a grand total of about 280 inmates in the entire state before the drug war started, and over 2500 today, all for completely fictitious charges that possession of a naturally occurring plant is illegal. An instead of building a jail, all that Belknap County needs to do is use the Motel 6, if their is one, with electronic monitoring to keep residents in their rooms. No one deserves to live in a cage, which is what we did with people in the 12th century. This is not the 12th century, it is the 21st century, and jails are obsolete today, and are cruel and unusual punishment, and prohibited by the Constitution.

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