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Letter: Unconscionable pollution

A new report by a coalition of environmental groups has just issued a report on coal plants, including the two PSNH plants in New Hampshire, “Closing the Floodgates: How the Coal Industry is Poisoning our Water and How We can Stop It.”

The coalition reports that “These power plants are the largest source of toxic water pollution in the United States, dumping more toxics into our waters than the other top nine polluting industries combined.” This report, an independent review of hundreds of coal plant wastewater permits, shows that nearly 70 percent of power plant permits set no effluent limits on how much arsenic, boron, cadmium, lead, mercury and selenium these plants can discharge.” PSNH, for instance has no limits on the amount of arsenic, cadmium, mercury, lead and selenium that can be dumped into our waterways.

These plants have long been cash cows for the utility, partly because they can and they have outsourced their toxic waste to us by polluting our air and as we now know, our water. The time has come to clean up our environment and to ask the industries responsible for producing waste to dispose of 100 percent in a safe and responsible manner. At a time when (nontoxic) solar and wind plants are becoming cost competitive there is no reason we need to put up with this intentional degradation of our environment. I urge the Monitor to investigate this further and report back about the ongoing pollution by these plants.



Legacy Comments2

While I'm not a fan of coal power plants, I'm pretty sure that the NH Department of Environmental Services would NOT let PSNH discharge any of the indicated metals at levels exceeding what they are permitted for.

Thank you!

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