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Letter: GOP refuses to govern

William Politt speaks the truth when he says, “The Republican minority has, declared as dogma by its leader, chosen to ignore its constitutional responsibility to govern. Single-minded opposition to President Obama’s every initiative is the real lawlessness, and that’s the fact” (“The real Senate lawlessness, Monitor letter, July 24). And then, of course, the Republicans have the temerity to accuse him and the Democratic Party of their own sins.

As their local mouthpiece, columnist Grant Bosse smugly continues to spin more pollution than a really dirty coal mine. I support a movement to cap his blather, and boot him off the pages of the Monitor. It’s a waste of precious newsprint.



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The democrats have controlled the Senate 6 years and has refused to pass a budget in 4+ years - it only requires 51 votes to pass a budget and democrats have had that threshold for the entire time. It take a suspension of disbelief for any educated person to blame gridlock on the minority

Its pretty easy to understand. Conservative obstruction is based in abject denial founded on a thorough ignorance of where the country is and where it is headed. They really don't understand the forces that are undermining their agenda. They think that making it harder for people to vote or obstructing Obama is somehow going to change the course of the nation. They think that cramming a bunch of anti-choice laws down their constituents' throats will last. They won't. Does anyone remember the wave of anti-gay laws during the Bush years. Gee, that really made a difference, didn't it? The majority supports social programs, too. People are getting wind of the corporate bankrolled politicians. The extremists will not succeed because right wing conservative ideas are on the way out. Gay marriage has won. Period. A growing majority opposes overturning Roe V Wade. A majority say don't touch my medicare and social security. A majority believe in "feed the poor" and don't blame the poor for being poor. Its pretty simple, really. The right wing is just trying to stall the inevitable. The courts have ruled on ObamaCare. The courts have ruled on states interfering with immigration laws. The courts have ruled on gay marriage. The courts have ruled on many unfair voter ID laws. The courts have ruled and WILL continue to rule against many of the egregious violations of established pro-choice legal precedents. They can't win in the long run. The chances of a GOP president in 2016 get smaller and smaller as the right wing base nominates more lunatic libertarians and Christian Talibanners. Having a Dem president into 2020 will cement the center-left coalition in the Supreme Court, too. They are toast.

I am still wondering what President Obama has been denied? If you think about it....nothing! Since nothing is better and it is getting worse, I can assume that the President's ideas have been...well wrong.

As is this letter a waste of time reading. Reading about politics can make me sick. It's always "the other party's fault". Can't you see that it was just the opposite when a Republican was President? Tell me Democrats didn't oppose everything Bush proposed. Etc. Etc. Etc.


Democrats didn't oppose everything Bush proposed. "No Child Left Behind" for instance. While bipartisanship has been in decline since the 80's, it has reached historic levels since 2006. Republicans have chosen delay and obstructionism because they have nothing to offer except doctrines derived from failed policies of the 19th century. From putting holds on record numbers of judicial and executive branch nominees to filibustering legislation, Republican efforts now are unmatched. http://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2012/12/02/do-filibusters-stall-the-senate-or-give-it-purpose/for-filibusters-make-sure-the-burden-is-on-the-minority

I know a coupla wars they should have opposed and didn't.

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