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Letter: Please explain, GOP

Would someone please explain the difference to me between anarchists who want to shut down the government and the Tea Party determined to do the same?

Conservative Republicans fought tooth and tong against the establishment of Social Security; they lost. They fought against Medicare and Medicaid; they lost. They fought against the Affordable Health Care Act; they lost. Hey Republicans, please help me understand why you constantly vote against the best interests of the American people.



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For the record, anytime a post starts with the word FACT, you can bet that the fact mentioned is made up as usual. The one mentioned earlier on is a prime example that has been repeated over and over. I don't care how many times I am told the sky is yellow, saying it alot doesn't make it so. Yes tillie, you can always count on the usual suspects to say the same thing. It used to anger me but I have just accepted that Obama is even responsible for the biblical plagues.

Obama owns the blame game as he and democrats still blame Bush for everything - FACTs liberals hate

I rest my case.

Don't hold your breath waiting for an answer, they don't have any answers just critical rants. My new favorite quote is from Newts' speech to the summer GOP Convention. "Newt Gingrich: Republicans Rip Obamacare, but Have ‘Zero Answer’ for Alternatives" So how about a response to the question, not your usual Obama is evil rant. Try something new if you don't like the ACA. Betcha can't.

The only Black Congressman (republican) said it well. Today we have 30 million people with no insurance, With Obamacare, we will have 15 million with no insurance. The cost of that is over $2 trillion.

Hey GWTW...where do you get this crap?? BTW-have you noticed how often the National Republican Party vote against the interest of the middle classs?? For example, three years ago, when the President presented THREE pro-job bills, the House killed all three. Another example, the House has voted MORE than 35 times of bill to kill the Affordable Care Act. Both these would help the middle class, yet the House killed them both. Oh, and since you are so concerned with the National Debt, it was GWBush who took it from $5.6 to $11.8 TRILLION; then left office with another1.2 needed.

Excuse me, I did say Congressman. Of course I meant Senator. Tim Scott spoke last night on Greta...Hear it here.;;;;;;;

OH NO! Not Greta on the Fake News Channel. And the African American Senator who had to be appointed because he could not be elected in SC. Tell me its not true. GWTW you and Sail are wonderful. you fall right in line.

Hey Tillie, Tim Scott was elected to the US congress in SC and is the leading candidate in the Senate race. You comments sounds like the typical racist democrat comments. Question how many black democrat US Senators are there right now. The answer is none.

When I first started to read comments on here I thought for a so called liberal newspaper the are an awful lot of right wing commenters. Until I realize there are really only five or six and they post over and over again and they are usually upset about something and it usually ends up to be Obama's fault. Also they are very scant on facts but big on opinions and ready to give any right wing blog as their go to god for "facts." I am afraid to say if they don't like the facts they will just plain decide not to believe them. It makes for interesting reading but it really scary when I realized some of them are actually representative and should know better.

Fact - Gallop poll shows that liberals that think like the democrat posters here only constitute about 20% of citizens....Conservatives Remain the Largest Ideological Group in U.S. - PRINCETON, NJ -- Political ideology in the U.S. held steady with 40% of Americans continuing to describe their views as conservative,

Tillie, you hit the nail on the head. Increasingly, the far right which controls the GOP, dispenses its own facts to fit its often far-fetched opinions. Taxes, the deficit, stimulus spending, "Stand your ground" laws, the origin and history of the 2nd Amendment, and climate science, are just some among a host of topics on which the ditto heads uncritically accept the received wisdom of Glenn, Rush, and the other mercenaries of the corporate right. Rush says it, and a few days later, it's likely to show up here, interspersed with incessant whining about anything and everything under the sun that our Muslim, foreign-born, socialist, fascist, communist president is doing in his diabolical plan to destroy the nation.

Hey Tillie, I guess you didn't read the comments when Bush was president? Nonstop democrat complaining.

For Sail below. If 40% of the people describe themselves as conservative does that mean 60% are liberal? Hmmm that would be a majority wouldn't it.

Is someone going to address the point Scott made about Obamacare? 15 million wont have insurance, but it will cost over $2 trillion,,and counting.

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