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Hunter’s Corner: Opening-day success in Concord

Dan Williams with the deer he shot on opening day or archery season Sept. 15.

Dan Williams with the deer he shot on opening day or archery season Sept. 15.

Last Sunday marked the opening of the archery deer and turkey season. Dan is a Concord resident who regularly hunts in Concord. Opening day found Dan in the right place at the right time when two bucks paraded in front of his tree stand.

The first buck was significant both in body weight and antler mass, but Dan had no shot. The second buck presented a perfect set-up to be arrowed. A perfect shot resulted in a quality New Hampshire whitetail trophy that appears to be an eight-pointer. The antlers of both deer were in velvet. The buck Dan took hit the scales field dressed at 150 pounds. The rack itself is unique – it is a tight basket rack that Dan is having mounted. I would, too, if it were my trophy.

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In my last column I mentioned ThermaCELL as an option to ward off misquotes. This time I have a product you may need if you’re repellent fails. It is called BeKOOL. BeKOOL active ingredients are lidocaine and menthol. The product is designed to relieve pain and itching associated with insect bites, poison ivy and minor skin irritations. It is a near invisible patch that relieves the itching and prevents the scratching.

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In the last part of August, Robb and friends rented a place on Ossipee Lake and wanted to know if he could borrow my boat for the week. My response was immediate. If he had a boat license, he could borrow the boat; no license, no boat. In New Hampshire, if the outboard is 25 horsepower or less, no license is required. Having taken the course, it is more common sense and basic boating knowledge that all boaters should know. I am not one to want more government regulations, but I think the horsepower restriction should have been set at 10, not 25.

Ossipee Lake is perhaps one of the most interesting of all our salmon lakes. It is the smallest. It has three rivers flowing into it and one river flowing out and is the only lake where salmon naturally reproduce. Its deepest part is 65 feet and has a sandy bottom. Suffice it to say, Robb had a great fishing week. He brought me back a couple of landlocked salmon that I cooked on the grill; it was elegant eating.

A Sutton spoon #61 and a tandem fly named Cognac were the top producers. Weather permitting, Robb and I will make our final forays after rainbows and browns next week. Come late September and early October, there are just too many hunting options that distract from some of the best fishing of the season.

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It appears that revenue problems continue to plague Fish and Game. At the August meeting, the commission voted to raid the fisheries habitat account and wildlife habitat account to support several staff positions. Apparently several commission members are having buyer’s remorse, because there is a special meeting this Thursday to reconsider the use of dedicated habitat funds. I guess it depends on what the word dedicated means.

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The 2013-14 New Hampshire Hunting & Trapping Digest is available and a must-read for hunters. The only two changes this year are Pennsylvania has been added to the CWD positive states and there is no longer a fee for getting duplication hunter education cards. If you are hunting partridge in the unincorporated sections of northern Maine, you will have to put name tags on your harvests birds. I am sure that there must be some logical reason for this, but it isn’t too apparent to most. The other law they will be trying to change affects archers. There is an understandable restriction on hunting within 300 feet of an occupied dwelling. However, if you are practicing in your backyard and if you are within 300 feet of your neighbor, you will need written permission from your neighbor to practice.

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Outstanding Hunter Dan!! You are a class act hunter. One who takes the correct shot not the one that could only wound a beautiful animal. Congratulations!!

Outstanding Hunter Dan!! You are a class ace hunter. One who takes the correct shot not the one that could only wound a beautiful animal. Congratulations!!

Thanks Van!

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