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Letter: Why I support Northern Pass

I support the Northern Pass. The world’s oil supply is estimated to last only 65 years. Developing countries like China will soon have more automobiles on the road than the United States. And as resources tighten, the price of gasoline, oil, electricity other related products and services will rise dramatically.

It’s imperative we be prepared, plan for the future and adopt alternative power sources that are clean, low-cost and reliable. The Northern Pass project meets that need.

Also, Tesla Motors has developed an electric automobile that will replace the gasoline-powered car. The new full-size sedan has an incredible range of up to 300 miles on a single charge. It received a five-star rating from Consumer Reports, one of the highest safety ratings ever for an automobile, and gets an equivalent of 92 miles per gallon of gasoline. An estimated 2 million electric vehicles should be on the road within a decade, all requiring electrical power from the grid and a new infrastructure for home and roadside charging stations, creating thousands of new jobs. We should not allow the ill-
informed special-interest groups to control our future; support the Northern Pass.



Legacy Comments2

There is a myth here. The energy from every generator, including energy that would come from Northern Pass, goes into the ISO New England Grid and the ISO manages the energy within the grid; who gets to generate and how much and at what cost. This project benefits the region, which includes NH.

Two immediate problems come to mind concerning this letter. "No. Pass-over NH" gives NH no electricity. It is in a conduit going south to Conn. Tesla might be a fine car for $70,000.00 plus I would hope so. I don't expect to see many on the road soon,( ie, Hummer.)

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