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Letter: Abrasive

Re “Message from N.H.: Run, Debbie, Run!” (Felice Belman, Monitor Forum, Sept. 28):

Debbie Wasserman Schultz as a presidential candidate. Are you serious, Belman? Talk about being abrasive.

This woman is coarser than a piece of 80-grit sandpaper.



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speaking of slimy. Did you know that democrats leaked the itinerary of Republican Darrel Issa's trip to Benghazi and put his life in jeopardy

Did you know that Democrats distort the truth, buy republicans lie? Doc

Oh come on, who discusses issues here besides Bruce. Do you think calling Debbie Wasserman not a "lady" is discussing issues? No one discusses issues here, most of all you right wingers. All I see is the same rants over and over. Look in the mirror, "lady" Rabbit. Itsa has made a point of his pedigree and how he doesn't feel the need to help anyone other than himself and his family. He brought it up and I comment on it because it reminds me so much of the last Republican presidential nominee.

I can say a couple of things about your post. No one is talking about "pedigree" but you are correct about one thing. Tea party folks, conservatives, Republicans are all human beings and are all equal to a progressive in every human way. There is a difference, however and that is that I was taught that "God, helps those who first help themselves". I have helped many families who have lost homes or homes that had burned down, been destroyed or in general are just struggling. I give to food banks and other charities. I give clothes to the Salvation Army. You see, I know where all of those donations are going and I know that they will help those folks. What I resent is people who want government to play Robin Hood, rob Peter to pay Paul so to speak. All of that based on what a minority of people think or what progressives think.

This lady’s honor aside, this week’s real issue is your duel with Tillie over “national health care.” I don’t know how much of your (or my) premium increase (if any) was caused by the ACA, but you can call the individual mandate robbing Peter to pay Paul all you want; the fact is its constitutionality was upheld by probably the most conservative Supreme Court in the history of the [Itsa]Republic, so isn’t your gripe with the Founders?

I hardly think that 5 conservatives and 4 democrats on the Supreme Court means it is conservative. More like 4-4-1. Kennedy is usually the swing vote and he often sides with pretty much the same amount of times he sides with the conservatives.. Roberts sided with the libs on the ACA. But he did not do the Libs a favor in reality. He left the Medicaid expansion up to the states. Gave the states some power, which in effect can screw up implementing the law.

Wasserman is the most hideous greasy haired foul mouthed liar of a person I have ever met. FYI ...She has a Newbury, NH $$$ MILLION Dollar waterfront home

Evidently you do not know what the term lady means Tillie. Abrasive is a polite term to describe Wasserman. She has no class, tells lies, and when she gets called on to justify her hate rhetoric she changes the subject and usually digs the hole deeper for herself. I saw her on Anderson Cooper. She lied about what she said and he had a video of her. She did what all folks do when caught, said her remarks were taken out of context, changed the subject, and spewed more venom at the opposing party. That is one nasty woman. She is what the left want though to represent them. She does her duty by fostering hate rhetoric, fear mongering, class warfare and using tragic events to foster her agenda.

Tell me again how well the Republican party is doing with women?

I had to read that twice. Wasserman is not a "true lady." You mean she doesn't know her place. Itsa you are a true cliché. There is not one thing that you ever post that is out of character. No surprises at all and no sense of humor ever. You a what we used to call in the 50's a stuffed shirt. I don't care if your family came over on the Arc, this is a democracy and you are no more equal than anyone else.

Never said I was better than anyone else. I just don't want to have to equalize the outcome of people who have made poor life decisions. Period. They made those choices to drink, smoke, have children at 16, etc. now that is their life. I have empathy for them but it does not make me their keeper. I am not a 50's stuffed shirt, in fact in business I am quite progressive. Now a "true lady" is not surly, snappy, etc. If a man acts like some of the feminist women out there, he is considered a $%#@*&%. And rightfully so, the hard core feminist women have a word that describes them. Wasserman is surly, snappy, abrasive, rude, etc. Ladies can be strong and forceful without acting that way. Shaheen, Ayotte and others are ladies. Wasserman should take a lesson from them.

Never had to say it, comes out in every post you make. Guess you never heard the old canard about walking in someone else's shoes or moccasins (as your ancestors might have heard it). There is another old canard about "what goes around, comes around.". Maybe someday you will have to ask someone for help. You might think of yourself as progressive in business, but most people never see themselves as others do .You cling to the past and what you say about Wasserman goes triple for Cruz, but then he is a man and just being "assertive" not bitchy.

There is a difference between asking someone for help and being an enabler. Many folks along the way have asked for help, get that help and manage to get past their problems. That is not the case with generational dependence. The cycle just gets passed on. As far as Wasserman goes, you do not judge a person by the party they belong to, you judge them by their rhetoric and their actions. When are you going to start discussing the issues Tillie? You seem to focus on attacking people's characters when you know nothing about them.

Moccasins? I hope that you aren't commenting on my Abenake Indian roots. In the post I never said anything about walking in someone else's shoes. It is not about offering help, it is about entitlement dependency and how people once they have that perk, never want to give it up. Ted Cruz is much more principled and honest compared to Wasserman.

There are women and there are true ladies. Wasserman is the former and shows no inclination that she could ever be the latter.

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