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Letter: Spoiled children

Our representatives in Congress have once again acted like spoiled children!

Their job is to run the government and to compromise. Now the government must shut down. They have failed miserably! Anyone with sense knows going in that you try to represent the majority of your constituency. However, people think differently. Our system is great because good ideas come from both sides. Their job is to argue for what they believe, but then give and take. It’s childish to say “It’s all my way, or the highway!” Love of country should supersede partisanship! I hope this situation can quickly get resolved, and that they learn from this.



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My issue is with Obama as well as the Congress. Both branches knew this was coming for weeks, but did nothing, therefore did not do their jobs. Both branches need to improve their negotiating skills! Also, I did not see any NH reps on the list of 17 Republicans who "crossed over" to vote for a clean CR. Obamacare is already a law and should be a separate conversation. Obama is very intelligent but a disappointment as a leader. He's no Ronald Reagan! John Boehner has sold out to the tea party extreme right wingers. I am fearful that if they can't resolve this, what will happen with the debt ceiling debate? This is not what our founders envisioned..

No, our elected representatives are NOT acting like children! Our NH reps are not among the 20 or 40 far right republicans insisting on defunding or delaying (aka killing) Obamacare in exchange for agreeing to pay our debts. There are more than enough democratic and republican votes in the House to pass a 'clean' Continuing Resolution for the budget if the republican leadership would allow a vote. There is no compromise to make here. Congress should pay the debt from spending they already authorized with no strings attached as done historically.

What we need to do in actuality is STOP AUTHORIZING SPENDING as if we are the Kardashian's on a Beverly Hills spending spree. The other point is that Obamacare is one of those bills and the House should have to right to stop funding it. If you don't like that you should blame James Madison, not the Republicans.

It's not a bill anymore. It's a law. And they voted to defund over 40 times already to no avail since it will never get thru the senate. Now they're shutting down the government over it. Those are the spoiled children!

I'm confusing the budget resolution with the debt ceiling. Those 20 to 40 republicans are insisting on defunding or delaying Obamacare in exchange for passing a budget to allow the government to keep operating. Stay tunes as those same reps will insist on that and more when it comes time to raise the debt ceiling.

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