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Letter: We didn’t ask for a national health care law

I am so tired of congressional officials saying we can’t shut down government just because a law (Obamacare) isn’t right.

Well, we didn’t ask for a national health care law, but some politicians felt they would gain more votes by giving us a bill that House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said we had to pass in order to know what’s in it – then we found out it isn’t properly written.

Now, why can’t they set the law aside until it’s right? After all, we elected them to make sure laws are right.

Our founders said all laws must be simple enough for the common man to read. They also said Congress shall never be exempt from any laws.

Time to elect those who will make laws not to get re-elected but rather for the good of the country.



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Atlas Shrugged is coming true

Harriet, your comment on laws being simple is a rather idealistic belief. The second amendment is only 27 words, yet there are thousands upon thousands of legal briefs filed by both sides over 27 simple words. While I won't benefit by the new law, many will. That means that fewer people will need to subsidized as they are today. Before The ACA, who do you think paid for all the uninsured people receiving medical care. We did.

And another thing, who is "we"? Five million people visited the website on the first day so SOMEONE wants it. This is exactly how tea party and free staters talk. It is all about you. You people are the most self absorbed and selfish group I have ever witnessed. Just like Hannity saying on Faux, the shutdown is not bothering him Maybe it is not a problem to a multi millionaire big mouth, but it is hurting REAL people that have to get up every day and go to work and keep this country running.

Actually we did ask for National Healthcare and asked for it at least 20 years ago. We also asked for single payer which the Republicans squashed now you want to take the whole thing away. Why don't you be quiet and enjoy your own health care which no one is touching and let people who need get it?

No one is touching my healthcare. Not so. Before Obama delayed the employer options I found out that mine was going up over 50%, deductibles would be $400 higher as well as co-pays. Now, I don't know what 2015 will bring. I don't like the fact that now, I will pay for my family and have to subsidize another family as well. "We" did not ask for National Healthcare, you may have and a few other people bent on dependency but most of us and at least 60% of the people don't want it now.

"Your Ilk", "your kind", "cesspool", "lies". Well I kind of feel that way, my family was one of the original familes to settle NH when there were still native Americans here. We have lived here for 300 years and we are not 'going away' but I will admit that the riff raff that we have let has certainly turned our state into a "cesspool".

Change is acoming, Itsa, you might not like it, but it is coming. So your family was on the Mayflower, no wonder you are so snooty and think you own the state if not the country and believe in the class system. Poor Indians.

We did ask for national health care, just because you and your ilk decide to ignore the majority of Americans and insist on screaming "socialism" and "it's a bad law" does not actually make it so. I wish people like you would stop complaining and furthering the lies. Why not step up to the plate and try to make the transition as easy as possible. If you're not willing to help then please just go away and stop adding to the cesspool your kind has created.

"Twenty years ago, when he was trying to persuade Bill and Hillary Clinton that universal health care was a politically unrealistic goal, the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan repeated one insistent warning: Sweeping, historic laws don’t pass barely. “They pass 70-to-30,’’ he said, “or they fail.” Four years ago, when he was trying to persuade Barack Obama that he would pay a terrible price for jamming health care reform through a reluctant Congress on a partisan vote, White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel begged his boss to settle for a vastly scaled-down plan. We now know what happened: Obama’s bill made history — and caused all-out political war. For this president, that’s the price of doing business in a hyperpartisan culture." Fast forward to today and you get this news...... Reid last night refused to appoint negotiators, saying Democrats would not come to the table until the House capitulates.

Of course the GOP was ready to sit down and talk, that didn't mean they would listen. The only problem is their idea of compromise is my way or the highway. The oft used battle cry of TP'ers nation wide.

the Harry Reid quotes stands for itself and turns your post to ashes. when asked why he would not pass funding to save children from Cancer he said "why would we want to do that?" that is the democrats America knows

If this is supposed to be a work of non fiction where are your footnotes? Since I don't assume you are in the inner circle of the Democrats this must be another one of your many stories as how you "think" it must have happened.

if one understands a thingy called QUOTES then they understand

There is a reason there are quotes around the submission: QUOTES: to repeat (a passage, phrase, etc.) from a book, speech, or the like, as by way of authority, illustration, etc. In the modern world one can copy the quoted work and paste it into your Google thingy and read the entire article with footnote thingys.

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