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Letter: Unprofessional

Imagine if the New York Yankees, having lost its bid for the playoffs this year, threatened to shut down the league unless it was allowed to continue to compete with the Red Sox in postseason. What an uproar there would be in Red Sox Nation! Even the Evil Empire, however, is able to shed a few tears, honor its departing heroes and get ready for next season. That’s because they are professionals.

Sadly, House Republicans are not professionals.

Instead of shutting down the government, they should be preparing for next season. If they feel Obamacare should be repealed, make the argument in the 2014 midterm elections and let the people decide at the ballot box.

That’s how a democracy works. In the meantime, allow the business of the nation to continue. That’s your job. Man and woman up!



Legacy Comments1

Wow! This reminds me of Obama's comments yesterday about glitches in the new iPhone and how Apple did not shut down the company and how they fixed them. Well, Obama is no Steve Jobs, the government is not even close to being as efficient as Apple and Apple is producing wealth, GDP and a product that everyone wants and is in demand. Obamacare is a product that few want, it is sucking wealth out of the economy and will ruin the economy.

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