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Letter: On health care, a great divide

Why do Republicans treat poor people so badly?

After reading the recent columns about health care, I concluded that Sen. Sylvia Larsen showed how the Senate Democrats have worked to provide health coverage for New Hampshire’s uninsured or under-insured (“Now is the time for Senate GOP to compromise,” Monitor Opinion page, Nov. 20). Senate Democrats have bent over backward for New Hampshire residents, while the Senate Republicans have only been a major roadblock.

On the other hand, Michael Sununu’s rhetoric is typical of what the Republican Party has become: callous, even insulting and non-compromising (“Reject ‘roach motel’ of Medicaid expansion,” Monitor Opinion page, Nov. 20). Their battle cry has become: “It’s our way or no way.” And they are eager to point to any failure of the Affordable Care Act, whether they have created it or not.

Republicans don’t want you to know that health care providers contribute heavily to “think tanks” which produce “studies” to support the Republican agenda (eliminate taxes, fund corporations, reduce education). Health care providers hate the Affordable Care Act because it requires them to spend 80 percent of their fees on their clients. That would require them to administer all their policies on the remaining 20 percent. Which would probably limit the CEO pay to a $1 million or so.

Back in 2010, Wellpoint of California announced a 39 percent increase in premiums and then two months later announced that the CEO had done so well, her pay was being raised from $8 million to $13 million. Not-for-profit health care providers have become a thing of the past. The Republican Party wants to make sure the CEOs keep getting richer, even if the poor and middle class go broke.



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HEADLINE : "Survey finds doctors rebelling against Obamacare, famous hospitals declining to join"... "65 to 70 percent of the providers have declined the reimbursement schedules the carriers are offering. They will not be providers in the exchange marketplace.” The greatest President - Ronald Reagan - said the following.....“the doctor’s fight against socialized medicine is your fight. We can’t socialize the doctors without socializing the patients.”

sail...you are obviously a shill for the National Republican Party. You ignore the obvious and spout the party line. You make an absolutely perfect Republican-long on noise, short on knowledge and logic. I do, however, hold hope that sometime you will come to realize how badly your political masters treat you.

(CNSNews.com) - The percentage of Americans who say that Obamacare has either hurt them and their family or has had no effect yet outnumbers those who say it has helped by a margin of approximately 10 to 1, according to a new poll released by Gallup. - See more at: http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/terence-p-jeffrey/gallup-obamacare-s-hurthad-no-effect-10-helped1#sthash.tMgjuEt8.dpuf

With all due respect to those who speak about "freedom"and personal responsibility, they're both diversions from the letter writer's point. No one is claiming that "freedom" and "personal responsibility" aren't important values. But defenders of the status-quo tout these 2 virtues whenever it is suggested that the U.S healthcare system is wanting in one or more metrics. They imply--when they don't state it baldly--that our current system is somehow"freer" than those of other nations (whatever "freedom" means in the context of healthcare--it's usually treated as an absolute good). Defenders of the status quo imply or state directly that the statistics on U.S. healthcare outcome are phony AND that bad outcomes are the result of personal choice-- the price of "freedom" perhaps?. Given that an estimated 45,000 deaths each year are due to the lack of health insurance, that's a lot of personal irresponsibility, victim-blaming, and a high price to pay for freedom. Check out the graph that goes with the link below, and see which nation has the outlier healthcare system. http://theincidentaleconomist.com/wordpress/life-expectancy-and-health-care-spending/ We're paying a high price in both deaths and dollars for our vague notions of "freedom". How much "freedom" was there in the system 25 years ago when HMO's first appeared? Meanwhile, the ACA has introduced another layer of complexity--the exchanges--into the mix. The insurance products being offered are better, but the best way to "bend the cost curve" is to do what the other advanced nations have done--take the insurance industry out of the equation with some kind of single-payer plan. Much of the high cost of healthcare is due to the insurance industry. How much added value has linking healthcare to the insurance industry given us? If these charts are to be believed--not much to none at all. Finally, those who as "strict constructionists"make the claim that single-payer would be unconstitutional are often the same folks who don't bat an eye about giving corporations free speech and religious freedom rights (not having to cover contraceptives). But just try to find the word "corporation" anywhere in the Constitution. http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2013/11/krugman-on-obamacare-gets-the-wrong-worm.html http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2013/11/obamacare-tina-medical-ethics-and-the-health-care-economist.html

The last time I looked, free speech and freedom of religion are guaranteed under the Constitution. Health care is not a "right" it is a service and commodity. All of the graphs and throwing around numbers like 50,000 people in NH are without Medicaid or 45,000 people die due to a lack of health care are disingenuous unless you can validate circumstances. I have had health insurance for decades and have never been denied any service or care. The insurance products being offered are NOT "better" than what people had before or their premiums would not double, quality of the plans offer less while deductibles are going up as much as 500%. The reason why that is happening is that people happy with what they had are being forcibly removed from those plans so that they will have to spend more to subsidize others. It is about self responsibility. Perhaps we should keep the income tax refunds of those who are being subsidized and reinvest that to keep all premiums down. On contraceptives, you can get those for as little as $15 at Wal-Mart and condoms are even less expensive.....maybe a little self control might help too.

You and the other Carp Per Diems have still NEVER addressed the fact that we spend much more on health care, yet have worse outcomes than the other advanced nations. Once again you dismiss the numbers--but you're really dismissing reality. Reforms like the ACA, flawed though they may be, are at least an acknowledgment that we need to do better, and not pretend that things are hunky-dory. No nation that pretends to continued greatness should rest when so many of our fellow citizens live in poverty and find it difficult to access good health care. But that's exactly what these numbers say. As with other topics, you demonstrate only the ability to deny the facts. Clearly, there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your universe. You revert to the same old song about "freedom" and personal responsibility, with which no one can argue. If the ACA works as designed, it will bring better health to millions more--and thus more "freedom" to achieve their dreams. We are still one nation--though with the philosophy you and the other Carpers espouse here, one would think otherwise.

OK, lets be clear. If you look at life expectancy between advanced nations, some of the countries with socialized medicine have a year or two longer life expectancy. I am sure that is one of the outcomes you are referring to. The United States leads the nations of the world in cutting edge cancer procedure including proton and radiotherapy as well as other cures. Yes, in socialized health care systems everyone has coverage but it is evenly distributed and not so stellar in wait times, end of life decisions and rejected treatments (see Great Britain and Sweden). Why can't you understand the fact that millions of people who were perfectly happy with their insurance are being forced into exchanges where they pay 5X the deductible and twice the premiums and are getting less care and they can't even choose their doctors just so that "fellow citizens" can be subsidized and get equal coverage. "From those according to their ability, to those according to their need"! Read the letter in today's Monitor about the man and wife who lost their preferred health plan to pay much, much more and not have the options they have had in the past. Why can't you understand that people like this are not rich, they may earn $100,000 with two people working and will now have to shell out an additonal $6000 in premiums and will have to pay for the first $12,000 or so before the insurance kicks in. That is a "catastrophic" policy, not a good health care policy. A family of two or four with this income probably net $75,000 and now may only net $57,000 if they have to use that insurance. Those below the poverty line have Medicaid and emergency rooms and please don't start with "we all pay for those people". If that is the case then why is Obamacare raising everyone's premiums and deductibles. Where is the keeping of your own doctor, the $2500 cut for every family, the keeping of your own plan. It was a lie, a very big lie, PERIOD! to socialize health care. Picking winners and losers and the losers just keep paying through the nose even though they have responsibly provided for themselves and their families for decades. Now the government wants them to pay for someone else and their family. Give me a break! How is that "fair". Sincerely, A Proud Carper (if that is the antithesis of what you believe)

Itsa...you refuse to look at how healthcare insurers are structured. They are a FOR PROFIT BUSINESS. You do understand what that means, right?? As I pointed out above, the goal of these insurers has NOTHING to do with health, it has only to do with PROFIT. What you point out is how badly 'capitalism' treats us when our HEALTH is poor. AND, the original anti-ACA had everything to do with the insurers BOTTOM LINE. IF the National Republican Party were in any way concerned with the poor and middle class, instead of fighting President Obama;s every move, WE might have had an ACA that actually worked FOR the poor and middle class, instead of screwing us at every possibility. Maybe you should do some real thinking about that !!

US public schools of liberal indoctrination spend more per student than any country and put out an awful product. That is the outcome the left plans for health care.

we spend more on public school indoctrination and get a worse result than the world. That is what they want for health care

Free speech for corporations is nowhere mentioned in the Constitution--the word 'corporation' is nowhere found. Yet somehow the right to free speech for such entities was found there. If the SCOTUS finds for Hobby Lobby, they'll in effect be granting religious rights to corporations. It strains credulity to think that a right to healthcare can't be found using the same reasoning. In fact, it's not difficult at all to find ample justification for making health care a Constitutional right. It's certainly doesn't require any more mental gymnastic exercises than did granting free speech rights to corporations.

Corporation are people is SETTLED LAW going back centuries- Supreme court rulings prove your post is - as usual - wrong...Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company, 118 U.S. 394 (1886) - the first time that the Supreme Court held that the Fourteenth Amendment equal protection clause granted constitutional protections to corporations as well as to natural persons ... Trustees of Dartmouth College v. Woodward, 17 U.S. 518 (1819), was a landmark decision from the United States Supreme Court dealing with the application of the Contract Clause of the United States Constitution to private corporations.

I find it ironic that our retired population likes their Medicare, AKA single payer, US Government provided, socialized medicine. How incredibly evil and Communistic of our society to force them in to such doom! How morally corrupt and invasive can our government get? Sheesh, if one thought about it, one conclusion that could be drawn is that such a healthcare system is one of the things our Government does right. Whoa! Don't tell your Tea Party neighbor, who believes any government program is wrong and an infringement on their rights. It's all about personal responsibility to them. The main problem with the ACA is that it doesn't kill off the for profit system half of us have to live under, and simply put us all on the same sort of single payer system that our retired, or Vets, and others, get.

First of all for most of us who have worked say from the age of 14, we have paid into the Medicare system, not because we wanted to but because someone before most of us were born thought it was a good idea. Now, we are going to use it because we paid for it. Period. Medicare is a safety net for seniors who need medical care the most. For decades, liberals have talked about education about smoking, alchohol and obesity so everyone should, by now realize that in their thriving, working years, be able to make informed choices. Next, able bodied, healthy folks in their working years should invest $500 per month or so to pay into insurance and be responsible for their own body. Liberals are always talking about a "womans body", well you can't have it both ways......Obamacare would control everyones body by rationing care and deciding what services you can receive. it is about "everyones body" and we certainly don't need the government involved in our medical records. Obamacare is a redistributionist program which will penalize people who have taken care of their own health coverage and cost them more so that people who have not been covered can be covered. It is the beggars cup emptying the wallet of people who don't have much more than those being covered. Even the NY Times admitted that it is redistributionist in nature. Single payer would be rationed and end of life decisions would be made by the government not families. As far as personal responsibility is concerned, if you decide, for instance, to be self employed, you will pay more. Self employed people have the option to work for someone else and get coverage from an employer. They choose to not do that and pay much more.....too bad, I say. Life is about the choices we make, just because health care does not give you instant gratification and fulfillment doesn't mean that everyone should "chip in" to defer the cost for people who can and should take responsibility for themselves. Medicare is not the same, it is for seniors who can afford it the least and have no way to make a living in late life and pay for premiums. To Liberals, personal responsibility, hard work, drive, ambition, goals, etc are all dirty ideas. Many government programs work (defense, the post office to an extent) but most are inefficient at best.

Clearly, you are on another planet. Where are your death panels in the Medicare system? Where is the Goverment hoarding medical records fir the retired? Where is the rationing? Medicare is also a redistribution program. You don't seriously think what you paid in to the system covers your costs, do you!? If the care you got was all about how much you've paid in to the system, half our elderly would be out in the streets begging fir Tylenol. You clearly have absolutely zero idea what you're talking about.

Medicare does deny in late life and will not share the cost of some medical procedures to prolong life. Under Obamacare, the government will have direct access to your medical records. Medicare payments that I or you have made work like insurance, you paid in and there is a gamble that I may need more care and you won't need it. Yeah, it is not working, you made my point what we paid into that system does not cover the costs which takes us to Obamacare which would do the same thing or single payer, same thing. Single payer would be no difference from insurance companies paying for health care except that government and politicians and partisans would be picking the winners and losers. Just like Obamacare, people who have taken responsibility and maintained insurance will no longer be able to keep what they are comfortable with and instead will be the losers paying much more while people who have not had coverage will be the winners and pay less than their self responsible counterparts. That sir is redistribution, picking winners and losers and it is all about politics.

Politifact rates the claim that Obamacare gives the government access to your health records as "pants on fire." It's just not true. And right now, it's people with a profit motive (insurance companies) that are picking the winners and losers. Is that ok? Lastly, let me get this straight. You're willing to pay in, your whole life, for insurance that won't kick in until you're 65, but you're not willing to pay a similar amount for similar coverage that starts now? For everyone?

Good for politifact, but you trust a government that spies on its own citizens, a government that is embroiled in scandals from the IRS to Fast & Furious, an administration that rules by executive fiat, constantly changing the rules (with Obamacare a well). We can't trust our private information with the government and yes they will get what they want. I would rather trust the insurance companies than partisal politicians with ideology and agenda ruling gthe day. Similar coverage? No it is not "similar coverage". It is more expensive with higher deductibles and almost 100,000,000 people (I call them future Republican voters) will lose their coverage and pay more so a handful of folks who have not taken responsibility for their health care or want a break and a hand out from others can have insurance. I like the letter in today's Monitor asking for a new option, the PBS option. Then all of the bleeding hearts can donate and raise money to offer healthcare free. Bottom line is that progressives say that emergency room care is "raises everyones healthcare" but Obamacare will cost more. It needs to be repealed and replaced with a better plan.

sorry gdn1 ...you are clearly the one on another planet...When a democrat Senator and a ultra liberal journalist both say there are death panels - you may want to turn your hearing aid on....."Times Journalist Mark Halperin: Obamacare Contains "Death Panels": http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2013/11/25/mark_halperin_obamacare_contains_death_panels.html. 2) "Democratic Senator: Obamacare’s IPAB Death Panels Must be Revisited" : http://www.lifenews.com/2013/11/13/democratic-senator-obamacares-ipab-death-panels-must-be-revisited/

Both of you silly guys might learn something if you check out this article: http://www.propublica.org/article/new-tax-return-shows-karl-roves-group-spent-more-on-politics-than-it-said Goes to show what the Republicans think of you conservatives !!

Big news 53% of Americans now believe that Obama is not honest and trustworthy and this is from a CNN poll just imagine what the real numbers are. It must be real bad. Expects more letters unfairly attacking Republicans: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2013/11/25/presidents-marks-as-manager-take-hit-in-new-cnnorc-poll/

Silly guy...polls go up and down, depending upon the latest news. HOWEVER, did you happen to notice that my letter had nothing to do with President Obama?? You must watch Faux News, they have an ObamaCares discussion for about three quarters of their day. Too bad their viewers are typically such low intelligence.

Did you notice I said this in my post: Expects more letters unfairly attacking Republicans. Republicans don't treat poor people badly it is democrats who enslave poor people in poverty, break up the family unit. Leftists and democrats have been building up the welfare state and breaking down families for decades after Obama's destructive administration the majority of Americans will recognize what has become of their great country and vote the democrats out in 2014 and 2016 in big numbers.

And with the approval ratings of both Republicans and Congress at all time record lows, how do you figure that's going to happen? Which party do you think the majority blames our current troubles on Van? I'll give you a hint, ithe answer begins with the letter R. It is fun watching your party eat itself Van. In 10 years most people will snicker when they think of how politically messed the Tea Party was, past tense. It'll be interesting to see what sort of party Republicans become after they completely self destruct; hopefully respectful, smart and informed like they once were.

gdn, you are so October 2013. Republicans are leading democrats right now and it is only get worse. It will fun to see democrats go over the cliff like lemmings with ObamaKare: Just see this Washington Post poll: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-politics/wp/2013/11/26/poll-republicans-lead-generic-ballot-49-47/ If the Washington Post is publishing a poll this bad for democrats it is really bad for democrats.

you really need to get your head out of whatever liberal media trash you read and visit the real world.... A new CNN poll shows Republicans edging out Democrats in a generic ballot, 49 percent to 47 percent. A similar poll in October had Democrats with an 8-point lead. A year before the 2010 GOP tsunami, Democrats held a six-point advantage in the poll

Well said Van. When will people wake up?

Silly Guy...did you happen to notice that the letter said nothing about President Obama. You must watch alot of Faux News; these viewers have little understanding about what's going on!!

silly guy where did I mention NObama

The left has not Not NOT sold America on their socialist policy..... A new poll from Gallup reveals 56 percent now believe that it is not the government’s responsibility to ensure its citizens have health insurance. When the left does not easily win the debate they always resort to the outlandish display of partisan false rhetoric as seen above. How can anyone align themselves with such an awful lot

Ooops my bad...the bottom above was for you sail!!

Really Sail? Go tell that to all the Medicare recipients, why don't you? Or VA recipients.

you have already admitted you are a socialist - they rest of America finds that abhorrent

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