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Letter: Drunk on power

While President Obama has admitted that he lied to the American people about his promise they could keep their doctor and insurance plan if they like it, I question his ability to pick and choose which parts of the Affordable Care Act he wants to enforce. Unfortunately, very few people in the media are crying foul. Additionally, I have not seen any member in Congress question his authority to amend the law on a whim. However, I am not surprised, given the fact that Obama on his own accord allowed some companies to be exempted from the new health care law, which he clearly does not have the authority to do.

He is an executive who is drunk on power like his predecessor, George W. Bush. Obama surrounds himself with a cabal of crooked lawyers who meet behind closed doors writing the legal justification for all of his unconstitutional usurpations. The president often resorts to executive orders to secretly bypass the Congress when they do not support any legislation he recommends. Sadly, since the beginning of the last century the powers of the president have expanded greatly at the expense of individual liberty.

If the president and the members of Congress willfully and wantonly violate the laws on this nation and the Constitution they have sworn to uphold, then how can the American people expect to enjoy the fruits of liberty when the country is moving closer toward a totalitarian state?



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Good letter Matthew, although I would say that Obama is far less dignified, far less genuine and honest. He shows no emotion as his ideology trumps his emotional intelligence. Don't expect progressives or those partisans posing as reporters in the press to hold Obama responsible as they believe that the end justifies the means. Impeachment should be the order of the day but few politicians are untainted by the same kind of corruption and few if any have the guts to do the right thing.

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