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Letter: Obamacare is disastrous

I have received notice that my health plan will no longer exist as of Dec. 30. My cheapest replacement appears 40 percent more expensive. I must get my care in New Hampshire and cannot see about 40 percent of the physicians and hospitals in New Hampshire, including one I have relied on. If I develop the same type of cancer as my wife, I am denied the ability to be seen at the specialty clinics that saved my wife’s life.

My wife and I had a good health insurance policy at a reasonable rate. When Jeanne Shaheen was governor, the state mandated that insurance companies must insure all pre-existing conditions. Unable to absorb these high expenses, our health insurer, along with most of the rest, left the state. My wife developed cancer, and we ended up insured with New Hampshire’s insurer of last resort, the New Hampshire Health Plan. Not cheap and with a high deductible, but doable. My wife went to some of the best facilities in the world.

Thank goodness we have some clear-headed thinking in the U.S. Senate with Kelly Ayotte. I am grateful for Ayotte’s leadership in recognizing that our health care needs to be available for a realistic cost from those we wish to trust our health and lives to. Ayotte played a vital role in re-opening the government and it is time for her colleagues to follow her lead in fixing or repealing this disastrous Obamacare legislation.



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Take note that progressives are staying away from comment here as they know that Obamacare is a scam to redistribute health insurance and balance it on the backs of those who have always been responsible enough to provide for themselves.

the obvious failure of NObamaKare has become evident to all....... but his most blinkered cultists. They now have a name - Obamanistas

Did you know that the Obama administration has paid an organization 1.1 Million dollars to put out positive Obamacare stories? It is that bad I went to the Obamacare website and found out that us Millenniums are getting a really bad deal. My generation voted for Obama in big numbers and he pays us back by stealing from our present and future.

That is totally not surprising but disgusting in that the entire plan was flawed from the start and designed to get people already covered to pretty much pay to cover everyone else. It is redistribution and government picking winners and losers. I am glad that millenials see the light! Don't sign up....take the $95 fine.

Not true, the money came from a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. And as the ACA website improves, and more positive stories are likely to appear, what then will the Carp Per Diem brigade have to say? Few will be on the edge of their seats wondering.

That is not the issue. The issue is that over 100,000,000 employer polidies will be rejected by Obamacare next year and 100,000,000 more people will be paying a higher premium and 5X the deductible. Why do you think that the majority should be inconvenienced and pay more to insure a very small minority of people without insurance. It is wealth redistribution in all of its glory and government picking winners and losers, the losers are those people who have paid for decades to take care of their own health care. Obamacare is a disaster. Oh, I am sure that the media will spin positive stories but it is all ideological, political and dictatorial propaganda.

The title is 100% correct. HEADLINES: - google them... "Howard Dean Says There’s Another Obamacare Crisis Coming. It’s Not the One You Think It Is.".... "Health Care Fukushima: 129 Million To Lose Their Plan" ..... "Obamacare’s Hideous History, Recounted"....

Steve, my best wishes to you and your wife and you are experiencing what many with employer paid health plans will experience next year due to the very, very narrow grandfather clause in Obamacare. Let's be honest, progressives feel that for some people to have good health care and be happy is simply not "fair" to those with not such good health care or no health care. Bottom line is that progressives are willing to ruin lives and increase costs of many (losers) and subsidize others(winners) in their redistributionist, ideological scheme.

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