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Letter: Free Staters are here to help

What’s happening to New Hampshire? Where have the rugged individualistic, freedom-loving, independent people of this still great state gone?

This state isn’t going downhill because of the Free Staters. It saddens me to hear worn-out rhetoric being used against Free Staters and the Tea Party. They are coming here to help out the cause, to preserve what New Hampshire is all about. That’s why they chose to come here, not to change it. We have always been a beacon of liberty in New England, and I’m so proud of that. We have always ranked in the top five out of all the states, sometimes No. 1, as the most free.

I have had the opportunity to meet a few of these people and they are some of the nicest around. I’m also blessed to have helped elect Dan and Carol McGuire to the Legislature. I may not agree 100 percent of the time, but I appreciate the honest hard work they do in the State House maintaining some sanity. It’s also nice to see representatives regularly keeping us updated about what’s going on in Concord.

If we’re going to talk about propaganda, I suggest we take a look at what’s coming out of Washington from John McCain, President Obama, Harry Reid, Lindsey Graham and the list.

Welcome to New Hampshire, Free Staters. We need all the help we can get!



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I am 100% sure that in the USA, you have the 1st amendment right to freedom of association...meaning, its unconstitutional to make a law that would deny a person entry into a state for their political beliefs. But...we know thats what the left wants here in NH...

That's hardly the issue. No one is being denied freedom of association, or any other freedom. To the contrary, the Free State Project looked at a number of states, and decided that they, as a group (en masse) could most likely have an influence on the politics of NH, which they regarded as the state most likely to warmly greet their arrival. They hoped to establish a "Libertopia" in NH. What they didn't take into consideration was the stubborn Yankee strain in NH and New England that dislikes hypocrisy-- the kind of covert, even sneaky behavior that typifies Libertarians--as exemplified by those who ran for office as Republicans but then revealed themselves to be nothing but far-right extremists--which is what most, though not all "libertarians" seem to be. One only has to spend some time on Granite Grok to be repulsed by the smug sureness of the ideologues who contribute to that site-- "dominating the political bandwidth" indeed. Libertarianism isn't coercive? That must be why so many of them have a gun fetish, and have as their motto: "Come and take it". In the real world, the effects one can have on another are often subtle and far-reaching; as the NH Constitutes states (paraphrasing here): we surrender a little bit of our personal liberty for the sake of living in harmony with the larger society. Libertarians missed that concept the rest of us were taught in kindergarden. Individually they're just annoying; en masse, such thinking is a recipe for chaos.

NO one has said they can't come here. But neither do we need to be forced to welcome them. And we don't.

Ahh...FINALLY something we can all agree on. :)

Kinda reminds me of that old Twilight Zone episode - I think it was called "To Serve Mankind". Anybody remember that one?

"Thank you, but no thank you to Free Staters. Go back where you came from."...Now...just for fun, replace "Free Staters" with "blacks" or "gays" or "jews"....Take your pick, and say it out loud a few times....

Apples, meet oranges.

hey DAN. do you think the Free Staters would do to you what the democrats are doing to NY? "New York City confiscating rifles and shotguns " http://endtimeheadlines.wordpress.com/2013/12/07/new-york-city-confiscating-rifles-and-shotguns/

To equate rich WHITE freestaters with the prejudice that Blacks, Jews or Gays have to endure shows just how insensitive and clueless you Republicans really are. You really, really don't see anything wrong with that statement you made do you?

'cuz like race and sexual identiy, no one has a choice about whether to be a Free Stater. They're just born that way, and asking them to change is like asking them to change the color of their skins.

Seriously? What chutzpah! Those who are among themost actively engaged in undoing the the legal and social programs designed to help minorities--affirmative action, voting rights and fair housing laws, are ever so quick to play the victim card and claim they're being bullied, stereotyped, and discriminated against. Talk about the world turned upside down.

Being a Free Stater is a choice. A choice. Being born of an ethnic group is not. Big difference. Large enough for even you to see.

The low information democrat voters that post here could not even tell you what their platforms are all about. Their mushy heads are so full of leftist propaganda rhetoric they are blind. The grass root movement of these people is to simply adhere to the constitution and to stop the lefts daily assault on our freedom and liberty. The progressives ignore the constitution in order to foist upon you their vision of a leftist utopia and will damn the constitution to do it. One can thank Obama for the rise of this movement as he has become lawless which all sides of the political spectrum testified about in Congress this week

That explains why they do not discuss the issues.

And it would appear, that the free staters themselves couldn't tell you either. This from their definition . . . "The Free State Project aligns itself with no political party, takes no official political positions, supports no candidates in elections, and neither supports nor opposes any particular legislation."

"Low information"? This from a poster who routinely spreads distorted, misleading posts in response to any story or letter on the topic of climate change, and thinks, or pretends that they're truthful, and who daily demonstrates an inability to tell fact from opinion on virtually any topic.

Yeah, but no information is superior to low information, right?

I have to agree with you, but what Sail has mistakenly referred to as the low information voter he got wrong. The "low information" voter in reality is the one regardless of party who votes based on the R or D and not the person. I fear he may be speaking of a lot of the far right with his comment. As for Free Stater's, we have done just fine without them since the 60's. More of a snake in the grass movement. Why now?????

The low information voter is the one who votes on one issue as opposed to all of what a candidate stands for. We need more moderates from both parties. Both parties are too entrenched in their platforms. When you lean too far one way, you eliminate compromise. Both parties are guilty of that.


I totally agree with you on that. But how do we get moderates elected? Politicians taking a moderate stance are routinely pilloried in the party primaries, and most don't survive to run in the general election

Good point. Low information is not in short supply on either side of the fence.

Mr. sail, You are such an expert on Democrats, what they think, how they live, where they get their news, etc. I can only assume you spend quite a lot of time in their company. I guess you really must enjoy hanging out with these folks you know so well, despite your protests to the contrary. Or... perhaps you simply don't know what you're talking about. You're like an anthropologist who relies on postcards for his information. Good luck with that.

coming from a resident of the super elite liberal enclave of the Republic of Hopkinton that is pure hypocrisy

the super elite enclave of Hopkinton??? Yes there are pockets of elitists as every other small town but here you go with your famous generalizations. You are aware that Hopkinton and Contoocook are really one town?

Ha, ha, ha. You are so incredibly off base, mr. sail. I live in a neighborhood one person described as "a trailer park with wooden trailers." You have heard of Contoocook, right??? Or did you just stay in the rich village of Hopkinton. I'm thinking so, since that's the only part of town of which you seem aware. Enjoy your time with the rich lefties, mr. sail. Now that I've listened to you long enough I finally get where you're coming from.

as I am a real estate investor and own property there I can assure you I am keenly aware of every aspect of Hopkinton life. DARE you to tell us all what the medium price of a property is in Contoocook. I know do you? PS Contoocook is more left that the elitist Gould Hill crowd

Wow! Why invest here if you think it's so awful?

What on earth does the median (and the word is "median," not medium) price of a home have to do with my little dump? Seriously. You sound as if you've never set foot in Contoocook. Must prefer to hang out with your rich friends in Hopkinton Village. Have fun there.

PS: Rich people are notoriously conservative. Where on earth do you purchase your "facts?"

So... you're rich enough to have enough extra money to buy an extra house or two. Yeah, now I understand why you love hanging out with your rich pals in the Village.

Yes, the left's daily assault on our freedom and liberty... like the way the don't want gays to marry each other, and they don't want anyone to acknowlege a December holiday other than Christmas, and they want employers to be able to deny their employees reproductive rights based on their own religions.... yeah, I totally get what you're saying.

They've "come to help?" Really? You think harassing a cop by pretending to video him with a nonfunctioning camera as he tries to do his job and then calling a flash mob to add to the harassment is "helping?" That's what Carla (can't recall her surname), one of the more public Free Staters did and no, we don't need that kind of "help." My neice's town has been basically taken over (300 FSers moved into a town of less than 1000). The results are not pretty. It looks like an episode of Breaking Bad over there now, lots of people who don't want to pay taxes and just do whatever they want whenever they want. It all seems quite childish and self serving to me. Lying about being Republicans after no one would vote for them when they told the truth hasn't won any points with me, either.

Thank you, but no thank you to Free Staters. Go back where you came from. We had enough of you with O'Brien and Company. You are Koch extremists, anarchists and will never help this State. So, please cut the baloney about helping the State. I thank you for one thing! You woke the people of New Hampshire up in the last Legislative Session, as to what you really stand for and we don't want it.

Thanks, but you've already "helped out" enough. Now please leave.

" They are coming here to help out the cause, to preserve what New Hampshire is all about." What a bunch of baloney. These 'free staters' want to disrupt our state and, effectively destroy it. Taxes!! FSP has little regard for which tax they vote against-they'll vote against all taxes. What finances education of our children?? Oh, wait, we shouldn't have any, because they would have to be educated at public expense (or maybe all would be home schooled and achieved a top grade of graduating from grammar school).

Couldn't they have just stayed where they were and "fixed" those states? They moved here because they don't want to pay income taxes on their huge incomes. The McGuires tried to have the Suncook river rerouted back into their back yard at a cost of millions to NH taxpayers. Free Staters are worse than Teapartiers, they are just plan greedy.

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