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Thinking about this.... when I retired, on the insistance of my wife, we moved back to NH. I like NH too, but it's far from perfect. In fact, it's one of the worst states to retire to. I live in a cheap house because of property taxes; I can't see paying 30% of my social security for property taxes that I get almost nothing in return. What a slap in the face NH gives a retiree when your income drops; your taxes keep going UP. So the NH House (by one vote) doesn't want casinos; it will "ruin" our state, but nobody can demonstrate why this would happen when it hasn't ruined any of the 40 other states with casinos. Oh, it's "morrally wrong" say others. But NH is HEAVY into selling booze, aren't they? They sell to alcoholics and drunk drivers. THAT's not morally wrong? And of couse the're's the lottery tickets. You can spend your entire paycheck on them if you'd like. They sell them everywhere. But that's OK, too. So, just what is the definition of "Ruining NH?" and why isn't NH ruined already? ...(full comment)

My Turn: Atlantic City offers a skewed view of casinos

It's no myth. First, none of the four types of birth control act as abortifacients. All 4 prevent sperm from fertilizing an egg. That much the justices got wrong from the beginning. Second, the SCOTUS placed the religious rights of a corporation ahead of the rights of real women, by limiting the bc options its female employees may choose. No one is forcing HL 's owners to use any of these methods, but there may be medically sound reasons for a woman to choose (for example) an IUD over some other method. With this decision, HL's owners have insinuated themselves smack into the middle of the doctor-patient relationship. The irony here is that corporations were originally intended to shield their owners from liabilities that the corporation's actions might cause. That notion has been turned on its head, as owning a corporation now confers special privileges of speech and religion that take precedence over those rights of mere mortals. ...(full comment)

My Turn: Democrats clinging to Hobby Lobby myth

Well, I've lived in 6 different states that have casinos (none of those in the northeast), and I've gambled in 20 of the 40 states that have casinos. Never heard of any regrets in all those states. How has it trashed Maine? Wyoming? Minnesota? Mississippi? North Dakota? I've had lots of fun, as millions of people do. You're obviously seeing things from a negative point of view. ...(full comment)

My Turn: Atlantic City offers a skewed view of casinos

rje, Did you miss morning meds call, again? We've already had this conversation. I'm the guy who witnessed a local family do their Jerry Springer Show impersonation over a GD patio chair in a Biloxi restaurant...remember? Moreover, I've driven across this country at least a dozen times, covering the Rust Belt, the Bible Belt, and all the belts in between (including those familial 'belts' thrown in Biloxi). I've gotten a good look at these casino towns, and they are no place I'd want to live. So, don't tell me "wrong", when I have been there. I would suggest the "imaginary thinking" is on the part of the pro-casino set, who have deluded themselves into thinking these Lipstick Pigs are some kind of financial oasis. However, like all such baseless visions, it's nothing more than a mirage. ...(full comment)

My Turn: Atlantic City offers a skewed view of casinos

You wish, huh? ...(full comment)

My Turn: Atlantic City offers a skewed view of casinos

Wrong, Larry. And among the 40 states that have casinos, nothing, including some excellent scenery, has been harmed. This kind of imaginary thinking is exactly what I mean about you folks who simply don't WANT a casino. ...(full comment)

My Turn: Atlantic City offers a skewed view of casinos

Wow Itsy, I had no idea you had such insight into Greeks. Perhaps you could share your thoughts about Italians and Jews. Be carful though, every one knows those Italians are all in the Mafia. Hell, why beat around the bush, you're a flippin' bigot. ...(full comment)

Market Basket corporate employees threaten walkout

Every hooker has a hard luck the "right" thing con. ...(full comment)

Witness in Edic trial says attack should have been directed at him

We are no better than China propping up their industries...we just do it with an orwelian sounding name import export bank...time to look for a new job, Hochberg. ...(full comment)

Export-Import Bank Chairman Fred Hochberg visits Concord tech business to promote reauthorization

Well no kidding. So did the casualty rate. My god are you that dense. ...(full comment)

My Turn: New Hampshire can and must do better for veterans

Do you have any data to support your claim, or is this just a nicely couched xenophobic, and borderline racist rant? Correlation is not causation. ...(full comment)

Editorial: State needs to keep an eye on its children

Laugh of the week from BPR/Sail: describing WUWT as "real science". It's also the height of irony that the one poster on here who singlehandedly spreads more manure than any other, is also the one who incessantly labels those who correct his errors of fact, or disagree with his spin, as "low information voters". Besides being the alpha Carp Per Diem poster, BPR/Sail might also be called The Mis-Informed Republican Voter:MIRV. I invite posters to come up with their their own variations on this theme for an acronym; this one gives BPR/Sail another on-line pseudonym to hide behind: one that is aptly descriptive: MIRV Carper. ...(full comment)

Letter: Alligator alley?

Funny how the drop in NH standing is tied to the "diversity importation" perpetrated by the Lutherans and other "drop and run" organizations. ...(full comment)

Editorial: State needs to keep an eye on its children