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Should they really be freezing tuition for a few years if they have these serious budget issues??? Didn't the state university system recently announce their intention to freeze tuition? Probably should apply the breaks to that plan. ...(full comment)

NHTI cuts 14 positions to close $3 million shortfall

These people are endorsing Feltes? Another reason to vote for Kass. Since the fire fighters union endorsed him also, I'd now vote for the devil, himself! ...(full comment)

My Turn: We rarely endorse in primaries, but Feltes is a rare candidate

Devil. I'm sorry to say that trying to be rational with BPR or Itsa is a lot like canoeing up a river without any paddles. They are just too blinded by their conservative blinders to see just how ridiculous they truly are. And I totally agree with you when you say that they have never put their life on the line for the US, unlike you and I. They like to talk the talk, but can't walk the walk. ...(full comment)

My Turn: New Hampshire can and must do better for veterans

EPA should be dismantled and start over again. Stalin couldn't have dreamed up half what this agency has done to defeat our country, confiscate wealth and destroy property rights. No wonder nothing is made here anymore. "Reasonable" should be the word of the day: how clean is clean enough and where do we stop these quack "scientists" whose only agenda is fattening their own pockets at the expense of everyone else? First it's global cooling, then global warming, then climate change, then carbon footprints.... the list goes on. Filing comments with this agency is a waste of time. Throw the bums out! We need to elect politicians who respect our country, our property rights and our entrepreneurial spirit. ...(full comment)

Concord hearing gives the public a chance to comment on EPA Clean Power Plan

Actually, there are some priests who don't believe in God. ...(full comment)

My Turn: It’s time to take a hard look at climate hyperbole

How could anyone write & mail a letter from a locked container? ...(full comment)

Man charged in teen’s 9-month disappearance

The NHCPG, if it still exists, was a part of the Geological Society of New Hampshire. Vice President--ROTFLMAO. I've been retired for a decade. And, yes, I was VP for a few years. ...(full comment)

My Turn: It’s time to take a hard look at climate hyperbole

I see now that she was locked in a container at his trailer. Still wonder about that picture. Could it be the wrong picture??? ...(full comment)

Man charged in teen’s 9-month disappearance

My mistake: henceforth I defer to BestPres' ifallible wisdom as to "how real Americans think." ...(full comment)

Editorial: Law adds to the burden on third parties

What I'm thinking is, the police sketch was done with Abby, so she must have said, "yeah, that's what he looked like" when it was done. But after 9 months of looking at the guy, this sketch makes no sense. Unless Kibby passed her on to somebody else and she hadn't seen him for 9 months? If not, then did she not want him to be caught? How would detectives nab him going by this picture? Kibby's neighbors say they never saw the girl at his place, so was she locked up or kept somewhere else by somebody else? Lots of unanswered questions about things that don't make sense here. Should be an interesting story if we ever hear what really happened. ...(full comment)

Man charged in teen’s 9-month disappearance

The wish for Abby's well-being is a given, but some questions still need to be answered before this one is solved. Such as, how was she able to write AND snail a letter home, while being held against her will? Seems unlikely a hostage could write a letter, then ask her kidnapper to drop it at the nearest post office. ...(full comment)

Man charged in teen’s 9-month disappearance

PBR, Until seeing your post, I didn't realize Target replaced FW Woolworth's. I guess Walmart must've replaced JJ Newberry's. But I give you points for not blaming it all on the Democrats. That's a first for you. Good boy! ...(full comment)

Katy Burns: In many ways, Market Basket saga is unique

Agreed, rje. Sketch resembles a Deadwood B/J dealer. Pic; fighting family member at Biloxi restaurant. ...(full comment)

Man charged in teen’s 9-month disappearance