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To reword a famous statement from Abba Eban, BOTH sides in this conflict never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. That's been the case for decades. To put some historical perspective on it, this 2009 piece from the WSJ could have been written last week. As the article details, Israel 30 years ago looked the other way when it came to Islamic fundamentalist clerics, and even hoped that the movement would serve as a counterweight to the PLO. A cynic might have called it a “divide and conquer” strategy. Today we call it blowback, as we experienced the same thing with Bin Laden and the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan, whom we supported against the Soviets and who later morphed into Al Qaeda. “Walking back to his house from the rubble of his neighbor's home, Mr. Cohen, the former religious affairs official in Gaza, curses Hamas and also what he sees as missteps that allowed Islamists to put down deep roots in Gaza. He recalls a 1970s meeting with a traditional Islamic cleric who wanted Israel to stop cooperating with the Muslim Brotherhood followers of Sheikh Yassin: ‘He told me: “You are going to have big regrets in 20 or 30 years.”'He was right.’” http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB123275572295011847 ...(full comment)

Monitor Board of Contributors: Truth and context were early casualties in Gaza conflict

I beg to differ, Obama asked for input and assistance from the conservative base and all he got was nothing, even when he wanted to include the ideas from the conservatives (remember Romney care)? Instead the conservatives refused to give any input whatsoever. Then you have the audacity to say he rammed the ACA through? Why cant you admit the all the conservatives have done is try to obstruct anything this Administration has tried to, and somewhat succeeded. I believe in challenging any ideas that I disagree with. What I disapprove of are people who do everything possible to make a person fail at their job and when that doesn't happen, they blame him for all that is wrong when it is those people who caused the damage in the first place. If you cannot see that, then you are not as open minded as you think you are. Oh by the way Saying "my way or the highway" isn't arrogant? Nice try. Bush Jr. was fine until he got a full republican majority in both houses. ...(full comment)

Market Basket corporate employees threaten walkout

Which premise is that? This one -- it's only wrong for ultra wealthy individuals to infest the political process with gazillions of dollars if all their candidates win? This is not a partisan issue. Don't try to make it that. Enormous sums of money have corrupted our politics -- doesn't matter which party it comes from. Once some candidates have that kind of money, all of them have to have it or they cant' compete. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Problems of money and perception

problem is that the PACs record of supporting the winners blows your entire premises out of the water. For instance the Crossroads PAC - name the candidates they supported that actually got elected - democrats live in the narrative world - never in the world of FACTS ...(full comment)

Editorial: Problems of money and perception

care to name who has increased the budgets? - That answer blows Doc's blather out of the water ...(full comment)

My Turn: New Hampshire can and must do better for veterans

blackouts coming and their solution is - more windmills? ...(full comment)

My Turn: Bury Northern Pass? Only if bury means kill

Yea - who needs electricity when we have lamp oil ...(full comment)

My Turn: Bury Northern Pass? Only if bury means kill

If you believe that cherry picked screed about it being so awful to live in states because of Republicans then you are indeed a LIDV. Demographics will show you that there is a mass migration from Blue states to Red states. But got to give it to Dave he can find any statistic to make his massively partisan screed. democrats and statistics are just like a drunken sailor and a lamp post. they use them to prop up their weekness- never to illuminate it. ...(full comment)

Letter: Republicans and the big picture

Support your local bunny! Yes to Northern Pass! ...(full comment)

DNA analysis: Power line rights of way may help New England cottontail

Your claim regarding noncompliance of temperature stations is a red herring. The simple fact is that surface temp. data is reliable, and accurate. Anthony Watts was himself co-author of a study which found that temp. biases cancelled out. The paper confirms a warming trend for both 115 year and 30 year trends in the U.S., and “all groups of stations showing warming trends over those periods.” http://www.surfacestations.org/Fall_etal_2011/fall_etal_media_resource_may08.pdf ...(full comment)

Letter: Alligator alley?

Your analogy is perhaps the poorest analogy I've ever heard touted on this forum. Go back to school and retake all your history courses. ...(full comment)

Letter: Questionable spin

Palestinian terrorists and far-left liberals: Both hate America, both hate Israel. Is there any doubt that both these groups have formed an unholy alliance? ...(full comment)

Monitor Board of Contributors: Truth and context were early casualties in Gaza conflict

You wanna know what's really harming loons? The loss of undeveloped shoreline habitat. They need undeveloped shoreline habitat to breed, nest and raise their young. But the beautiful people have to have their McMansions by the lake now don't they . . . ? ? ? ...(full comment)

Third N.H. loon death this year linked to lead poisoning