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The figures you have here are averages. One can be parboiled in a ocean with an "average" temp. of 10 degrees Celsius, you can drown in a river that is an "average" of six inches deep. I am not arguing that geothermal sources of heat are larger than solar. Of course solar is far stronger. What I am saying is that it would be easy to mistakenly attribute the heat obviously seen deep in the ocean for the supposedly atmospheric heat the climatologists are looking for. It is amazing how often scientists find exactly what they are looking for- easy to do when they do not account for all variables. They do not appear to have even recognized that there are sources of geothermal heat in the oceans. If they see heat- and they do, because it is really there- they immediately assume it is the atmospheric heat that seems missing from their equations. There is considerable geothermal (also called hydrothermal) heat in all of the oceans of the world. This is not a rare type of mistake. If you looked at any of the sites I listed above, you would have seen that there are some very hot spots in our oceans. I could have listed a lot, lot more, but would get carpal tunnel syndrome if I tried. .Overall, the oceans are very cold of course. This idea that atmospheric heat is sequestered deep in the Atlantic Ocean- at specific points, no less- then is somehow maintained there like it's in a thermos bottle. I am not sure if the differential salinity of the currents can offset the mixing to achieve an equilibrium- what you normally see in nature. ...(full comment)

Letter: What climate change looks like

The IR generally diminishes between sunset and sunrise. Depending on data sets used and the time frame you look at, there may be warming, or may appear to be warming, but it is generally less than the climate models, which generally overstate warming. ...(full comment)

Letter: What climate change looks like

Where is energy flow from Earth's interior, the 0.09 W/m squared derived from? Is it derived from a multitude of sites, or just a few? Where are the data gathering stations located? It would seem to vary a lot from place to place. ...(full comment)

Letter: What climate change looks like

Hey Larry, You're calling that "BRASS TACKS" is WRONG, in that is only the tip of the iceberg, of errors therein that I do thank you for the opportunity to correct now to some degree. (1) the 62-days was not for the assault of the tax collector, it was for the contempt of court charge for supposedly not paying the 10% tax/ penalty assessment on top of the fine that was paid as proven at the bank as pre-paid to then Clerk Paul Gruber who was subsequently indicted for felony fraud; BTW Marie's husband works for the A.G.'s office and so the slant at not anti-gov't, but what people call the C.I.G.'s: Criminal Elements In Government, of I could go on with other errors in detail but will try to stick with the issue here of property taxes mostly, but to get the others out of the way first: (2) Bill Vickers was also investigated into the bombing but that the only connection we had was our joint testimony against Judge John C. Fairbanks at the time of going after one of the "Brothers of The Bar" and so this retaliation, (3) not "legal" money", but "lawful" money, (4) the stun gun case involved the judge not answering the jury correctly by the Jury Instruction # of they've been in "Draft" form for too long: over 25 years now! of it about time to become adopted! that case is on line too and in that a "set-up" is an inducement is an entrapment, (5) my NOT truck, BUT car was parked next to the State Library that night because it was leaking oil, and so onto the leaves that of when the City Street Sweeper was on "vacation"; i.e." What's orange and sleeps six?" (;-), (6) of all servants (public private) have got to obey the "forward" master too (see the Bible on this), (7) the violation by Ayotte on the Bretton case was that of the "Speedy Trial Rule" of 4 months of: figures don't lie, but that liars figure, I merely made reference to The Plague and Pharaoh, (8) judge opinions based on when the process to get them the evidence is crooked makes the judges of bad in quality to their quantity, (9) praise be to Kirby J. Hensley of Modesto, CA for his U.L.C./ Universal Life Church in telling the gov't what we will donate for services rendered like a gov't collection plate! (;-) , (10) more case law of when the judge changes the position of the parties in a preliminary injunction he makes the court/ the State a party-to-extortion, of thus the thief to restore sevenfold per Proverbs 6:30-31 as cited in RSA Ch. 651:63 for restitution by the Blackstone's Commentaries through the State v. Fleming case annotated there for 1984, (11) check out how long it took http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zerubbabel to build the Temple, plus (12) of: "I'm angry now, but I'm not angry enough to do something like Carl Drega.'" nor The http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2003_Abbeville,_South_Carolina_right-of-way_standoff aka The "Abbeville Horror" with Rita Bixby from Warren, N.H. of you can ask Judge Dalianis about this. (;-) But like I wrote of this property subsidization we have now is against what Rose & Milton Friedman wrote about back in 1980 of it about time "you people" do "Wise Up", of reminds me of the old German saying of: "Too soon old, to late smart", but then of better late than never. Thanks again. ...(full comment)

Above downtown streets, Concord committee is trying to make development add up

Well, "Jim"...with all due respect to your days of yore, the bird I'm talking about that currently hunts/fishes at this location, is a Peregrine Falcon. I initially thought it was an Osprey (believe there is one living there, also), until it flew directly over my head one day. Got a real good look at it thru the binocs on that occasion. Plus, a friend of mine has taken some excellent photos of the falcon. Both the Osprey and the Peregrine are beautiful birds of prey, however. None of this should tempt you to cash in your Mutual of Omaha whole life policy, however. (c; ...(full comment)

Local falcon, her handler and her vet ready to attempt a groundbreaking eye surgery

The IBEW complaining about corporate greed? What a laugh! I've watched and listened to the IBEW members and their leader Joe Casey shill for the greediest of all corporations as they have tried every trick in the book to ram their damaging no pass proposal through NH at the public's expense just to bolster their own bottom line. Back room deals, eminent domain, ratepayer subsidies, devalued properties and small businesses, you name it - they've tried it - and the IBEW has been there all the way as their only real ally. I see they know what corporate greed means but can only recognize it when they're on the receiving end instead of handing it out. How does it feel? I hope FairPoint teaches them a good lesson that they should have learned in kindergarten. Do onto others………..etc. Hey IBEW, have you ever heard of karma? What comes around, goes around. ...(full comment)

FairPoint declares impasse in labor talks

Sorry! Technical issues on our end this morning. Photo is now attached. ...(full comment)

Police look for dog, owner after fatal dog attack

BlosephSHass, I got your BRASS TACKS right here, pal. Everyone should check out the following CM article, written by Annmarie Timmins; "Meet Joe Haas...And Be Careful!". I hope this satisfies your penchant for TRUTH from me, Bloseph....lol. Like I said, you're just a local nut-job. ..........................................................http://www.concordmonitor.com/article/meet-joe-haas-and-be-careful ...(full comment)

Above downtown streets, Concord committee is trying to make development add up

They weren't already married? ...(full comment)

Jolie, Pitt wed privately at chateau in France

How about showing us the photo of the dog & owner? ...(full comment)

Police look for dog, owner after fatal dog attack

Joe, like I inferred yesterday, who's going to bother reading all that? We're not lawyers. Why don't you be more concise? ...(full comment)

N.H. Supreme Court lets tax credit dollars flow to religious schools

Hillary and NObama tried to funnel arms to this group through Turkey. Hillary and NObama got the Lybian Ambassador and 3 others killed in Benghazi in that criminal enterprise. Surprisingly there are still LIDV's here that support the failure known as Hillary ...(full comment)

Jihadists kill dozens of captured Syrian soldiers

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley's statement is a real HOOT . Best part is he represents all that embodies the democrats. Ya got fell sorry for what the democrats have become. ...(full comment)

Weighing in on the New Hampshire Supreme Court’s tax credit decision