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Attorney Feltes said what? We live in a "democracy"!? You have got to be kidding me. Where did he grow up? What school taught him that crap? See: in that we are supposed to be in an Article IV, Section 4 U.S. Constitutional Republican form of government, where there are the rights of the minorities, and not this "mob-ocracy" where the example is given of three wolves and two sheep taking a vote of what they will have for dinner. Plus being an attorney for #x-years, how many, if any, corruptions in the courts has he spotted and reported by RSA Ch. 311:6 ? - - - - - - Plus Megan: you ought NOT to put people's e-mails in this format. Don't you know about the electronic spiders? that go looking for such and then their boss sell such to marketers to flood their inbox with junk mail! Example of to write "at" rather than the @ symbol and then dot com or dot net here. - - - - - And not that I'm for the School Board member to what? Continue the unlawful state-wide property tax? I'll bet that both R&D candidates all* still pay this slice of the property tax pie, and that Bob Williams the Minister still pays indirectly through his rent to this Secular Humanism is what? his religion!? (;-) Thus down to voting for the lesser of all* evils again! or is there somebody of another party in the General Election to the rescue to like say: None of the above. Sylvia has had twenty years too many there of especially for not recusing herself from the Brock impeachment trial since her husband is an attorney. Attorneys ought not to be in two branches at the same time. Gov. Hassan is an attorney too! A very bad one who refuses to let her G&C give their Article 5 - Part the Second vote on whether they agree** with the Supremes or not on their condemnation of the Legislature to fix it lest a Receiver be appointed, of that a bluff! ** re: their "advise and consent" needed before The Commissar, Stephan W. Hamilton, over at State Revenue can send out The Tax Warrants to all the cities and towns in this state. Thus the relay of such from your Town Selectmen as Assessors to the Tax Collector to collect also be unlawful! They took an RSA Ch. 42:1 [ ] and 92:2 oath[ ] to obey the law, [ Article 84 ] not violate it. We need people in the General Court who obey the law too. All I see is wimps taking the ex gratia approach in that it easier to pay than fight for your rights. Lazy good for nothings who have got to Wise Up! Plus BTW, the State Dept.. of Revenue wimps who refused to state-prosecute Dr. /licensed Dentist Elaine Alice Brown in the Ed Brown anti IRS case, instead making a secret agreement with the agents of "Uncle Sam" for to have the City & Town violate RSA Ch. 80:7-b [ ] in not taxing the Federal agent/ occupier as pre-scribed, but to get a $kickback too from whatever, if anything is left over from the Aug. 15th auction of no auctioneer taking such as to participate in this corruption of leaving it to Brenda Mickels there of the U.S. Marshal Service to do as part of her job description, even though she KNOWS that her landlord the GSA/ General Services Administration administrator being the 40USC255 to 3112 "head" of "agency" for his tenants has not RSA Ch. 123:1 filed his papers with Bill Gardner, N.H. Secretary of State, who is Article 67 [ ] elected by these State Legislators and him assigned to write up an Annual Report is an accounting is to count the # of papers filed at ZERO and report same, but that all he does that the G&C agrees with is to give his job description with-OUT any of the numbers, BELIEVE IT OF NOT! of we thus need candidates willing to say that they will NOT vote for such a lazy person to continue, to fire Gardner and Article 63 impeach the Gov's Executive Councilors too, [ ] should they get back in because newspapers like this continue the cover-up of to keep the masses ignorant.. For the requirement of these RSA 123:1 papers [ ] to get jurisdictional authority to act in this state see their own U.S. Attorney Manual 664: ...(full comment)

District 15 Democratic primary candidates set schedule for joint events

There were a ton of bananas both on the shelves and in many,. many, many boxes underneath over there at the Fort Eddy Road store last night. Maybe when the strike is over they will donate them before they rot to make banana ice cream for us all when we all get back together. ...(full comment)

Concord Market Basket employees encourage customer boycott

Hey Peter, You should talk buddy, oh what hypocrisy. Reference your wife Jean K. when as judge wouldn't even give Ed & Elaine Brown a hearing on their civil case #2005-C-033 In Grafton County Superior Court. Instead what she did was allow the Feds to Remove and Dismiss even against their own statute of 28USC636(c)(1) requiring the consent of BOTH parties: both as in the two of them, get it Peter!? Plaintiff AND Defendant; Get it? Now you say for this group to hear from BOTH parties before a decision. Can you see the hypocrisy here? Of course. Then "Wise Up". You're sponging off her Article 36 retirement pay of 75% of her then $100,000/year salary, and have the audacity to say not do what my wife did too, but what you say!? Come on, get with it. Tell your wife to write a written apology of THEN I'll take what you say and write seriously! In the meantime this group does what? The Jean K. Burling Shuffle? (;-) ...(full comment)

With loophole in bylaws, New Hampshire Young Democrats endorse Dan Feltes for state senate

I'm an independent, so please do not call me a progressive. I call a spade a spade, I don't see things through rose colored glasses. If I see a problem, I speak up. It just so happens that most of the conservative base is so radicalized against this president I get very upset. I know racism when I see it due to having been in many situations where it rears its' ugly head. Anyone who says different about how this president has been reacted to is just blowing smoke. There are a lot of things I disagree with him doing, but had Bin Laden been caught on Bush Jr's watch all the conservatives would be giving high 5's. All Obama got was no recognition for giving the order. That is just one. Take a good honest look and tell me in good conscience tell me the conservatives did not in the past and still do not work with this president on anything. ...(full comment)

Market Basket corporate employees threaten walkout

If Congress would do something then executive orders could be avoided. But then if you were even the slightest bit aware of the history of executive orders you would some find that Obama has the lowest executive order numbers (by term) than any President since Grover Cleveland in 1897. So what was it you were ranting about. Could it have been the illegal crossing by children on our southern border? Seems to me the GOP in the House refuses to consider any immigration bill until after the mid-term elections. So that being fact, our President has to act alone. I did find one piece of extreme fantasy in your letter - " “there is no license for going it alone in our system.” On the contrary you couldn't be further from the truth. There has not been a single President** in the history of the US that has not exercised the ability to issue executive orders, precedence is the so called license. ** The exception was my distant relative William Henry Harrison the 9th President, who fell ill during his inauguration and died within the month. You would have liked FDR he issued over 3500 orders in his term, into his second term Obama is only at 35 so far this term. The real abuse of power or actually lack of any should be directed at Congress. They are the worst congress on record. I can't help it that you don't like Obama, maybe you could photoshop a picture of him firing the missile that downed the jetliner over the Ukraine..... ...(full comment)

Letter: Obama’s unlawful orders

Try a real science book for a change--maybe “The Discovery of Global Warming” which you can get via inter-library loan or read on line. You won't find much accurate information in anything by Nigel Lawson, another denier who poses as a realist and moderate--who could argue with a title like "An Appeal to Reason" after all? I believe his son is married to the sister or daughter of Lord Laughingstock himself--Christopher Monckton of Bletchley, the most famous denier of all, and serial liar (claims to have 'discovered cures for AIDs, and other diseases, and routinely plays fast and loose with the facts on any number of topics). Lawson is better but compared to Monckton almost anybody is. Lawson follows standard practice of picking and choosing the facts to suit his ideology, and that of his lobbying group—the high-minded sounding “Global Warming Policy Foundation”. ...(full comment)

My Turn: A primer on the carbon footprint

Want fresh produce? There are farmers markets all over the state, try buying locally grown produce from the actual farmer who raised it. ...(full comment)

Market Basket employees fighting for ousted CEO

Mulholland seems to be taking the right approach here, but the Incomplete Streets civil war raging in Concord had to be at least partially responsible for the SRO attendance. Keep attending those meetings, Allenstown, lest you end up living on Sunken Road, or worse...Bloody Lane. ...(full comment)

Allenstown weighs major road project ahead of 2015 town meeting

Betty H accuses Elaine K of being “wrong in her information” “about the school board’s acquisition of Concord residences that made way for the Christa McAuliffe School.” To supposedly back THAT up, Ms. Hoadley offers “to [meet] with [Elaine privately] and give her the real facts.” Elaine K made two simple factual assertions: that Kass A “was involved in the under-the-table purchasing of [the] houses,” and that the houses were “[h]istoric properties.” It appears that, “As a board member AND PRESIDENT during the time” (as she says), Betty H still may not quite grasp the concept of public debate and disclosure when it comes to the public’s business. Still being unwilling to DISCLOSE PUBLICLY HERE “the real facts,” she ironically makes Elaine K’s case for her, perfectly. ...(full comment)

Letter: Wrong about Ardinger

*not 'this year', but next April...d-uh. ...(full comment)

McIlroy at the peak of his powers after enduring the lowest of lows

I almost invariably root for an American to win the Masters, but it's going to be hard not to pull for Rory at Augusta this year. The kid has an addictive personality, and pro golf could sure use the injection. ...(full comment)

McIlroy at the peak of his powers after enduring the lowest of lows

Yes I do enjoy reading stories geared to LIDV's. For a company started in Chicago in 1901 to grow to it's present size is no small feet. America was the land of opportunity now it appears that some feel that Big Business should be a participant in their communities as opposed to a vehicle for stockholders to reap greater benefit. To hell with the workers, they had no part in the rise to profitability for them. The fact that they were able to grow and expand in America should be of no consequence either. I constantly see the No Information Right jump on the whatever business wants to do bandwagon. I also see the constantly uninformed RWTP, (right wing talking point) regulations are driving business away repeated. Name one regulation you think is driving business away. Just one, anyone can blame a made up regulation - let's see you put some truth where your words should be............... Look at MB, Artie T ran a profitable business with happy workers and satisfied customers. What evil did he perpetrate? He had the audacity to want to pay cash for merchandise to keep prices low. The gall of this obvious LDIV, fortunately Arthur S. was able to kick this lunatic out. Now he and his handpicked brown noses, board of directors included, can use all this operating cash to pay enhanced dividends to stockholders that were being cheated. No need for large cash on hand when we can run the business on credit. Higher prices for consumers but the leaches now get more dividends. The workers and customers are what built MB along with Arthur T. The Board and the shareholders were just in it for the money. So by all means pity the poor stock holders and their struggle to get by on the work of others. You want to benefit by being in America fine but this comes with a cost, live with that. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Attention Walgreens shoppers

Gracchus, When somebody doesn't do their job, they ought to be fired! That goes for Shaheen AND Brown because both of them KNOW the law but disobey it, and the "Law Enforcement" Bozos in this state of The State Police take their marching orders from a General, who is an appointed attorney, and so much for the check* and balance. We send people to D.C. to check*, not supposed to write checks to their Brothers of The Bar (in MAss. too) for unlawful travels to Maine of our N.H. Article 12 inhabitants against the 6th Amendment, re: the Ed Brown case. The sooner the people realize how awful these career politicians are the better! This "op" of opinion is what Hassan says is that of against her opinion and so the Ed Brown case against her for a judge's decision to be THE decision on the unconstitutionality of RSA 662:1 and so to the jury for $damages to us having to eventually pay for Shea-Porters retirement and throw light on those State Legislators too running for Federal office, of to have to pick the lesser of #-number of evils in the Senate Race and that there are the working man candidates in the Fed. Rep. Race with only one not tied to government in some fashion: one with a Board, the other with boards, re: people vs lumber. Thus on a cartoon, of too many Pinocchio's. Liars and thieves! When this newspaper writes the story of Ed's case #297 in Merrimack County Superior Court in their own words [rather that what? in code? (;-) ] then you will get the translation. that the U.S. Codes are unlawful. And so to put more attorneys to work. Less people to feed and house in Uncle Sam's FCI's that they call a correctional facility, but supply no teachers to teach as in to Article 18 reform. Follow the $money is the saying of you ought to see where yours and my taxpayer money goes to lazy good-for nothings in state and federal. Time to "clean House". Throw the bums out! ...(full comment)

Shaheen meets privately with VA secretary nominee McDonald