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Odd? Tortured logic? Hair-splitting? Stunning lack of judgment and common sense? Come on! Get a clue! Isn’t it obvious Feltes was uncomfortable with how the primary was shaping up as just too easy and yearned for a more competitive, attention-getting race? And I suspect he got just that. Sure, he looks like an idiot to political outsiders, but take it from me, this is one genius tactician at work. ...(full comment)

Letter: An unfortunate turn

I have a better solution. Don't Go There! Then you would not bring these issues on yourselves. In the meantime, pray for leniency and be smarter next time. Remember, I didn't know, is never a good defense. ...(full comment)

Americans detained in North Korea call for U.S. help

This is right on. Go John Hancock! ...(full comment)

Letter: Violent injustice

Eliminating the minimum wage would take us back to Third World wages. Good for corporations, bad for people and for democracy. Health care law repeal is a non-starter, now that the law will have gone beyond the Republican efforts to destroy it in New Hampshire, and every hospital as of the first of the year will have at least three insurers in the pool. These guys are on the wrong end of Back to the Future. It remains a wonder to me that anybody listens to them at all -- apparently the Republican plan to kill education is working. ...(full comment)

U.S. Senate hopefuls differ slightly on minimum wage

The Monitor experts miss one point. We need to CUT SPENDING and stop making government the end all and be all for every perceived inequity or need. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Candidates’ tax-cut plans wrongheaded

How much do we have to hear about "working families" Which families are working families. I know people with a household income of $50,000 where both folks "work" and families with a household income of $150,000 where both folks "work". "Working families" is rhetorical hyperbole, buzz words that low information voters suck in like Kool-Aid. The very fact that he is an "attorney" is a reason to NOT vote for Feltes. Our forefathers never envisioned the wealthy and the legal experts holding office year after year. They envisioned regular people representing constituents. There is a reason why the SEA support Feltes and it has to do with their wallets. Honestly, when you read that the SEIU membership supports a candidate, it is more about 'what's in it for me' rather than any feigned concern for anyone else, like for instance "working families". It is more about state employees doing less for more pay in single tasking, make work jobs. By the way "political organizing" means that politics trumps common sense. ...(full comment)

Letter: Feltes is a strong progressive

I don't like McConnell but honestly there is NO reason to vote Blue. Under Obama, we live in a far more dangerous world, our economy is still, after 6+ years in the dumps, the government is more interested in spying on its own citizens then understanding the threat from Isis, 49% of American citizens are receiving some kind of government check. Less Americans are pulling the cart and more folks are riding in it. Illegal immigration is on the rise and this president is doing nothing to address it. The IRS is targeting groups that the President finds a threat to his agenda, he has no strategy (admitted by Obama) to deal with Isis, we have spent trillions of education and the results are mediocre. Blue has been on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of prosperity for decades. I don't like McConnell but honestly the answer is to NOT vote Blue. ...(full comment)

Letter: Many reasons to vote blue

More democrats political Hokum - not good economics. HEADLINE: "The burgeoning power of the Latino community in California was illustrated this week by the death of a minimum wage hike proposal in the state Assembly. Despite the fact that the pro-business Latino Caucus is comprised totally of Democrats......." When will the rest of the country wake up to the democrats victim politics. ...(full comment)

Los Angeles mayor proposes minimum wage increase to $13.25

GCarson, good post!! ...(full comment)

Stranded without high-speed broadband, Salisbury family turns to crowdfunding

NEVER - NOT ONCE in this era of democrat control have the citizens said the country is going in the right direction. Direction of Country: Right Direction – 26 percent ...... Wrong Track – 66 percent . Locally Hassan is hiding a $$$102.1 deficit. Only a fool or a LIDV would vote for more of the same. democrats great it rhetoric - terrible at governing ...(full comment)

Obama promoting economic gains as elections near

If you believe this editorial HOKUM then you are definitely a LIDV. The Burger King move is absolute proof of the Efficacy of the Laffer Curve. TAXING is not our problem - SPENDING is - Hassan is hiding her $$$$ 102.1 MILLION DEFICIT until after the election. The CM should write about that........ not print HOKUM ...(full comment)

Editorial: Candidates’ tax-cut plans wrongheaded

BRILLIANT LETTER!!!! ...(full comment)

Letter: A feverish world

Hey Gracchus . . . he's the only one of the three who believes in a woman's right to choose and in the science behind global climate change. Could be worse. MUCH worse. ...(full comment)

Editorial: GOP should choose Rubens for Senate