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Kent State. ...(full comment)

History Buff 101: A syllabus for igniting your biographical fervor

Love this little Walton-esque store, with its adjoining post office, and black lab laying on the front porch. Found it several years ago, while researching some soldiers buried in the cemetery across the street (great little cemetery, too, btw). Ever since, this store has been a 'must stop' whenever I have the time to use route 132 north. They always have a good array of home-baked goodies on the counter, great coffee, and Jake will thump his tail for ya, if you talk to him. ...(full comment)

Post office changes reach Canterbury, where tiny office a part of town fabric

For all the fair and balanced facts in this article, Mr. Sununu could easily be a Fox News contributor. ...(full comment)

My Turn: It’s time to take a hard look at climate hyperbole

Every hooker has a hard luck story...do the "right" thing con. ...(full comment)

Witness in Edic trial says attack should have been directed at him

We are no better than China propping up their industries...we just do it with an orwelian sounding name import export bank...time to look for a new job, Hochberg. ...(full comment)

Export-Import Bank Chairman Fred Hochberg visits Concord tech business to promote reauthorization

Well no kidding. So did the casualty rate. My god are you that dense. ...(full comment)

My Turn: New Hampshire can and must do better for veterans

Do you have any data to support your claim, or is this just a nicely couched xenophobic, and borderline racist rant? Correlation is not causation. ...(full comment)

Editorial: State needs to keep an eye on its children

Laugh of the week from BPR/Sail: describing WUWT as "real science". It's also the height of irony that the one poster on here who singlehandedly spreads more manure than any other, is also the one who incessantly labels those who correct his errors of fact, or disagree with his spin, as "low information voters". Besides being the alpha Carp Per Diem poster, BPR/Sail might also be called The Mis-Informed Republican Voter:MIRV. I invite posters to come up with their their own variations on this theme for an acronym; this one gives BPR/Sail another on-line pseudonym to hide behind: one that is aptly descriptive: MIRV Carper. ...(full comment)

Letter: Alligator alley?

Funny how the drop in NH standing is tied to the "diversity importation" perpetrated by the Lutherans and other "drop and run" organizations. ...(full comment)

Editorial: State needs to keep an eye on its children

Laurie, either way they may be screwed in the long run so why not try and fight the corporate machine and save their integrity. I stand behind the employees. Fight the good fight ...(full comment)

Farmers markets, local stores benefit from Market Basket shortages

Hey, BestPres,you would much improve your prose if you were to use actual words instead of hackneyed in-group code (like LIDV). 50 - 1 - 500 - 5 makes no sense at all; you don't even get your Roman numerals right. ...(full comment)

My Turn: Trouble is lurking for state’s online retailers

Guns take lives and are the cause of tyranny. ...(full comment)

Doctor fired back at gunman in hospital attack

The cases of "a good guy with a gun" stopping a bad guy with a gun are not all that common. Unfortunately the good guy's gun is far more likely to kill or injure an innocent. This NRA life member says, "Disarm the bad guys." And while we're at it, reject the climate of fear that the gun-rights industry has cultivated. That's how lives will be spared. ...(full comment)

Doctor fired back at gunman in hospital attack