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OK Free Stater's, you tell me what "Trigger the Move" is then. From your very own website - "At the current signer acquisition rate, the FSP will reach 20,000 signers in 2018, and attract the remaining movers to New Hampshire by 2023. That's too long to wait. We know concentrating liberty activists in New Hampshire is a winning, proven strategy to achieve Liberty in Our Lifetime. We need the next wave of activists NOW! See who our Patrons are below."............ This has traditional NH values written all over it. NH was selected as the victim state because, and I quote again -"The organization began without a specific state in mind. A systematic review started by narrowing potential states to those with a population of less than 1.5 million, and those where the combined spending in 2000 by the Democratic and Republican parties was less than $5.2 million....." I have found my calling and it is protecting our NH from these subversives. Tillie you can have BPR and Itsa. This is personal. ...(full comment)

Letter: Free Staters part of the New Hampshire tradition

Paranoid not hardly, irritated beyond belief at the tactics being used by you wonderful FS'ers. You people seem to think you can come into NH with the goal of showing us how we should live and you call me paranoid. The FSP is nothing more than a group of whatevers, that think they know best. Frankly you know nothing of NH traditions. This is straight of the FSP Porkfest web site, and I quote - "The FSP is an agreement among 20,000 participants to move to New Hampshire for "Liberty in Our Lifetime." We are more than 75% of the way to our goal, after which we will “Trigger the Move."" Sounds like a sleeper cell. So spineless that you have to disguise yourself as conservative republicans during elections then reveal your true colors when you "Trigger the Move" Personally I would rather have someone from al qaeda move next door than a free stater, at least with them you know where they stand. If you honestly think we are all that stupid, well you're in for a surprise now that your motives are clear. I worked for Eugene McCarthy's campaign, was a tie-died bellbottom wearing hippie, that hated the establishment and the government (of the time), but we were at least honest, naive but honest. ...(full comment)

Letter: Free Staters part of the New Hampshire tradition

You do the math this time. You've just asked Nelle what % the human contribution of ghg is to the ATMOSPHERE. This is your chance to do the math correctly, after being shown numerous times why your repetitively wrong answer plays games with the truth. It's in the atmosphere where the greenhouse effect takes place, and it's been shown that climate sensitivity to a doubling of ATMOSPHERIC CO2 is 3 degrees C. We won't hold our breath waiting for the correct answer. ...(full comment)

My Turn: It’s time to take a hard look at climate hyperbole

Yeah, it's a nice spot alright, but when I went by there Saturday there were hundreds of cars parked at the trailhead. Consider that, for your wilderness experience. ...(full comment)

Lake Escapes: Lonesome Lake ‘well worth the hike’

QUOTE "declining participation in the U.S. labor force – at 62.8 percent" - as the media fails to inform - that is a historical LOW . NObama now beats Jimmy Carter for the worst of the worst ...(full comment)

Higher wages signaled by more U.S. employees quitting

Quote "The state must do what it can to limit the circus atmosphere of elections". Massive HYPROCRISY by the CM when we all know eliminating same day registration and requiring ID's is a proven way to provide the citizens with the cleanest elections. Why do democrats always fight clean elections? ...(full comment)

Editorial: Law adds to the burden on third parties

Huh..first I heard of this. Interesting..if this is true, how come our elected leaders didnt give us a heads up on this? Must not have done well in the focus groups. Probably cant fundraise on solar storms... ...(full comment)

NASA: Earth narrowly missed crippling solar storm in recent years

Being a bit harsh, Comic Con is probably the only contact with women that some of these geeks ever have. Besides the entire make-up of these made up characters is sexism in it's purest form. Name one female character that dresses as something other than a galactic hooker. ...(full comment)

Comic-Con’s dark side: Harassment amid the fantasy

What a boat load of fantasy. The only thing missing was the Battle Hymn of The Republic playing in the back ground. I can only make 2 assumptions, 1- You are one of them, or 2- you don't understand the evil behind Free Staters. Their idea of freedom is for them to decide just what that will be. They slither into NH and disguise themselves as GOP and once they get elected we'll see just what their idea of free is. I was not aware that NH was in such a bad state that we need these political sleeper cells to straighten us out. ...(full comment)

Letter: Free Staters part of the New Hampshire tradition

DirtyLarry, I am sorry that happened to your family. It shouldn't happen to anyone. It appears you can relate to the frustrations experienced with the insurance companies. It is very devastating. I want to address your concern about the cost of their temporary accommodations. While on the surface it may seem pricey to you, they have a kitchen area to cook their own meals plus the hotel offers complimentary dinners/breakfasts so that saves on the cost of eating out every meal if they were to stay at a place like Days Inn, etc. There is also an indoor pool, giving the boys a chance to swim/play/exercise since they no longer live near their friends, and no longer have a yard space or any of their outdoor activity equipment lost in the fire. Since it's a Residence Inn, the other people who stay there typically aren't one-nighters so they are able to develop relationships with other guests...support is an important social piece to the recovery process, as I'm sure you know. So, a little more expensive? Perhaps. But the amenities are priceless during this difficult time. I hope you can appreciate my points. While they may make mistakes along their recovery journey, and not make the best decisions according to others, having never walked in their shoes I know they need a lot of kind words, love and support, not judgements. I hope you and your family are back to some semblance of normalcy now and I wish you nothing but the best. ...(full comment)

Ray Duckler: Burned out after being burned out, couple try to cope

Just to let you know, they were they ONLY hotel willing to take our dogs and our cat which also survived the fire. They have full kitchens so we can cook our meals instead of having to eat out every single meal, every single day. Boarding the animals would have been way more expensive. Believe me, we did what was best for our families under the circumstances. BTW - That is the lowest rate they offer there. ...(full comment)

Ray Duckler: Burned out after being burned out, couple try to cope

well..I'd ask you...how long do you think it will be before someone...most likely us, has to deal with Iran militarily? ...(full comment)

Letter: A spineless response

We all desire peace, Mr. Azzi. What you fail to mention in your opinion piece is the fact that Hamas does not recognize Israel’s right to exist. On the contrary, their stated goal in the "Charter of Hamas,” states that, "Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it.” Obviously, the leaders of Hamas do not want peace and it the innocent civilians, on both sides, who suffer. It's so easy to criticize from a distance and editorialize from our armchairs. I challenge you, (and those who criticize Israel's right to defend itself), to "put your money where your mouth is." Why don't you travel to Gaza and help the suffering people? Why don't you pressure Hamas to do the same? Let’s stop the mud slinging, spreading hatred and intolerance, from the comfort of our homes, because, in the end, that is exactly what Hamas wants. ...(full comment)

My Turn: ‘Peace isn’t something simply to be desired. It follows from justice’