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You should always answer your own questions Tillie, that way you can validate your beliefs. Watch out for that wind out there, a tree just fell in my back yard. Did not hit the house. ...(full comment)

Letter: What it means to vote for the Republican Party

I can't believe my eyes as I see Senior Assistant Attorney General Jane Young shaking hands with Arsenault. I'm not even sure God knows what other illegal activity he was involved in. Prison is exactly where he belongs. Young should resign and, if she doesn't, AG Foster should fire her. For Cathy Green to laud Arsenault as having "...held the diocese together..." is ridiculous. ...(full comment)

Monsignor Edward Arsenault gets jail time for thefts

Yeah..."&"....does not work...¶...no idea what that is ...(full comment)

U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen touts energy efficiency bill at Earth Day event in Concord

Saw this on facebook and now it's all over the news. I'm not anti-snowmobiler but these people were way over the line. How can they claim that they weren't chasing the animal when they shot video footage of themselves . . . CHASING THE ANIMAL?!?!?!? Throw the book at 'em! ...(full comment)

Belmont couple charged by moose under investigation

How can you say with a straight face that New Hampshire has spoken? The only ones that have spoken are the anti-gaming reps who prefer an income tax. Every poll I have read for the last 20 years says that NH Citizens prefer expanding gaming over a sales tax or income tax. Where's the representation of the citizens by our state reps? ...(full comment)

My Turn: New Hampshire has spoken on casinos

There it is right there, if you are poor you cannot afford an ID. Even if that ID costs 10 bucks and last 5 years at the DMV. 2 bucks a year for a non drivers ID. The same argument is made by the left in regards to anything the poor need. Yet, we are still waiting for those folks to appear on TV and tell us how they manage to go through life without an ID. They are not on the Chris Mathews Show, or any liberal show. Those folks are a goldmine to support the left's claim that getting an ID is pretty much impossible for folks who are poor. Being poor is an excuse that the left use on a daily basis. Poverty prevents anybody from making any decisions that will benefit them. Basically, the left believe that folks are incapable of bettering their lives. ...(full comment)

Letter: What it means to vote for the Republican Party

In what way is this NOT chasing that moose??? Throw the book at these people. Better yet, take their keys away. ...(full comment)

Belmont couple charged by moose under investigation

I read the article. You saw over thirty basketball coaches before you decided to move. Did you meet with thirty educators / teachers before you decided to move? You complain about 150 miles for your children's education but not the1000 miles to play AAU basketball. Your are correct when you say this is about a better education for your children. A BASKETBALL education. Peter Welch ...(full comment)

My Turn: The truth about Pembroke and the Alosas

It is no surprise to me Bruce that you blame slick advertising as the reason folks make bad choices. That is how the left thinks. Folks are incapable of making any choices that benefit them according to the left. We have a growing population of folks that need govt protection, because they evidently are victims of a disease that prevents them from making better choices. Born without the choice gene no doubt. Up to the govt to try and mandate human behavior. How has that thinking worked in regards to folks getting out of poverty, requiring less abortions, or becoming better parents? It has not, just the opposite, we have more folks making more bad choices. So the govt does not make a difference when they mandate anything in regards to human behavior. Yet they want to keep mandating safety nets. Obese folks do not read food labels, exercise, or work. Then they have kids who follows suit. Obesity is a disease, qualifies for disability. Having kids you cannot afford is also a disease, Basically any poor choice is a disease. Fear not, the govt is there to provide a safety net that will allow you to continue making those poor choices. ...(full comment)

My Turn: The building blocks of obesity and a parent’s role

It's young players who stand to pay the price because they don't get the chance to represent their high school because a transfer takes their spot on the team. Peter Welch ...(full comment)

Editorial: Nobody wins in Pembroke basketball brinkmanship

liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats or whatever they call themselves - ......sheeeeeesh ...(full comment)

Letter: Other offensive nicknames

Responsible Republicans balanced the budget with no new taxes after debt & deficit democrats left an almost $$$$$ 1 Billion hole. ...(full comment)

N.H.’s bond outlook falls from ‘stable’ to ‘negative’

Pretty evident that the Powells should be charged. You "are experienced snowmobilers who know better than to follow wildlife." Really? What exactly are they doing in this video? I hope they throw the book at them in Maine. ...(full comment)

Belmont couple charged by moose under investigation