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It doesn't get any cuter than this shot; "Kidding Around". ...(full comment)

PHOTOS: All is fair at the Hopkinton State Fair

This is an issue of utmost concern to voters. All candidates should state their position clearly with no reservations. Many politicians have turned their back on NH and cozied up with out of state interests and their contributions. Don't vote for anyone who supports no pass or who has voted against underground for large scale transmission lines. ...(full comment)

Letter: Ardinger must state her position on Northern Pass

rje49, The "Sewells" Falls bridge doesn't exist. Never did. Go to ...(full comment)

Downtown: A new taste comes to South Main Street

I think this editorial forgets or ignores Dan Feltes's negotiating experience. As a lawyer for Legal Aid, Dan Feltes had to work with opposing counsel to craft solutions for his low-income and elderly clients. His years with Legal Aid also required him to advocate for those same clients in the Legislature, negotiating compromises with both parties. As a former Monitor reporter, I saw Dan work in both arenas with skill, maturity, and an ability to consider the wants and needs of multiple parties. This experience is why I am voting for Dan Feltes. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Ardinger is the right choice for District 15

Still wouldn't help them find Benghazi. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Lambert is the right choice for the GOP

That is why we are recycling their has-been senators. ...(full comment)

My Turn: Mount Sunapee plan deserves state’s support

Go to "Sheeple". ...(full comment)

Capital Beat: With primary closing in, campaigns get nasty

What 'meantime', Bloseph? Who has enough 'meantime' to read your "War and Peace" rambles? I'd rather you shoot me with a stun gun...oops. ...(full comment)

Capital Beat: With primary closing in, campaigns get nasty

gdn1, I would bet the house this article is a wolf in sheep's clothing; a paid ad. After all, isn't The Insider an ad insert with some filler text added? ...(full comment)

The Insiders: Get your tickets to the (actual) gun show

And in the meantime, The RSA Chapter 7:6-c Election Law Violations Report that was supposed to be out last month by the July 31st deadline as pre-scribed by law, just sits in the A.G.'s office awaiting his signature collecting dust. The legal ballots by RSA Ch. 662:1 for two Federal districts are printed up weekly (for four weeks now) for both Federal Districts, as if they were lawful, while Hassan* shrugs her Article 51 duty to the Section 2 penalty in the 14th Amendment to do the subtraction that she does REFUSE to do! A clear violation of her RSA Ch. 92:2 duty to Articles 51 + 84 if she ever did "make and subscribe" her oath beyond just the viz. of the verbal in the first place. That duty being of "to execute the laws of the state AND of the United States" for BOTH, with emphasis ADDed. The Fourteenth Amendment is part of like "the rules of the game". For her NOT to do her job and still take her every other Friday paycheck is THEFT! Her appointed Attorney General Joe Foster of Nashua ought to be fired! by RSA Ch. 4:1 of a petition by one of the Executive Councilors**, but that ALL five of them are yes-ers to Hassan, in that they KNOW she does RSA Ch. 643:1 "refrain" from doing her job, but allows this Official Oppression to continue. So when the House & Senate Election Law Committee **** members finally do get this Report they ought to meet right away BEFORE the Primary to draw up and sign such a check-and-balance paper to present to her* with a copy to them** (of The Council) that she AND the Secretary of State*** (who also supposedly took the oath only in the verbal) do her job so that he*** (Bill Gardner) can comply with the greater law of the Constitution of the United States! and if they**** don't do this check and balance to like "Order" this under threat of Articles 40 + 63 impeachments against the entire G&C then what good is it in the statute to have this Report go to them if they don't do anything with it!? The current batch of both gubernatorial and Federal Rep. candidates ought to get a copy of this too to weigh in like in to write up an Amicus Curiae / Friend of the Court Brief, of THE Court being the General Court, of not just this committee or arm of it, but that of for the full House & Senate to meet on this BEFORE the Primary, but that with over a month AFTER the Report was supposed to have been BOTH written up AND sent, of the Primary just over a week away, of then whoever be the winners thereof, either state-wide for the governor or per the Federal districts dividing the state into two, that the General Court meet on this on their Wed., Sept. 17th Over-Ride of Governor Veto Day to include this also on the Agenda. By then maybe the Merrimack County Superior Court judge will finally have a hearing on this case #297 there to tell the governor that like when she wanted a decision on the merits in the business tax credit case decided only on the status of the parties, that she does hypocrisy-ize herself in just the opposite here in trying to get her Assistant A.G. Steve LaBonte to try to get it dismissed and in effect tells the Feds to DELAY the paperwork from the party complaining and so she says in also effect of to heck with that "accident, mistake and misfortune" of it a mis-fortune that the litigant on this be in an FCI of Uncle Sam of having the "correct" ***** information therefrom but not being allowed to effectively present it for processing because either the turn-key and the postman didn't deliver it in time in both going to AND from him in that Federal "Correctional"***** Institution. Or in other words Hassan saying also of to heck with N.H. Article 18 for "reform" too, of to send our Article 12 inhabitants away to just sit in a dark dungeon and make like a mushroom! Sometimes you have got to take one step backward (the reduction of representation therein Congress from N.H. and the nine other states because we and they do not elect ours and their "Judicial officers") to then take four (4) lawful steps forward as in to revise the Reapportionment Act of 1929, so that when this penalty be applied to like a minimum of four (4) Federal Reps per state then minus one (1) per the penalty equals (=) three (3) of that majority number (#) over the two (2) minority numbers in the U.S. Senate. ...(full comment)

Capital Beat: With primary closing in, campaigns get nasty

If you don't know anything about gun shows, why bother to say anything about them? ...(full comment)

The Insiders: Get your tickets to the (actual) gun show

You DON'T want Comcast, trust me on this. There was supposedly going to be competition for things like internet service, if you listened to State politicians a decade ago. None of the promises that were made have ever materialized, and instead too many people are at the mercy of the single ISP that is available to them. Comcast is the biggest ripoff of them all, and their reliability isn't all that great either. It's astounding that in the bigger towns and urban areas of NH, there is but a single choice. A far better approach in the country is a fibre optic telephone line with a high speed DSL installed. ...(full comment)

Stranded without high-speed broadband, Salisbury family turns to crowdfunding

and, a citizens main responsibility ...dont assault a police officer.. ...(full comment)

Letter: Behind the destruction