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In 1987, Florida passed a mandatory shall-issue concealed carry gun permit law. The next year, many women attended classes on how to shoot, how to carry concealed, and when to defend themselves. Statistics on rape showed a VERY significant decline that year, and continued down for several years. If you read the FBI's Uniform Crime Statistics, you will see that states with concealed carry permits have lower per-capita murders than those without carry permits. ...(full comment)

My Turn: Keep guns away from abusers and stalkers

You've changed the frame of reference--again--from the atmosphere to the entire carbon cycle. You just keep cutting and pasting stuff from denier sources (Monckton? Watts?) without any apparent understanding of what you're posting. CO2 is currently at about 400 ppm in the atmosphere. At the start of the industrial revolution, it was about 280 ppm. The difference, 120 ppm, divided by the pre-industrial amount, 280, yields a rounded off number of 0.43, or a 43% increase in atmospheric CO2 since about 1750. 120/280=0.4285714 or 0.43 rounded to 2 places. It doesn't get more straightforward than that. It's worth pointing out that this level is the highest the atmosphere has experienced in at least 800,000 years. ...(full comment)

My Turn: It’s time to take a hard look at climate hyperbole

Very true, this is why we have our representatives handling this for us. More over this is a human rights issue as opposed to state or federal - but since we as civilized people are not capable of making the right decisions all the time we need laws and regulations. Who cares who passes it, this way we get one law instead of needing 50 different ones for the same thing. Called streamlining the process. ...(full comment)

Ayotte a target vote for new gun, domestic violence legislation

I don't believe this is a federal issue - leave it to the states to deal with it. ...(full comment)

Ayotte introduces bill to curb sexual assaults on campus

Citations please - excactly which farmers have been literally driven out of business? Which ones had to make a decision sell their farms in the last 2 weeks? Which ones had to burn over their fields and seek work elsewhere? And since when does the liquor commission pay local taxes in a location that they are renting? You, madam, are soaking wet. ...(full comment)

Market Basket turmoil disrupts plans for Warner liquor outlet

LIDV Walter you may want to go to ORNL in regard to the fact that Rainforests ADD to green house gasses not subtract - "Air quality above the Amazon jungle is extremely clean during the wet season but deteriorates dramatically during the dry season as the result of biomass (See Figure 2.) Under the worst conditions, trace-gas concentrations at aircraft altitudes approach those typically observed over industrialized regions...... decomposition rates were found to be 5 to 50 times higher ...... The Amazon River floodplain is a globally significant source of methane, supplying about 12% of the estimated worldwide total ..... ...(full comment)

My Turn: It’s time to take a hard look at climate hyperbole

" and the water fund " * too Larry, of the point being that of what I said at the Public Hearing just before this involving "federal funds" is for them to look into HOW Uncle Sam got the money to begin with that'll show that some of it was collected in an unlawful manner, reference the Sixth Amendment violations against Ed & Elaine Brown by taking them OUT-side the state and district of WHERE the offense occurred in that ALL trials (that include preliminary hearings are a PART of the trial) SHALL be held in the state and district of where the offense occurred. That the end does NOT justify the means for procedural due process of law! And so for them to accept stolen $money puts them in as thieves in the 2nd degree, and for the business people to go on as if nothing happened unlawfully against their neighbors is irritating to me of that they would have such an attitude, of "these people" in business will thus NOT get MY business! and everybody reading such that if they (these businessmen especially) do not put the pressure on the City to DO their job of to return $xxx,xxx.xx to Uncle Sam then let them be an Especially "Red River Theatre" for inviting Federal Judge Stephen McAuliffe to there, KNOWING that he was right in assigning Maine Judge George Z. Singal of Portland, Maine to be THE judge, but when Singal was too lazy to travel, and our former A.G. Jeffrey R. Howard now 1st Circuit judge on the 4th floor of The Rudman Block cut the checks for the attorneys to travel to, at and from Maine and McAuliffe just sat there doing nothing about this then they too get none of my business! Boycott these busy people in busy-ness of too busy to tell their public servants - ALL to obey the law! and that includes then Deputy now Clerk of Court Attorney Dan Lynch who KNEW this too but told Jane Pauley at Fed. Rep. Paul Hodes' office that such travel was done by Rule 72.5 was a lie in that that is a CIVIL Rule. So to boycott SHAHEEN & GORDON too where Hodes works. Now to see if any attorney in town will demand that McAuliffe and Singal be impeached. ...(full comment)

Concord Main Street gets green light

Considering Gooch was fired from Radio Shack because his policies as CEO helped drive it to where it is now. I had the unfortunate time as a manager of a store with him as the CEO of Radio Shack. So yes he did help destroy it and any one who says otherwise must be suffering from the cranium rectum inversion syndrome. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Protest may be a sign of a bigger shift

The usual trickery by Brucie - Brucie uses statistics like drunken sailors use a lamppost - he uses them to stabilize is shaky argument never to illuminate it. His referenced source does NOT address where CO2 comes from only there is more - liberals....... sheeeeesh ...(full comment)

My Turn: It’s time to take a hard look at climate hyperbole

Reading comprehension for LIDV's....nellie Quote: human contribution to the increasing amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere... MY? ....what % of contribution that is.... Bruce couldn't answer as it absolutely destroys his alarmism...... the answer is = 0.117% of the greenhouse effect is due to atmospheric CO2 from human activity". ...(full comment)

My Turn: It’s time to take a hard look at climate hyperbole

I couldn't have said it better myself Dan. My family too will boycott forever or be loyal forever - that is the choice of the BOD. It is simply amazing what this group of employees is doing. ...(full comment)

Market Basket to workers: Return Monday or you’re fired.

written like the reply of a true 5th grader ...(full comment)

Editorial: Protest may be a sign of a bigger shift

FOR THE LIDV - EADLINE "The 2014 El Niño is looking more and more like a bust" You of course could have researched that yourself but we know liberals always want somebody else to do their homework for them. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Export tax on fossil fuels is the right move