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And thank you Peter for expressing what all of us feel. ...(full comment)

Letter: Ardinger is a class act

Thanks, ItsaRepublic. I was a couple days without internet, so I'm still trying to catch up. Yeah, I am trying not to alienate the CAGW adherents, but I think I am failing badly. Trying to maintain civility, even if it hurts. This is getting tougher and tougher to do, since they like the ad hominem. They like the straw man, too, and the bandwagon, and argument from authority. Anyway, they employed a lot of logical fallacies, repeatedly. I was thinking of going back and counting and categorizing the different logical fallacies- naaah, I think it would break my calculator. I did try to figure out what it costs to go to Bali, one of the remote spots where one of the annual 12 day UN conferences was held. It looks like it may be about 10-15 grand for round trip plane, limo, hotel, and three squares for one person, but this is a really bad estimate, I confess. I think my estimate may be too low. 20,000 to 30,000 attend these climate conferences, and you can bet that a lot of the cost is at taxpayer expense. It must be tough for these sincere folks trying to save the world, There they are, stuck the entire time in conferences, listening to highly technical presentations, looking at charts, reading volumes of material both pro and con so they can fairly assess climate change. And all the while they work, every moment, 24-7 to save our world, there are these beautiful beaches close by. I brought up Google images of Bali and its beaches. Wow. The CAGW folks are saints. ...(full comment)

U.N. says CO2 pollution levels at annual record high

You are confusing the Stenhouse paper with the Cook paper. Also, once again, to state that humans influence climate is a very different thing than saying humans are the primary cause of climate change. The 97% was, once again arrived at fraudulently, since it lumped categories together to obtain the 97%. The use of pro-CAGW activists in the sorting of the papers is so clearly a violation of reasonable scientific methods that there leaves no question in any reasonable mind that the results are invalid. If you think that this is a good procedure, then make sure in any future contested election that in a recount, only one party recounts the paper ballots. Good luck with that. ...(full comment)

U.N. says CO2 pollution levels at annual record high

"Ah say, ah say...that's NOT chicken you smell, son; and ah'm NOT a chicken!" ...(full comment)

Board will hear plans for East Concord poultry processing plant

The Dems are all on their knees praying Mitt will reconsider. ...(full comment)

Why not look at Mitt Romney now?

I'll bet her wrist is sore today. ...(full comment)

Former Concord preschool treasurer admits to stealing thousands, doctoring records

Does that petition also call on Ayotte to stay in Washington and finish business. Where can one sign the petition demanding EVERY member of Congress to stay and finish business. It does contain ALL names, right!!! ...(full comment)

Ayotte, Shaheen weigh in on U.S. strategy to fight Islamic State

You're free to use the data and graph the results for yourself, and possibly understand why your claim is untrue--it's based on torturing the surface temperature data of one data set. For those interested in seeing and doing for themselves, this site is a good one:http://www.woodfortrees.org I've plotted four different temperature data sets here, with a trend line, for 1998 to 2012. Oddly enough, they all go up. http://www.woodfortrees.org/plot/hadcrut4gl/from:1998/to:20012/trend/plot/wti/from:1998/to:2012/trend/plot/uah/from:1998/to:2012/trend/plot/gistemp/from:1998/to:2012/trend ...(full comment)

Editorial: Voters should move climate higher on list

Great idea and like many of those - the devil's in the details. If this is fact based - wonderful. If this is just another political programming effort labeled as history education - would be as despicable as similar efforts in the past. We need to really see under the hood and yes, there have been so many such attempts that skepticism is very much in order. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Big History Project holds big potential

It was the liberal voters that elected him to his original term. He lost because he failed to do the job he campaigned for. Not for any Native American BS. You've been listening to PBR too much. Just who would appoint you to be the definer of what makes someone a sane voter in the first place? PBR? ...(full comment)

Letter: Let’s elect Scott Brown

Are we talking about the same Scott Brown that is calling himself an independent thinker in his ads? Not a GOP drone? The independent thinker I could support, but I fear he is only lying. ...(full comment)

Letter: Let’s elect Scott Brown

Well then at least it's not embarrassing to you! ...(full comment)

Letter: Let’s elect Scott Brown

Itsa, it is very strange to say that a candidate who is running to repeal Obamacare does not have to say if she is on it or not. That would make her a hypocrite and not so wholesome after all. It is pertinent to her campaign. and is one of her big "ISSUES". PS You know a lot about "mining for information" don't you? ...(full comment)

Kuster attacks Garcia on 'Tea Party playbook' in first ad