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Thirty five thousand walrus beached in Alaska because their ice is melting. Maybe Itsa and BPR who will dispute that claim can volunteer to go up and count them . ...(full comment)

Letter: A fact is a fact

Ever see the NRA or Chamber of Commerce endorse anyone but a Repub? Another reason not to vote for Garcia. ...(full comment)

Firefighters’ union endorses Kuster in 2nd Congressional District

Oh Yippee! Wonder if I will need a ticket or can I just get in line. I have so many questions. ...(full comment)

Garcia announces five town halls, including Oct. 29 in Concord

I wonder how many State Reps will be there to get a reduced rate hotdog or free ice cream cone by saying that they are yes, a "state worker" but only some of whom are a "consent"ed to "employee" paid by one of the four ways in RSA Ch. 275:43,I when in reality they are NOT required to be subject to the employer withholding tax because they are actually "officers" deserving 100% of their Article 15 just "compensation" of: $200/2-year term and in the quality of coin as prescribed by law, (Chapter 28, Laws of N.H. of 1794 in Vol. 6 at page 155 referring to The Coinage Act of 1792) but that instead of getting paid at the end of the day, week, month or year as a debt due and owing to them of thus to put in a claim for the gold and silver coins by Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution, they sign up with Joyce Phinney for the Federal rate of mileage and say that they are an employee because they vote with the others to take a retainer like attorneys of being paid "up-front" for services to-be (future tense) performed and so not technically a debt. It is these Legislators who really not be Representatives because they do nor re-present what is presented to them by some of their voters of following their Article 8 instructions on what to do who settle for the debased metal commerce coins from The Coinage Act of 1965 of thus always having to clip coupons and be IN SEARCH OF. . . / on-the-lookout for: bargains. ...(full comment)

State Employees’ Appreciation Day to be held at State House today

Hi Walter. What people say and write and do does not necessarily become irrelevant with the passage of time. Your view of science as pristine pure and free of politics is astoundingly naive. The "tweaking" of data is sometimes encouraged if it is tweaked the way one's superiors want it to be tweaked. In fact, if you are a non-tweaker, you may not be looked upon favorably. And there are favorites and non-favorites in the world of academia. There are sometimes pet theories pushed strongly by the tenured and powerful, and if the department head is cozy with it, the whole direction of research can be, and is swung one way or another. The heads of departments know where the grant money is coming from. If you are a able to get published as a junior co-author on a paper, you jump at the chance, and you will tweak to make sure your name is on that list of authors on that paper. And if you aren't on board, a good team member etc., you may find that you aren't on the list of folks going expenses paid to Rio or Bali or Paris to give your half hour presentation. To get an expenses paid twelve day trip to an exotic locale may make some non- tweakers into tweakers for "The cause" Science and scientific departments have hierarchies, and the lower down in those hierarchies are known to suck up to, K.A., or otherwise brown-nose. Those that don't, and don't have a politically powerful mentor tolerant of their independence of thought will not go to Rio, they will not be assigned the most choice jobs, may not move up very quicky or at all, may not get tenure. They may even be pressured right out over time. But I admit, my view of things is limited. But I can only see the normal and expected politics seen in science to be expanded exponentially in the world of climate science. Trillions of dollars are at stake. After years committed to this hypothesis/theory/cause/mass movement, anything that would risk the theory is being swept under the rug. This is politics on steroids. ...(full comment)

Letter: A fact is a fact

Uh oh, boys in the locker room. Come over here I want to tell you a secret,. ...(full comment)

Letter: Underestimating voters

I guess since the law doesn't expressly preclude corruption, it must be OK? ...(full comment)

New Hampshire Wind Watch raises opposition to Odell’s nomination to energy siting committee

I know . Every time I see that ad from Brown saying that ISIS is coming to kill us and it is Jeanne Shaheen's fault, I wonder why can't the Democrats put on positive ads like that. ...(full comment)

Letter: How about some solutions?

Interestingly, most Americans are moderate and Democratic. If it wasn't for gerrymandering, Republicans would be out of power in many states long ago. ...(full comment)

My Turn: How a pair of European scholars drastically altered the Republican Party

BPR...same comments for you ! ...(full comment)

Letter: It’s not Boehner’s bridge

Itsy..Bitsy...go read your post. You describe yourself perfectly: dysfunctional, hate filled. You see yourself as needing to 'find out what makes a person tick'-why? Intimidation? Stalking? You have found more information on my-why?? How can that impact YOUR opinions? 'Treat others with respect'-since when have you done that?? ...(full comment)

Letter: It’s not Boehner’s bridge

Very cool, and perfect timing for a Fall Foliage overnight trip. ...(full comment)

Ceremony to celebrate completion of 2-mile stretch of Northern Rail Trail in Boscawen

Donald, landscapes like Northern New Hampshire's "don't come along everyday" either. They come once and can be destroyed in a heartbeat by corporate greed, poor planning, bad design, and shockingly callous disregard. If other developers can figure out a business plan that enables buried lines, like in Vermont, New York and Maine, so can Northeast Utilities and Hydro-Quebec. HQ, btw, is burying its own lines and is one of the world's leading experts in buried transmission lines. Northern Pass has set up a false choice: my way or the highway. Actually. the highway would be a much better path for NP to follow! ...(full comment)

Letter: Don’t miss this opportunity