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No facebook, no twitter, no linkedin. No social media. Buh-bye! ...(full comment)

My Turn: ‘Monitor’ makes changes to online commenting policy

I'm not on Facebook and never will be - I'm out of here. ...(full comment)

My Turn: ‘Monitor’ makes changes to online commenting policy

Ooops. Forgot to include my name: John Corrigan ...(full comment)

My Turn: ‘Monitor’ makes changes to online commenting policy

Uh oh, boys in the locker room. Come over here I want to tell you a secret,. ...(full comment)

Letter: Underestimating voters

I guess since the law doesn't expressly preclude corruption, it must be OK? ...(full comment)

New Hampshire Wind Watch raises opposition to Odell’s nomination to energy siting committee

I know . Every time I see that ad from Brown saying that ISIS is coming to kill us and it is Jeanne Shaheen's fault, I wonder why can't the Democrats put on positive ads like that. ...(full comment)

Letter: How about some solutions?

Interestingly, most Americans are moderate and Democratic. If it wasn't for gerrymandering, Republicans would be out of power in many states long ago. ...(full comment)

My Turn: How a pair of European scholars drastically altered the Republican Party

BPR...same comments for you ! ...(full comment)

Letter: It’s not Boehner’s bridge

Itsy..Bitsy...go read your post. You describe yourself perfectly: dysfunctional, hate filled. You see yourself as needing to 'find out what makes a person tick'-why? Intimidation? Stalking? You have found more information on my-why?? How can that impact YOUR opinions? 'Treat others with respect'-since when have you done that?? ...(full comment)

Letter: It’s not Boehner’s bridge

Very cool, and perfect timing for a Fall Foliage overnight trip. ...(full comment)

Ceremony to celebrate completion of 2-mile stretch of Northern Rail Trail in Boscawen

Donald, landscapes like Northern New Hampshire's "don't come along everyday" either. They come once and can be destroyed in a heartbeat by corporate greed, poor planning, bad design, and shockingly callous disregard. If other developers can figure out a business plan that enables buried lines, like in Vermont, New York and Maine, so can Northeast Utilities and Hydro-Quebec. HQ, btw, is burying its own lines and is one of the world's leading experts in buried transmission lines. Northern Pass has set up a false choice: my way or the highway. Actually. the highway would be a much better path for NP to follow! ...(full comment)

Letter: Don’t miss this opportunity

JD...there you go again: using old info as if it impacted current decisions. Zorita made his announcement in 2009-that would be five years ago. The most recent IPCC AR5 was issued in 2013. And, after Zorita's announcement, he has published several peer-reviewed articles; doesn't seem to have bothered his credibility. But, you are definitely WRONG that PhD students in any way 'tweak' their data-the board of advisers reviewing their data would dash their hopes of completing the degree for that offense. However, politicians, particularly those listening more to lobbyists than scientists are prone to wallow in indecision. One might even say that politicians, such as Senator Inhofe (who received large donations from the oil and gas industry) are vocal in denying AGW-and why not, they are paid handsomely for their statements. ...(full comment)

Letter: A fact is a fact

Why not take a break from it and clear your head. Get a new perspective on life, stop fighting start contributing. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Racism’s generational ripple effect