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OK Free Stater's, you tell me what "Trigger the Move" is then. From your very own website - "At the current signer acquisition rate, the FSP will reach 20,000 signers in 2018, and attract the remaining movers to New Hampshire by 2023. That's too long to wait. We know concentrating liberty activists in New Hampshire is a winning, proven strategy to achieve Liberty in Our Lifetime. We need the next wave of activists NOW! See who our Patrons are below."............ This has traditional NH values written all over it. NH was selected as the victim state because, and I quote again -"The organization began without a specific state in mind. A systematic review started by narrowing potential states to those with a population of less than 1.5 million, and those where the combined spending in 2000 by the Democratic and Republican parties was less than $5.2 million....." I have found my calling and it is protecting our NH from these subversives. Tillie you can have BPR and Itsa. This is personal. ...(full comment)

Letter: Free Staters part of the New Hampshire tradition

Paranoid not hardly, irritated beyond belief at the tactics being used by you wonderful FS'ers. You people seem to think you can come into NH with the goal of showing us how we should live and you call me paranoid. The FSP is nothing more than a group of whatevers, that think they know best. Frankly you know nothing of NH traditions. This is straight of the FSP Porkfest web site, and I quote - "The FSP is an agreement among 20,000 participants to move to New Hampshire for "Liberty in Our Lifetime." We are more than 75% of the way to our goal, after which we will “Trigger the Move."" Sounds like a sleeper cell. So spineless that you have to disguise yourself as conservative republicans during elections then reveal your true colors when you "Trigger the Move" Personally I would rather have someone from al qaeda move next door than a free stater, at least with them you know where they stand. If you honestly think we are all that stupid, well you're in for a surprise now that your motives are clear. I worked for Eugene McCarthy's campaign, was a tie-died bellbottom wearing hippie, that hated the establishment and the government (of the time), but we were at least honest, naive but honest. ...(full comment)

Letter: Free Staters part of the New Hampshire tradition

You do the math this time. You've just asked Nelle what % the human contribution of ghg is to the ATMOSPHERE. This is your chance to do the math correctly, after being shown numerous times why your repetitively wrong answer plays games with the truth. It's in the atmosphere where the greenhouse effect takes place, and it's been shown that climate sensitivity to a doubling of ATMOSPHERIC CO2 is 3 degrees C. We won't hold our breath waiting for the correct answer. ...(full comment)

My Turn: It’s time to take a hard look at climate hyperbole

Oh look - a new shiny issue for this liberal rag to glum on. ...(full comment)

Editorial: The troubled journey to death row

I concur with the author on faddish new systems. The problem lies so much deeper. Liberalism has created generations of people that are no longer self sufficient, frugal or innovative. No longer can we trust that when assigned a task the worker will step up and be adults and complete the task. Nope... Liberalism has taken that entire work ethic out of the genetic blood stream of generations. Heck find an employee that even has 4 years at one job on their resume. You can thank your local zip code based liberal union institution of indoctrination for the downfall of a great nation ...(full comment)

Fancy management systems won’t fix bad managers

I have 2 great tenants in different parts of the state that are decades long employees of Market Basket. I am concerned for their futures as I am now concerned for Market Basket as an ongoing business entity. The landscape is littered with big vacant stores like Ames, Zayres, Bradlees. However, regardless of the outcome for Market Basket there is always a new Southwest airline to take the place of the long gone Pan Am or a Target replacing Woolworth. A decade ago Stroh's brewery was #3 in the USA - look at what happened to them. That is just a fact of business life. Out of the scrap heap of long gone businesses sprout a new improved business entity. I dont see how Market Basket or the employees become winners - they both will lose. ...(full comment)

Katy Burns: In many ways, Market Basket saga is unique

Larry, it's time to bring this to a close, but I have to add just don't make assumptions about others. I don't drink alcohol, never done drugs or even smoked, don't take any medication, or have a gambling problem- I'm too much of a tight-wad for that. I'm actually financially well, thank you. ...(full comment)

My Turn: Atlantic City offers a skewed view of casinos

May I offer a suggestion (this one always works for Sen. McCain)? Bomb Iran. ...(full comment)

Letter: A spineless response

great segue .. Obama’s Admin touts that he has made the world more safe than at anytime. In reality, policy wonks across the political spectrum claim the world may be more dangerous now than at the height of the of 1914 or the Cold War. Only a LIDV does not know that today we are being compared to the tinderbox world of1914 ...(full comment)

My Turn: The ghost and legend that ignited the First World War

The Palestinians have proven themselves to be incapable of governing themselves. Palestinians do not produce anything , have no industry to speak of export nothing of concern and live 100% off the charity of other nations. They take the charity from others to buy weapons . Compare them to the tiny island of Taiwan. Do you think the Palestinians are headed in the right direction? ...(full comment)

My Turn: ‘Peace isn’t something simply to be desired. It follows from justice’

Peter, Agreed this is horrible situation but not sure what we can do to, "help the victims" as they are dead. In term of a meaningful international response that help prevent such things in the future- what do you recommend? ...(full comment)

Letter: A spineless response

Walter, Your concerned is warranted (however, are you a geneticist?). We certainly have plenty of history and experience that rightfuly leads to caution and skepticism of mega-agri and food business. for example MSG. Glutamate of chemical signal agent in the body's pain system and in so much. Some of the psych's call glutamate the "bad boy" of neuro-chemistry. That said is constantly mutating genetics. Are genetic changes that make food more disease resistant, by definition, bad for us? No, I don't either. If we can develop food that do not require co-administration of herbacides and pesticides, would that move have the potential to lower the use of agents we know can be harmful. Do we need those? Be honest, most people will pass-up a fruit or vegetable with a blemish even if the food inside is fine. Yes, I know, nothing comes for free in the world of energy or chemistry. Like climate change (ah, on-going process since the planet was formed and 2014 was the coolest year in a decade) ), we need more hard data and fewer knee-jerks. ...(full comment)

My Turn: Mandatory GMO labeling would hurt shoppers

When I read the following " . . . the book's critique of our culture's ridiculous back-to-the-land fantasies . . ." I just about threw up. My how judgmental we are! I'm appalled at Sklaroff's critique of a group of people who wish to take responsibility for themselves and live closer to nature and the natural world. Perhaps she should actually get outside in the wilderness instead of barrackading herself in your urban, concrete and steel framed, intellectual utopia and open up her eyes and her mind to other points of view. Her belief that the back-to-nature folks are the ones who are ridiculous and not the hordes of sheep who live like rats on a treadmill in our planets vast urban wastelands is utter nonsense. ...(full comment)

Dystopian ‘California’ amusing, if not convincing