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No wonder many Muslims hate Israel...they have built a paradise out of a patch of desert that is the envy of the world. Perhaps if the Palestinians got jobs they would have less time to practice malice against others with more than they have have. If you and your way of life is so superior, prove Israel wrong. Idle hands are definitely the Devil's workshop... ...(full comment)

Monitor Board of Contributors: Truth and context were early casualties in Gaza conflict

I hope for reimbursement for the tax dollars spent on her search. ...(full comment)

Town hopes for answers after missing teen returns

Every illegal is a tax is only a matter of time before they smell the food trail in NH. ...(full comment)

Towns struggle with debate over immigrant services

WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! You wanna know how to end the violence, it's simple: DON'T LET HAMMAS SET UP SHOP IN YOUR SCHOOLS AND HOSPITALS. ...(full comment)

PHOTO: Protest of violence in the Middle East

Finally some good news for a change! ...(full comment)

Missing North Conway teen home after 9 months

I'm sorry, but this is a great example of the power of unions. If these guys had been allowed to unionize then they'd actually have some negotiating power. Giving a list of demands that they refuse to budge on doesn't bode well for them in their present situation. I wish them the best, and hope they win out over the big-money bosses - but it doesn't look good for them. ...(full comment)

Market Basket employees fighting for ousted CEO

another liberal spoof . If it is not..... "its for the children" ... It is the "voiceless". Readers should know that of the 3.4 TRILLION annual federal budget - $$$$2 TRILLION last year alone was wealth transfer from the producer class to the "voiceless". Seems that the "voiceless" have plenty of voice. ...(full comment)

Letter: Feltes gives voice to voiceless

What is really sad is that people are so easily duped by" Its for the children" fable when facts can easily be found that show it is another purely manufactured NObama crisis and "the children" are just another spoof. Go read the statistics released by the white house on is Families crossing - not children. God Help America. ...(full comment)

Letter: Un-American activity

Since the departure of Art Buchwald, newspapers have wanted for reliable political humor. Maybe the Monitor can give Joe S. a weekly op-ed space so that we can all have a good laugh on a regular schedule. ...(full comment)

Shaheen meets privately with VA secretary nominee McDonald

T, do you like a challenge? Here's a good one: Cite a specific comment from Mr. Connors' letter that is ad hominem (or in this case ad feminam). By the way, your little parenthitical "with a puckered lip" was legitimately ad hominem as was "far-left" and "[s]chool yard name calling[.]" You can try to find the slightest criticism of Sen. Ayotte the person contrasted as contrasted with her job performance, but you won't succeed. ...(full comment)

Letter: Motivated for change

It has not warmed in 17 years 10 months. HEADLINE: "Faulty and False Global Temperature Readings" global warming alarmists claim that the Earth is warming or that this was the hottest (year, month) ever, they are totaling up readings from rather simplistic, low-budget, small, automated weather stations scattered around the nation and the world. But about 90% of those weather stations violate the officially-published standards required for accurate measurements. NOAA closed 600 HOT weather stations. This news come from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which used data from 114 U.S. weather stations considered to produce the most accurate temperature readings. The data say the country has cooled 0.7 degree Fahrenheit in the past decade. With satellite data showing no global warming for 17 years and 10 months, and even the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) acknowledging a “pause” in rising temperatures, it’s time to stop talking about a climate change problem. THE HOAX IS UP. What is scarier is that these LIDV folks vote. ...(full comment)

Letter: Alligator alley?

So HYPOCRITICAL. Massively RICH Feltes quit his job to run for a $100 job - Liberals hate income inequality unless it is one extreme liberal like Hillary and Feltes ...(full comment)

My Turn: Blueprint for a stronger economy

A decade at #1.... slips to #4..... and liberalism oozes from every crack calling for more of every Big Govt solution. State budget under liberal democrats has doubled since Shaheen and NObama has taken national debt from 10 trillion to $$$$$ 17.5 TRILLION in just 5 years .... way to go democrats. There is never a new solution from democrats - every solution from democrats is to throw more money at it........ how is that working out for the voters? ...(full comment)

After a decade as No. 1, New Hampshire falls to No. 4 in annual Kids Count survey