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"Da Wabbit kicked da bucket! Da Wabbit kicked da bucket! Da Wabbit kicked da...buck-et......waaaaaaaahhh!!! I killed da Wabbit......waaaaaaahhh!!!" ...(full comment)

CRIMELINE: Concord police looking for stolen wallet

Seven dead (including 3 children) from fireworks house fire in Lowell last night. Ban the GD things. ...(full comment)

Editorial: State should ban some types of fireworks

Bean, Any chance you shared a blanket on Yasgur's Farm with Minnie Pearl? ...(full comment)

Free State Project building on its vision for NH

The first incident in Pelham happened because they had multiple boxes of open fireworks all over the area. Sparks landed in one of the boxes and caused a chain reaction accident. The fireworks never should have been at the porch with everyone else so it was an accident waiting to happen. In the second incident the user failed to follow directions and put the shell in upside down so it went no place and blew in place. Nothing but nothing trumps safety. That means if you don't know how to do it safely then don't do it. ...(full comment)

Editorial: State should ban some types of fireworks

Only one purpose? This is a simplistic stance. Weapons (any) can be used to kill, yes (just like knife, cars, plane & hands) or as is most often the case, used to guard & protect. Please place a sign on your lawn indicating, "absolutely no weapons here!" My house will be safer. ...(full comment)

Letter: Why sell assault rifles?

Yes, socialized medicine with 10 month waits for Cancer surgery. My hope is that Obamacare is successful or even more successful than other socialized health care programs and that a few progressives can experience those looonnnnnng waiting periods. ...(full comment)

Letter: The lapdog press

Ahhhh, Elizabeth Warren, Chief Spreading Bull. She falsely claimed that she was a Native American and was listed as such in Harvard's bragging directory and it showed them to have thutch diverthity. Her grandmother had high cheekbones but in subsequent documentation she dropped that canard. Let's all try to put Native American on our next job application and see it that won't for us. Elizabeth Warren, Pocofoolus. ...(full comment)

Letter: What Democrats believe, Part 2

Aside from the fact that firearms have mainly one purpose... which is agreed to, I am having an issue drawing any rational basis for this. according to the 1994 assault weapon ban... an assault weapon is as follows: "In general, assault weapons are semiautomatic firearms with a large magazine of ammunition that were designed and configured for rapid fire and combat use." without a specific model listed... there simply isn't enough information to form an opinion. I seriously doubt that the firearms sold at walmart are high-capacity weapons. I seriously doubt that they are configured for rapid fire (single trigger pull does not constitute rapid fire. Any firearm can be used in combat... but I highly doubt that anything found in walmart by way of weapons would be used by our military... except as a last resort. What is "this gun" the writer is complaining about? ...(full comment)

Letter: Why sell assault rifles?

It is very hard to live in a country where you see such hypocrites with bleeding hearts, I think most of us would agree with that. This is the most coherent thing you have written on this site in the last year. Try simplifying your posts and people might actually read them. ...(full comment)

Letter: What Democrats believe

How is that any different from 90% of all print media shilling for Obama and 99% of the television media failing to report anything critical or just plain failing to cover stories on the IRS scandal, Benghazi, the VA scandal, the situation on the border, all designed to shield Obama. ...(full comment)

Letter: What Democrats believe

GCarson, have you ever heard of tit for tat? I would say that both of these letters gave a little of the original author a taste of his own medicine. Many people feel as the original does, these two letters are a parody of the original. If you wan to talk about the rich and privileged let's look once again at the Obama vacation, renting a house in Nantucket, it has hot tubs and heated pools, 9 bathrooms, worth $12million dollars. Meanwhile the champion of the middle class lives in luxury while the middle class and poor suffer. Where is the leader leading by example? ...(full comment)

Letter: What Democrats believe

Now, now, be nice, asking around your reputation precedes you Phil. ...(full comment)

My Turn: Putting the ‘us’ in uterus

The wave of tourism is in direct relation to the foreign exchange rate - If any reader believes the blather in this campaign letter you may be an LIDV ...(full comment)

My Turn: Foreign tourism got boost from Clinton