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Thanks Jim for the statement that: "The huge costs to operate a stand-alone middle school (grades 7 + 8 ) can be as much as an expensive private school, " and for:" There will be the usual public meetings to placate those of us who are growing weary of more and more school board property tax increases. The board will trot out all of the dire warnings that it is imperative to replace that school with a new, multi-million-dollar building designed to meet the challenges of the 21st-century educational experience. Translated, that means that they will again raise your **** property taxes." / / / / / So here's an idea of to take it from: (1) the definition of the "common schools" that we are all supposed to be "in favor"* of and (2) by the religious of to help** the poor. The definition of the common schools is that of the grades below that of the high school. So if you integrate these grades 7 + 8 now in the Middle School into a "Junior" High School to be in the same building as the High School then the current become the "Senior" High School of grades 9 to 12, then you are actually supposed to be saving property taxes as we are only supposed to be "required" to pay for the "common schools". Get it? And HOW of to pay? For the poor to pay for the rich of those earning and living at or above the poverty line in the Reverse Robin Hood System we have now? No! By the Rose & Milton Friedman Plan *** of from Chapter 5 of their best-selling book of 1980 entitled: "Free to Choose" of to subsidize only the poor who "need" our help financially of maybe some of the parents of the poor children would rather have their child or children go to a private school in a lower grade for whatever reason(s) of that ought to be their decision not FORCED upon them to attend a government school! The N.H. Constitution reads in Article 38 in Part The First & Bill of Rights (that these public officials by RSA Chapter 42:1 + 92:2 supposedly did Article 84 "make and subscribe" their oath of to honor that the government is supposed to operate in "frugality" of to be frugal, of: based on "need". Of thus who NEEDS our help? Everyone? 100%? Like in a TOTAL-itarianism Regime? No. We are supposed to be in an Article IV, Section 4 U.S. Constitutional Republican form of government of the RSA 193-C:1 "Democracy" only when once within ***** the local school district, not the entire municipality! So only those who be poor need our help. And HOW? By being FORCED to GIVE to them? No, that would be against some religions (N.H. Article 5) like in the Bible of to LEND ** to the poor at zero interest expecting nothing back. So there needs to be a blending of the City Welfare with that of The School Board so that those of us, like me, who live outside the city limits, but work in the city and who would like to $donate to the poor in such a system, that there would be this WAY to do it. The Friedman Plan *** actually just an update of The Brentwood Plan of 1875 here in N.H. of the School District No. 2 lawsuit case to the N.H. Supreme Court back then of in Vol. 55 of The N.H. Reports 503 @ page 505, paragraph #2 of that reads something like: If the poor man or the poor child behaves himself honestly and uprightly, the state owes him the services of a schoolmaster and taxes the property of its more favored children in order to pay this debt as being an exemplification that is based upon the law of Christian charity. / / / / / footnotes: Thus to compare this "in favor"* to that of "in rigor juris", as by the strictness of law, in that the statute reads in RSA Ch. 80-:60 that you**** have "committed" your property / real estate to be taxed for such by your "implied consent" that if you want to opt out of you can so as to maybe put the pressure on those remaining of paying $more to somehow eventually get back to these basics. This is so because the word district ***** is territorial in nature of thus applicable by the common usage of the word by RSA Ch. 21:2 to mean that of in personam v.s. that of in rem as applicable to property unless you change the definition by your N.H. Article 1 "consent" of you'd think that the gov't would not mess with your explicit consent but that "they" have by presuming or should I say ass-u-me-ing that you have given your "implied consent" unless you opt out of such. So it's time for the "sheeple" to "wake up" to this Agenda of The Great "American Experiment" they call it of FREE Education for all of to get back to the basics of what this country was founded on and that you celebrate every July 4th as Independence Day of on the principle of: no taxation without representation, but that you agree to sponsor others through this implied consent, of I think it about time that you conduct your own Sponsorship(s), if any. 1:04 p.m. ...(full comment)

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This is a nonsensical post. The University was not forced to hire this person, but they chose to for a perceived value via the free market. Further, there is little relationship between what many corporate leaders get paid and their value to society. Same with professional athletes. Again, its what the market bears. Now if you want to rail on people not getting paid for their value to society, think about how we comparatively underpay police, firefighters, and school teachers. ...(full comment)

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The Insiders: There’s a barnstorm blowing through town, and you can catch it tonight at Red River Theatres

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