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Which ad won the Super Bowl? Hint: It wasn’t on TV

Oreo's ad that went viral during the Super Bowl blackout last night. (Nabisco)

Oreo's ad that went viral during the Super Bowl blackout last night. (Nabisco)

Nothing made me laugh more than viral marketing during the Super Dome blackout. Clever companies hit Twitter within minutes to take advantage of the extra time, and perhaps the only time during the night that eyes wouldn’t be glued to the television screen.

Clever Twitter hashtags are always a winner and Beyonce references are great, but for me, nothing compared to Oreo last night.

That image above hit Twitter moments after the lights went out in New Orleans. The team that put it together at Nabisco might have just out-dueled every TV spot (for pennies on the dollar) during the entire game. It just goes to show you how influential social media can be – even on one of the biggest television days of the year.

So which actual commercials stole the spotlight (ha!) from the big game? Let’s start with my personal favorite:


Doritos commercials always make me laugh. Remember last year’s spot with the missing cat? I was dying after this one. Who says grown men can’t have a good time in a dress? Also goes to show, if all else fails, maybe try a delicious bribe.


I know a few people I watched the game with are going to be upset with me for not putting this at the top of the page. This Budweiser spot made the whole party stop. Who can resist the annual Clydesdale showcase? And as we all know now, Clydesdales have terrific memories.


This Hyundai ad brought me back to my numerous straight-shot drives down Interstate 70 from Ohio to Missouri. There’s always peril ahead of you on the open road. Maybe not quite like those terrors in this clip, but man, it’s always nice to be able to pass obvious dangers.

Also got my attention:

Tide: Seems petty to let all the fame and fortune go to waste over a game, right?

Volkswagen: “Da land dove a dousand lakes.” That’s all I need to say.

M&M’s: A sobbing hard-shelled candy is hard to ignore.

Blackberry: I want an app that gives me elephant legs. No questions, please.

Which commercials struck you last night? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page. You can always tweet us your witty hashtags on Twitter, @ConMonitorNews, too.

Oh, and in case you want to stop eating lunch like we did our junk food last night, there’s always this commercial:


You’re welcome, diet.

(Kevin Deane is the Monitor’s web editor. Reach him at 369-3302, or on Twitter @CM_KDeane.)

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