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High school Player of the Season for wrestling


School: Bow High

Honors: The senior won the Division III title at 138 pounds, then placed third in the Meet of Champions.

3 favorites: Pineapples, summer time, working out

How important was it to get the 138-pound title back after losing it the year before? It’s been a goal for me to reclaim the title ever since I lost it in the finals last year. My coach Brock Hoffman and I have put in so much time and effort these past four years, so it was tough to lose that match, but it gave me an unreal amount of motivation to succeed in the end.

How did winning it as a senior compare to winning as a sophomore? No other year can compare to the emotions going through my body after winning it as a senior. Knowing that my career was going to be over made it so much more meaningful to know that I ended it on a good note. Now I will have no regrets or the “what ifs” in the back of my head. I’ll be able to look back on this day with a smile on my face.

Do you ever get nervous before meets? Since my junior year nerves haven’t been a factor prior to my matches. It isn’t because I’m the best or toughest kid out there. It’s because you learn to cope with it and get by it after wrestling for so long. I personally have been wrestling for 10 years now and I think any other wrestler would feel the same way. Instead of worrying about the outcome or how jacked your opponent looks, and that they are from some D1 school like Timberlane, you have to just focus and stick to the moves you’ve been taught and believe in yourself that through the time you’ve put in you will prevail. Wrestling is as much of a mental game as it is physical. You can lose the match before you even get out there if your head’s not in the right place.

What’s your go-to move? My go-to move would have to be the Merkle. It was brought to my attention my sophomore year by my coach. It started off as more of a joke because it’s not the most technical, things can easily go south, and it’s basically unheard of in New Hampshire. Literally no one uses it or knows how to defend it. It’s similar to a headlock where it doesn’t work on a good wrestler and it’s flashy. About halfway through my sophomore season we came to find out that it was an unknown move in N.H. and ever since then it’s been a secret weapon.

In your career, who was the closest you would consider to a rival? I can’t really say I have one rival, it’s more of a family. My first tournament freshman year was at the St. Johnsbury early bird and I faced a kid named Jake Mcpherson. He smoked me, I came off the mat with a bloody face and a recognizable expression on my face that said “what the heck just happened.” After that match I faced him multiple more times throughout the season and my sophomore season. Then came my junior year. At the same tournament in the finals I wrestled his brother Zach Mcpherson. This time the tables were turned and I came out on top. I also continued to face him many more times throughout the year.

When did wrestling become something you really wanted to pursue? Third grade was the first time I stepped on a mat, but since I was so young I didn’t really understand the concept of wrestling and thought of it as more of a play date with friends. It wasn’t until 7th grade when the Bow rec program came to an end and I started wrestling for Rick Ross at the Manchester YMCA that I knew I wanted do something. After hearing about past wrestlers that went through the Y and Bow, and hearing about their legacies made, I knew I wanted to create my own.

Do you follow the higher levels of wrestling (college, Olympics, etc.)? I know it might be a surprise, but I don’t follow a higher level of wrestling. People always ask me about these big-named studs that they hear about on the news or read about on the internet. All I do is stare blankly in awkward silence. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sport and competing in it, but for some reason I don’t find an interest in watching the higher levels.

Are you a video game fan? What are your favorites? Obviously like any other teenage boy I am a fan of video games. I also did go through those phases of non-stop countless hours of having my face glued to the television. I don’t play them as much anymore, but my all-time favorite games would have to include Nintendo 64 Super Smash Bros and Call of Duty.

What website do you visit the most? I don’t really surf the web as much as I used to, but if I’m on the web my most visited website would probably be Facebook. It’s good to see what’s happening with your friends or if you need to catch up on something you missed.

If they could bring back any TV show, which would it be? I’d probably want That’s ’70s Show. It’s an extremely hysterical comedy that also has the hottest actress out there, Mila Kunis.

What’s a movie you could quote lines from all day? I could quote lines from the movie Spaceballs all day. It’s kind of a weird movie, extremely stupid, and always makes me laugh. I remember I first saw it at a football party for my brother when he and his friends were watching it.

Fill in the blank: I’m sick of hearing people talk about _________________ Justin Bieber.

Who is your favorite musical artist? Least favorite? My favorite musical artist would have to be Frank Sinatra. My least favorite would have to be Metallica.

What’s something about high school wrestling that you would change? If I could change one thing in high school wrestling it would be the time of weekday meets. Instead of being at 6 or 7 o’clock at night they should be right after school. I mean, first off it’s kind of unfair that we are the only sport that doesn’t get dismissed from school early. Then by the time I’m on the mat and about to wrestle I feel like I want to go to bed.

What are your plans for next year? Do they involve wrestling? Sadly my plans do not involve wrestling in the incoming years. I will, however, come back and help out at practices – along with wiping the mat with my coach, that’s if he is man enough to wrestle with me. My plans are more focused around the nursing career I will be pursuing at Keene State College.

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