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High school Player of the Season for boys’ tennis


School: Bow High

Honors/stats: The senior led the Falcons to their fourth straight D-III finals appearance, going 14-3 in his second season at No. 1 singles.

3 favorites: Family, friends, tennis

Describe your season in one word. Rewarding

What is the most memorable moment of your tennis career at Bow? My most memorable moment is playing in the championship match at #3 singles sophomore year. Although I lost, it will stick with me forever as an amazing match.

How frustrating is it to lose four straight D-III title matches? Immediately upon the fourth loss, very frustrating. Upon reflection, not frustrating at all considering what a great ride it’s been.

What is the best part of your game (serving, volleys, forehand, etc)? The best part of my game is my backhand groundstroke.

Who is your favorite tennis player? Why? David Ferrer is my favorite tennis player because of his grit and fitness level.

What are your ideal match conditions? My ideal match conditions would be a 100+ day with no breeze. It makes it possible to grind my opponent down.

Do you have any pre-match superstitions or rituals? I take 3 deep breaths before the first point has started to settle my mind and body.

Who is the funniest member of the team? Nate Louf is the clown of (the) team.

Who has the fastest serve on the team? I’d like to say I do, but I’ve seen Gibby (John Gibbens) hit some boomers.

If someone made a movie about the Bow High tennis team, who would play you? Who would play Coach Groves? Channing Tatum would play me because of his strikingly good looks. I’d have to go Morgan Freeman for Coach Groves for his eloquence and commanding presence.

If you had to change Bow’s team name from the Falcons, what other name would you pick? Bow High Swordswingers

If you could go to any professional sporting event, what would it be? Easy, tennis.

What other sports do you play? What other sports do you wish you played? I run cross country and Nordic ski. I wish I had played soccer.

Who is your role model? Coach Groves is my role model on and off the court.

What is your dream vacation? My dream vacation is to a New Zealand beach with a nearby tennis court.

If you could be on any reality show, which would you pick? Keeping up with the K’s. I’d fit right in.

What are your plans for next year? Do they include tennis? I am attending Villanova University next year. I will try out for the tennis team.

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