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High school boys’ indoor track Athlete of the Season

Jeremy Brassard

Coe-Brown boys’ indoor track

The junior won both the 1,500-meter run (4:14.16) and the 3,000 (9:05.28) to lead the Bears to a fifth-place finish at the Division II championships.

Q: Which was a more challenging race for you at the D-II meet, the 1,500 or 3,000?

A: The more challenging race for me at D-II was the 3,000 because of the length; it was harder both mentally and physically.

Q: What was the most memorable moment of the season other than winning those races?

A: The most memorable moment was when I was biking with my teammates because of my injury and realized how much I missed training with them and how badly I wanted to be back.

Q: Who was the unsung hero of your team?

A: The unsung hero of the team is my best friend Lucas Fisher. He is the glue that holds our team together. Unfortunately he doesn’t always get the attention he deserves.

Q: Did winning during the cross country season prepare you to win during the indoor season?

A: Yes, it gave me a lot of confidence that helped me get back and keep positive after some early failures in the season.

Q: Do you prefer running indoors or outdoors?

A: Outdoor any day.

Q: What was your favorite indoor track to run on?

A: My personal favorite was running at Dartmouth.

Q: What would you do to improve indoor track in New Hampshire?

A: I wish we could have more races between the different school divisions.

Q: What other sport do you wish you were good at?

A: I wish I was better at basketball.

Q: If you could go to any sporting event, what would it be?

A: I would go to the Super Bowl.

Q: What was the last sporting event you paid to go see?

A: I paid to go to our school basketball game.

Q: What do you do on a typical weekend night?

A: When I’m not doing Boy Scout stuff, I like to hang out with my friends.

Q: What’s your most visited website?

A: I visit and like to see what other runners are thinking.

Q: Preferred social media: Facebook, Twitter, other (and what is it), or none?

A: Facebook. I have a twitter but I barely use it.

Q: What’s your favorite TV show?

A: My favorite TV show is NCIS.

Q: What’s the best advice you ever got?

A: The best advice I’ve ever gotten was from my coaches when I was a younger runner and was really crushed after a bad race. They said, “It’s not easy; if it were everyone would do it … then it wouldn’t be worth it.” I have tried to use that for motivation not just in running but everything I do in life.

Q: Do you have a favorite piece of clothing?

A: My favorite pieces of clothing are my cargo shorts.

Q: If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go?

A: I always wanted to go to Paris; I think that would be really awesome.

Q: If you won $25 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money?

A: I’ve never been a huge money guy, but I would keep enough to get by for a while then I would give the rest to C.A.S.A. and The Way Home organizations. They both helped me, so I would love to be able to help them back.

Q: You can have dinner with any three people, alive or dead, who would they be and what would you talk about?

A: I would love to have dinner with Jesus, Steve Prefontaine, and my best friend Lucas, because I would want him to share that moment with me. But I would like to ask Jesus about different everyday things and I hope at some point we could all talk about running with Pre.

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