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Hunter’s Corner: Still time to try your luck at the moose lottery

If you haven’t entered the Maine Moose lottery, you have until Tuesday to do it online. I got mine in this past week. The deadline for entering the New Hampshire moose lottery is May 31. Moose application deadline for Vermont is months away, so you can wait to see if you are drawn in Maine or New Hampshire before entering there.

Much has been written of late on the effects of our current climate cycle and winter ticks, which are devastating to moose. You also can’t ignore when for over 10 years, 175 permits were issued as a reason for moose density declines in A1 and A2. In 2012, a total of 281 moose permits were issued, 200 either sex, 81 antlerless only; five were auctioned off by the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire and one was donated to the Hunt of a Lifetime program.

During the nine-day season, 179 moose were taken. The take consisted of 101 (56%) adult bulls, 66 (37%) adult cows and 12 (7%) calves. The success rate for all permits combined was 64 percent; 68 percent for either-sex permits and 54 percent for antlerless-only permits, according to the 2012 New Hampshire Wildlife Harvest Summary. Moose were taken by rifle (175), muzzleloader (three) and shotgun (one). The preferred rifle caliber was .30-06. Permittees accounted for 76 percent (137), while subpermittees accounted for 24 percent (43) of the moose harvest. Women took nine moose and 64 percent (115) of the harvest was taken in the first three days of the season.

As an aside, if you haven’t picked up your copy of the summary you are missing out on a great resource for the 2013 season. I used the summary to make my choices. Will it help me to get drawn? Probably not, but if I do catch lightning in a jar and get drawn, at least I will be in the WMU I want.

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Brad Marshall has been taking a ribbing lately over the LHR Redemption. He attended the annual S.H.O.T. show in Las Vegas in January and was totally impressed with the Redemption. However, when I was researching the latest addition to the muzzleloading world, I checked on LHR’s website for a dealer listing, Marshall Firearms was not on the list.

Currently Marshall has in stock the wooden stocked Redemption. The pictures of this model don’t do it justice as it is a masterpiece. If you are contemplating upgrading your muzzleloader, either version of the Redemption would be a welcomed addition. It seems that as soon as a black version or camo version comes in, it is sold. I can believe why. Take a look at one at Marshall’s and you will see.

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Robb and I finally got together to launch our first trout fishing expedition of the spring. Having the boat serviced last fall paid off, as all systems were working perfectly. The only thing that was not cooperating was the fish. It was a sunny day and there was some surface activity, but not as much as you might expect given the surface water temperature was 62 degrees. Unfortunately the only sun screen I had was SPF 30 and that was not enough for the type of sun that day. I have since gotten some SPF 70, anticipating sunny days in the future.

Every once in a while someone builds the better mouse trap and the beneficiaries of the improvement are wildly appreciated. Such is the case with the American Tackle Company Microwave Line Control System. Inventor Doug Hannon, also known as “The Bass Professor,” partnered with American Tackle to conceive, design and manufacture the perfect “line control” system for spinning rods. The system addresses coiling-memory issues with monofilament but is ideal for braided lines and really something that has to be felt and seen to be believed. Basically it is a micro guide inside a larger guide. Hannon also has a patent on the WaveSpin spinning reel. If you would like more information on the Microwave guide system and the WaveSpin, go to American Tackle and Mud Hole websites.

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