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High school girls’ lacrosse Player of the Season

  • Gemma Bready

    Gemma Bready

  • Gemma Bready

    Gemma Bready

  • Gemma Bready
  • Gemma Bready


Girls’ lacrosse

School: Kearsarge Regional High

Class: Senior

Honors: Div. III First Team All-State midfielder

3 favorites: My puppy Rufus, Olive Garden bread sticks, Shirley Temples

What was the highlight of your season? I’d say the highlight of our season was being the first undefeated girls’ lacrosse team in the program’s history at Kearsarge.

Other than winning, what’s the most fulfilling thing you do during a lacrosse game? Being a leader to the younger girls on the field is very fulfilling. We had a very young team this year and the leadership set forth by our upperclassman really helped them get more comfortable and grow as players.

Do you have any lacrosse superstitions? I only wear white cleats and white Under Armour socks – I probably have about 20 pairs of them!

How would you improve high school lacrosse in New Hampshire? I was fortunate to grow up in a district where lacrosse is developed through the youth programs and I think New Hampshire’s lacrosse programs would be a lot more competitive if it was taught more at the youth level.

You’re going to Colby College next year, what led you to that decision? I wanted to go to a school with great academics and a great lacrosse program and I’m so lucky and excited that I found that in Colby. Colby being Division III will allow me to continue my passion for lacrosse but also allow me to have a normal college experience which was really important to me. I also have a passion for traveling and going abroad, and Colby offers great abroad programs in addition to having a great international studies program, which is what I plan to study.

If you weren’t playing lacrosse in the spring, what would you be doing? Probably still running track (I’m so happy that’s not the case!).

If you could go to any sporting event, what would it be? BRUINS HOCKEY GAME.

What other sports do you play? Soccer in the fall.

What was the last movie you saw? I saw The Purge, but I’m not sure if it counts since I had my eyes covered the whole time.

What’s your favorite movie?Harry Potter or Bridesmaids

What’s your most played song right now? “I want crazy” – Hunter Hayes

Do you have any hidden talents? I actually sing quite a bit – I’ve been in the women’s choir at school for 4 years and I normally sing the national anthem at basketball games.

If you could have any talent, what would it be? It would be awesome if I could rap.

What’s the best advice you ever got? “Impossible is nothing” – by my high school coach, Scott Slogic. He wrote that on a lacrosse ball he gave to me my freshman year and to this day that quote really inspires me and I think it’s the perfect quote to describe my experience and career in the four years I’ve been with his program.

What’s your favorite place to eat and what do you get there? Olive Garden – bread sticks, Shirley Temple, and fettuccini alfredo – yum!

Preferred social media: Facebook, Twitter, other (and what is it), or none? I try not to go on any of them too often, but I’d say Twitter because there are less annoying statuses on there and it’s interesting to follow celebrities.

If you could trade places with anyone in the world for a week who would it be and what would you do? Probably Kate Middleton, because it would be awesome to be a princess and she’s so classy and has adorable clothes.

If you won $25 million in the lottery what would you do with the money? Definitely pay for my brother and myself to go to college, and then buy my family a nice house and donate some of the money, and then probably a get couple more puppies.

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