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Cassie Contigiani of the Belmont girls’ soccer team is in the High School Spotlight

We’re launching a new feature this week here at the Monitor and We’ll catch up with a local high school student who’s been going above and beyond for his or her team every week. A weekly video online will be accompanied by a snippet in print.

Our first spotlight is on none other than Cassie Contigiani, a junior striker and captain for the undefeated Belmont girls soccer team.

Concord Monitor: Your team is off to a pretty hot start (now 7-0). How have you and your teammates made that happen?

Cassie Contigiani: We’ve really come together. Like with chemistry not only on the field but off the field. We’ve gotten very close and a good amount of us play soccer all year around, so that helps us out a lot. Everybody is here to win. We all want to win, and we all want to work hard.

CM: You’re a striker. How do you decide between setting someone up for a goal or going for the net yourself?

CC: That’s . . . a tricky question, because either I’ll see it or I see one of my players that probably has a better angle than I do or probably has a better chance. I’ll probably go for them. If not, I’ll just shoot or I’ll pass it back.

CM: You scored four goals in a game earlier this month. Is that a career high? Was there anything specific you’d attribute the performance to?

CC: I don’t know if it was a career high. It might have been, but I’m not sure. I don’t really keep track very much. But it was definitely cool. Obviously, I want to do better than that, but assists mean more to me than goals do.

CM: How did you get your start playing soccer and what’s kept you playing?

CC: I started playing soccer about kindergarten, I believe, and I’ve just loved it ever since. I mean, really, I was supposed to turn out to be a volleyball player because that’s what my mom was. But I ended up going to soccer camp when I was little, and I’ve gone ever since. And I’m not planning on stopping.

CM: What’s one thing about soccer that would surprise people who don’t play?

CC: The love of the game. Like, people say it looks boring when you watch it – to me it doesn’t – but especially when you’re out on the field, you’re just there and playing, you want to be the one with the ball. You want to be the first one there. If you aren’t, you didn’t do your job.

CM: There are no seniors on the team. How did it feel when you were named captain as a junior?

CC: It means a lot. I’ve worked very hard for this, and I was so excited when I got told I was a captain. It’s just the beginning of some of the goals I’ve set for myself.

CM: When you’re not playing soccer where can we find you?

CC: Either playing basketball or softball, or with my family.

CM: What’s your favorite class?

CC: Really my highest IQ is sports. I understand all that, but besides that it’d definitely be math because it just comes to me. Easy at times, I guess.

CM: Favorite food?

CC: Well, I’m Italian. So, I like pasta and bread. And meat.

CM: Song?

CC: For soccer, it’s definitely “Wavin’ Flag” (by K’naan). Like before the games, we just all have it on high, and just play it. It’s my favorite before a soccer game. It wakes me up every morning on game day. I set my alarm for game day with like soccer balls, a little punch thing and it says “Wavin’ Flag,” and that’s what plays and wakes me up.

CM: Movie?

CC: She’s the Man

CM: Do you have a shout-out for anyone?

CC: My family. My mom. For letting me play all these like Seacoast and all these camps. And just supporting me in everything I enjoy doing and letting me do it.

CM: Any parting words?

CC: Come watch our games!

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