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Belmont’s Austin Haddock is in the Monitor High School Spotlight

This week in the High School Spotlight, it’s Austin Haddock. Austin, a Belmont senior, moved forward midway through his senior season after playing defense after the team had a slow start. He helped lead Belmont back to the playoffs this year despite losing most of the starting lineup after last year’s championship season. He credits his dad for sparking his love for the game, likes math class, and to him, there’s nothing better than enjoying a nice juicy steak.

Concord Monitor: You guys were undefeated champions last year. What were the team expectations like this season?

Austin Haddock: I think in the beginning, we were just kind of hoping to make it into the playoffs. We were missing every single starter but two. The expectations were still up there, but . . .

CM: You moved forward from defense midway through the season. What has the transition been like?

AH: Yeah, it’s a completely different game. It’s more than just being strong and physical. It’s about knowing how to play with your feet.

CM: How has your thought process changed since the switch?

AH: Really I’m just looking more to attack, because I play more of an attacking mid. So I just don’t have to get back as much.

CM: How did you get your start playing soccer?

AH: My dad started me when I was in kindergarten, but I was playing before that, too. We found out I had a pretty good talent for it, so we decided to get me into it and stick with it. And it’s all because of him.

CM: What’s one thing about playing soccer that would surprise people who don’t play?

AH: It’s more mental than different sports. And you have to focus more.

CM: When you’re not playing soccer, where can we find you?

AH: Either at work, or hanging out with my friends, or a lot of times just back on the soccer field because that’s usually all I do.

CM: What’s your favorite class?

AH: Math because it’s always been my easiest subject.

CM: Food?

AH: Food? It’s probably steak. It’s nice and juicy and that’s the best part.

CM: Song?

AH: Probably “Up in Here” by DMX. It just gets me nice and pumped.

CM: Movie?

AH: Favoite movie? Probably Insidious 2 because it got me all scared. And usually movies don’t usually do that.

CM: Do you have a shout-out for anyone?

AH: Um, I guess a shout out to my dad. He is the person who got me started out in soccer and he’s always at my games no matter what. Especially since he works nights and so in the middle of the day it means he’s out here instead of sleeping. It really means a lot to me.

CM: Any parting words?

AH: Yeah, just come support us at our games, and we’ll have fun with you guys there!

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