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Carissa Archibald of the Winnisquam volleyball team is in the High School Spotlight

It’s week two for the High School Spotlight here at the Monitor and We’ll catch up with a local high school student who’s been going above and beyond for his or her team every week. A weekly video online will be accompanied by a snippet in print.

This week’s spotlight is on
Carissa Archibald, a senior for the Winnisquam volleyball team with a penchant for strong defense.

Concord Monitor: You guys are coming off a championship season. How are you and the team trying to repeat?

Carissa Archibald: We have to hustle in practice. And if we do things that we need to do in the game, and be where we need to be in the game, then we can be successful and make it there.

CM: Is there any added pressure because of last year?

CA: Yes. All the team are after us. We pretty much have the word “target” on our backs. We can’t let up and we need to just work hard and do everything we can do.

CM: Your coach says your defensive skills are out of this world. What drew you to the defensive side of the game?

CA: Knowing I’m not that tall, and I can’t get all the ups that I have. But if playing back row knowing the ball goes where it normally goes, helps me learn to hustle there and pass the ball up.

CM: It’s mostly behind the scenes stuff. Do you ever wonder what it’d be like to get the statistical recognition that some of the hitters may get?

CA: Yeah, I think it’d be pretty cool to get like 500 kills, but I guess back row is my specialty.

CM: But you’re still not an outsider when it comes to piling up
statistics. . . .

CA: Yeah, I like to know that I got like 14 digs a game. That’s kind of the average I’ve gotten. One game I got 21, so that was pretty exciting.

CM: What’s one thing about volleyball that would surprise people who don’t play?

CA: That everyone thinks it’s an easy sport, but it’s not. So if you go out and try it and do your best, that you might like it because I’ve heard that some people think that it’s not the best sport. But if they do try it, they do like it.

CM: When you’re not playing volleyball where can we find you?

CA: You can probably find me hanging out with my cousins . . . maybe riding some horses.

CM: What’s your favorite class?

CA: My favorite class would probably have to be music appreciation. We get to learn how to read music, and we’re playing on buckets as drums, and we get to present to . . . yeah present . . . to other classes.

CM: Song?

CA: I like the song, “Here Comes Good-bye” by Rascal Flatts.

CM: Movie?

CA: Finding Nemo, because I like how he has to go on an adventure and learn some stuff.

CM: Do you have a shout-out for anyone?

CA: Jonathan. He is the best coach I could ask for. He’s the assistant coach and my brother.

CM: Any parting words?

CA: Go get ’em ladies. We got it.

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