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Report to Readers: The case of the unpublished cartoon

Elections always come with regrets. Politicians who lose often obsess over missed opportunities to connect with voters. For me, Tuesday’s election results meant we were unable to publish a terrific cartoon from Mike Marland.

On Tuesday morning, Marland sent us six different toons, hoping that at least one of them would work in Wednesday’s election edition of the Monitor. There was one about the Tea Party gaining more control of the New Hampshire House. There was one about the Tea Party losing control. There was a Barack Obama victory and a Mitt Romney victory. The one we chose to use was about Maggie Hassan’s win in the governor’s race. That race was called early in the evening, so the cartoon was a safe bet at mid-evening as we were putting the Opinion pages together.

But of all Marland’s offerings, the cartoon I liked best imagined an election that gave us Ovide Lamontage as governor and Bill O’Brien as speaker of the House. (In Marland’s view, what a nightmare.) Neither of those things, as it turns out, came to pass. But if they had, the attached cartoon would have been just perfect.

I had at least one other regret Tuesday: I spent two hours that evening writing a just-in-case editorial that started like this: “Congratulations, Mr. Romney.” Wasted time, as it turned out. The editorial wasn’t nearly as good as Marland’s unpublished cartoon. No need to show it to you now.

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He must have mailed them in, based on the way this website has been working lately.

Unreal how screwed up this website is. I wonder if they even have a flowchart, following issues and correcting them. It doesn't seem as if they do. For anyone trying to post here is the process that works: 1) enter your username and ID 2) wait two to three minutes and the screen will go blank 3) Click the back arrow once, then click again 4) click on the news button or any of the blue tabs 5) You should see that you are logged in at the top right corner 6) Type fast or your post will be timed out and you will have to enter your ID and username again and go through the above process

Turnthecountryback, You would do well to accept that the people of both New Hampshire and America were well aware of your point of view and rejected it. If you pay any attention at all to the news and to economic indicators, you will note that all, ALL of them show steady improvement. The economy is recovering -- in spite of opposition efforts to slow it down. Republicans made the mistake of thinking that they could push aside women's issues as "small ball." They were dead wrong and if you expect to gain any traction at all you should admit that.

Don't get too excited. Your "Congratulations Mr. President" editorial was nothing to write home about. Just in case you did not understand what this election was about, it was about the economy, not global warming. However, every one of your points in that editorial read like an Obama brochure, a DNC election ad. How supposedly educated and intelligent people just don't understand what the real issue are facing this country is astonishing. I really don't see the humor in Marland's cartoons. Remember, this is the guy who illustrated the cartoon of Bush crashing a plane into the World Trade Center. People with a conscience, people with principles and decency will never forget that.

Yes Marland is a one note talentless loser who hasn't clue how to draw a cartoon about a liberal or democrat.

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