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The Insiders: Take a hike and burn off those holiday burgers

Concord Insider's Ben Conant and Keith Testa

(SAMANTHA GORESH / Monitor staff)

Concord Insider's Ben Conant and Keith Testa (SAMANTHA GORESH / Monitor staff)

Sorry, readers – time to go back to the old grind today after a glorious holiday weekend. If you’re like us, you gorged yourself on Memorial Day meats hot off the grill to the point of collapse. Never fear, folks: we’ve got a plan for you to shed those BBQ pounds and have fun doing it, too! First off, open up the Insider and read about our exploits on some of Concord’s 26 trails. Once you’ve leafed through all our fantastic pages, get out into nature and get to stepping! Spend a glorious day hiking in Mast Yard State Forest, a beautiful stretch of backcountry right here in Concord. Start at the West Parish Road trailhead and make a nice, fairly flat 5-mile loop on old logging trails and a stretch of railroad bed. You’ll be able to see the forest for the trees, which in Concord days of yore were used as masts for ships built in the nautical-friendly Seacoast towns. For a map and more details, visit

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Finally, some corrections to mistakes we made in last week’s columns. First, the members of Daft Punk are human men, not self-aware robots bent on taking over the world via French house music, as we initially reported. Next, the city of Concord did not allocate $400,000 pesos for next year’s debut Cinco de Cuatro fiesta, as we claimed; in fact, that’s not even a thing. Lastly, we’ve got a pre-correction for a mistake we are probably going to make this week. In Thursday’s column, we were planning on reporting that singer Marvin Gaye was a prognosticator of Nostradamusian caliber, as evidenced by his song “I Heard You Made Some Great Vines,” which accurately predicted the sudden popularity of the Vine iPhone app. We must have misheard the lyrics to that song every single time we heard it, and for that, we apologize. We’ll try to do better next week.

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I tried using your email address as published but I kept getting it back, with Metrocast telling me it does not exist! So this is what I wanted to say about Mast Yard State Park: I tried to find the info on this at….not easy to do!!! But googled the term and got to very nice brochure-type pages.

The best way to find all of Concord's trails in through the city of Concord website, Parks & Recreation- The Mast Yard is flat, and very popular for people walking their dogs, so WATCH YOUR STEP. It can get disgusting near the south trailhead on West Parish Road.

I liked your writing before, but now I look for you and soon, I'll fear you're going to leave and make it big(ger) somewhere else. While we have you, however, thanks for what you do. You're great.

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