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One Man

Living in an empty nest isn’t so bad

Sunday, October 26, 2014

My children left home for school a few months ago. My wife and I dropped our son off first, followed by our daughter a week later. We hugged them both, reminded them to stay in touch and told them we loved them. The confusion and sadness that overtook us on that second ride home was palpable and painful until about two minutes after we arrived at the house. We walked in, looked around, high-fived each other and rejoiced in the words, “Empty Nest!” You might view that jubilation as bad parenting or the height of selfishness, but I encourage you to climb back into your …

One Man’s Plan: Behold the passing of the expansive vocabulary

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Say goodbye to big words. I just learned the puppet masters at the College Board (“Ruining Teen Dreams since 1901!”) have determined that the verbal portion of the Scholastic Aptitude Test is just too hard for today’s youth. Starting in 2016, high school juniors and seniors with designs on post-secondary education will take …

One Man’s Plan: A 9-day detox cleanse? Just what the post-holiday bulge requires

Sunday, February 23, 2014

I need a change. The holidays should be a distant memory, but they’re still with me, right around my midsection. I guess all that beer, the Frito fiesta dips, triple-baked potato challenges and piece after piece of cake, pie and pizza went down too easily – taking with them my pride and self-respect. …