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Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire endorses Feltes for state Senate

The Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire endorsed Dan Feltes for Concord’s state Senate seat yesterday. Feltes is running against Kass Ardinger in the Sept. 9 Democratic primary to replace outgoing Sen. Sylvia Larsen. The district includes Concord, Henniker, Hopkinton and Warner. The district is a secure Democratic seat, meaning the race will largely come down to organization and who can better show their progressive bona fides. Feltes also received the endorsement of the State Employees’ Association, the state’s largest public employee union, while Ardinger

Brown calls for securing the border in new ad

Scott Brown released his sixth TV ad in his U.S. Senate bid yesterday, this one focusing on immigration and securing the border. His call to secure the border comes on the heels of recent discussions over how to handle the flood of immigrant children from Central America now crossing the border. “Americans go through security before they go on a plane, enter a government building or attend a ballgame,” Brown said in the ad. “But folks who come here illegally, they just walk across the

Capital Beat: Republicans, Democrats mark battleground in race to control state Senate

Political junkies have surely noticed the uptick in campaign activity between Democrats Kass Ardinger and Dan Feltes, who are competing to secure endorsements in a battle to replace Concord’s outgoing state senator, Sylvia Larsen. It’s the first seriously competitive state Senate race Concord has seen in 20 years, but when it comes down to the fight for control of the state Senate, it’s one that hardly matters. The Democratic primary winner is almost guaranteed to win the general election, doing nothing to shift the balance

Romney stumps for Brown in N.H., ties Shaheen to President Obama

Standing before a few hundred supporters in the sweltering heat this afternoon, U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown listed off his familiar criticisms of Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, chief among them her record of voting in lockstep with the president. “This election is America’s last chance to pass judgment on the performance of President Obama,” Brown said. “He’s not on the ballot, but his biggest supporter in the Senate is Jeanne Shaheen, and the president needs her back. He’s counting on her votes, and she’s counting on

Scott Brown raises $2 million between April 1 and June 30

U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown has raised roughly $2 million since April 1, a campaign aide confirmed today. That’s an impressive number for a New Hampshire campaign, but less than half of what Brown raised during the same time period in his 2012 re-election campaign in Massachusetts. The fundraising deadline for federal candidates closed Monday at midnight, but reports aren’t due to the Federal Election Commission until July 15. WMUR first reported the $2 million figure earlier today. The Brown campaign did not share information

Ballot Law Commission: Republican Havenstein is eligible to run for governor

Republican Walt Havenstein is eligible to run for governor, the state Ballot Law Commission ruled yesterday. The 3-2 ruling cementing Havenstein’s eligibility quashes an argument Democrats have been making for months that Havenstein didn’t meet the seven-year inhabitancy requirement because he owned a condo and lived part time in Maryland for work from 2007 to 2012. “I’m delighted with this outcome and excited once again to get out on the campaign trail,” Havenstein said after the ruling was issued. “We’ve been saying this all along,

Capital Beat: In U.S. Senate race, Brown looks beyond primary to general election

More than two months before the Republican primary – and four before the general election – U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown’s sights are trained well beyond his primary opponents and right on incumbent Jeanne Shaheen. His primary opponents, Jim Rubens and Bob Smith, take any opportunity they can to criticize Brown, yet Brown rarely hits back publicly. “A united Republican party is Senator Shaheen’s worst nightmare,” he said several times during a recent WMUR debate as Rubens and Smith continually attacked him. Subtext: I am

Jim Lawrence makes first TV ad purchase of the 2nd Congressional District Republican primary

The first television ad for the 2nd Congressional District race has gone up, from relative campaign newcomer Jim Lawrence. Lawrence, a former state representative from Hudson, filed to run for the Republican nomination in the race just two weeks ago. He’s facing state Rep. Marilinda Garcia of Salem and former state senator Gary Lambert of Nashua in the Republican primary for the right to challenge Democratic incumbent Annie Kuster of Hopkinton. With a $5,900 investment, Lawrence is the first candidate in the race to launch

Shaheen releases tax return documents

U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen made eight years worth of joint tax returns with her husband, Bill, public yesterday, which revealed the couple made $505,786 in 2013 and paid a tax rate of 25.14 percent. The release came five days after Scott Brown, Shaheen’s potential Republican challenger, released his and his wife’s joint returns and called on Shaheen to do the same. Several weeks before, Shaheen told WMUR that she would release hers if her opponents did. Brown’s Republican primary rivals, Jim Rubens and Bob Smith,

Democratic Party files additional documents challenging Havenstein’s residency

The state Democratic Party is calling on Republican gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein to provide roughly a dozen new documents to the Ballot Law Commission that it says will prove Havenstein was recently a Maryland resident, making him ineligible to run for the state’s top job. In a rare move, Havenstein filed a petition with the Ballot Law Commission seeking proof of his qualifications to run here. The commission is set to hear the case Monday and Chairman Brad Cook said it is his intention to

Chris Christie campaigns in Bedford with Republican gubernatorial candidate Havenstein

Steak, potatoes and a handshake from Chris Christie were on the menu at Bedford’s T-Bones Great American Eatery last night, as the New Jersey governor retail politicked his way through the restaurant alongside New Hampshire gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein. The two Republicans stopped by the restaurant in between a finance meeting for the Republican Governors Association, which Christie leads, and a private fundraiser at an Atkinson home. They shook hands, snapped photos and had a quick word with voters – voters whose support Christie will

U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown releases personal finances, tax returns

U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown released eight years worth of joint tax returns and his personal financial disclosure yesterday morning, revealing a 2013 income of $474,080 and $186,514 in speaking fees since 2013. His campaign also called on Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, whom Brown hopes to challenge this fall, to make good on her comment to WMUR several weeks ago that she would release her returns if her opponents did. In response, Shaheen’s campaign said it will release the documents soon. “The Senator said she would

Brown releases memo on college affordability

U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown released a whitepaper yesterday outlining his ideas on improving higher education, ranging from requiring colleges to keep tuition increases at pace with or lower than the rate of inflation to encouraging more women to enter science, math and engineering fields. Brown also called for creating options for graduates to refinance their student loans at lower interest rates, which was the subject of a bill backed by U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen that failed in the U.S. Senate last week. When it

Testerman drops out, backs Bob Smith in GOP senate primary

Republican Karen Testerman dropped out of the race for U.S. Senate Friday to back Bob Smith in the GOP primary. Listen to her explain her decision:

Capital Beat: Let Concord’s state Senate primary drama begin

A cast of half a dozen potential Democratic candidates hoping to replace retiring state senator Sylvia Larsen has dwindled to two, with attorney Dan Feltes emerging as the lone primary challenger to school board member Kass Ardinger, Larsen’s pre-ordained pick. Ask any politically involved person in Concord, and this is the most drama they’ve seen in a while. Larsen was first elected to the seat in 1994 and has easily held it since. Her retirement announcement two weeks ago surprised nearly everyone, including her Senate