Real estate transfers for June 5 to 11

Published: 6/21/2019 2:05:56 PM
Modified: 6/21/2019 2:05:44 PM

42 4th Lane; land and building; $450,000; Marianne F. and Raymond E. Lizotte to James J. and Lori O’Connor.

249 Route 4A; multi-family home; $299,000; Karen L. and Richard W. Sanborn to Daniel and Theresa Ladd.


148 Winwood Drive; land and building; $260,000; Brian and Marilyn Gately to Zachary A. and Laci M. Martin.

No address provided Lot 21; $189,933; Jamey and Jodi C. Balint to Fire Lane 11 LLC.


Dearborn Street; $68,100; U.S. Bank Trust to Richard Honer.

34 Saint Lawrence Drive; mobile home; $58,000; William B. Stanyan to Marjorie L. Kelley and Leo G. Schofield.

No address provided Lot 3; $72,000; Thomas and Rondi Reed to Jody L. Watson.

No address provided; $60,000; Jeremy D. Owen to Mark R. Hardy.

No address provided Lot 56-1; $85,000; Belmont Dg LLC to 15 Gilmanton LLC.


5 Buxton Place; land and building; $240,000; Brian K. and Sheila L. Hibbard to Michael McCarthy.

42 Corn Hill Road; land; $358,933; Riveredge Properties LLC to Heriberto C. Cuesta and Junarys Soler.


69 Brown Hill Road; land; $100,000; Christopher T. Benoit to Alexandra C. and Brent T. Corson.

17 Page Road; land and building; $360,000; Jane A. Bewley to Kristie B. and Thomas H. Trimarco.

No address provided; $165,000; Scott Fleurie to Colinbrooke Homes LLC.


35 High St.; two-family home; $115,000; Samantha R. and Jefrey E. Brode to James Macmillan and Carmen Cooper.

374 S. Main St.; land and building; $55,000; Barbara M. and Dominic D. Iovino to Deborah Soares-Carlin and Robert G. Carlin.


57 Center Road; land and building; $400,000; Alfred Y. and Diane L. Jacobsen to Jeffrey A. Plue and R. Turturro-Plue.


No address provided; $15,000; Andrew D. Senecal to Kara L. Merrill.


37 Alice Drive Unit 82; condominium; $117,533; David D. Gao to Kimberly B. Harris.

64 Beacon St.; land and building; $212,250; Wells Fargo Bank to Rex B. Price.

45 Charles St.; land and building; $200,000; Joel and Lori Eugenides to Kyle Nelson-Garvey.

82 Fisherville Road Lot 4; mobile home; $21,000; N.H. Capital Register to Nate Derkacz.

120 Fisherville Road Unit 87; condominium; $134,000; Jennica L. and Luis O. Barrera to Dale M. Gehrlein.

11 Grove St.; land and building; $241,933; Brian M. and Virginia M. Perry to Margaret E. Hughes.

42 Longmeadow Drive; mobile home; $66,000; Israel Sanabria to Christopher L. Mathis.

227 Loudon Road Unit 53; condominium; $130,000; Doris T. Carlson Estate and Alexander Constan to Nathan S. Carmichael.

Pearl Street; $100,000; James R. Stewart T. and Diane S. Clarner to Iqra Islamic Society.

11 Pleasant View Ave.; land and building; $337,933; Jennifer Johnson and Robert C. Merchant to E. and G. Ft and Aviva Nestler.

31 Rolfe St.; land and building; $255,000; Kimberly S. and Mark A. Durgin to Robert Debenedetto.

58 Rumford St.; two-family home; $233,000; Laura E. Ahern to Heidi A. and Michael J. Frassica.

46 S. Main St. Unit 1; office; $170,000; Cline Design LLC to JLS Realty LLC.


40 Barry Highlands Road; land and building; $170,000; Catherine R. and James M. Fadden to John W. and Tracy M. Hutchens.

Littlefield Road; $150,000; Phelps Construction Inc. to David and Melissa Suckling.


32 Pleasant Hill Road; land and building; $315,000; Brock J. Kuhse to Andrew J. and Tanya L. Hansen.

25 Tandy Road; land and building; $318,000; STG LLC to Nicholas A. Chirichiello.

No address provided Lot 80-5; $150,000; Molly Grant to JK Mullikin and Son Homes LLC.


97 Clement Hill Road; land and building; $215,000; Henry and Marina Marin to Nate Parkhurst.


9 Gorham Drive; land and building; $253,000; Dale M. Gehrlein to Jennifer P. Marcotte.

No address provided; $45,000; John C. and Svea Schreiner to Bryan R. and Kelly E. Comeau.


Dover Road; land; $75,000; Dandi Pease to Hutchins Land Development.

80 Wimbledon Road; $380,933; 500 North Road Realty LLC to Bruce and Sharon Sorette.


11 Dynamic View Drive; mobile home; $185,000; Edward and Peggy Anteblian to Sherwell Ft and Kathleen C. Sherwell.

31 Mountain View Drive; mobile home; $166,000; James L. and Marylou Richardson to Robert and Teresa Leclerc.

4 Pleasant St.; multi-family home; $245,000; April Russell to Steven T. Dami.


2 Aspen Circle; land and building; $665,000; Roger W. Bailey to Stephen S. Kallaos and Christina R. Fan.

5 Cumberland Road Unit 8; condominium; $59,000; Aps Solo 401k T. and David Whalley to Baby Shanks Holdings LLC.

2761 Lake Shore Road Unit 45; condominium; $228,000; Patricia Ellen Marker Estate and Warren R. Lumpkins to Bryan K. Ng and Leigh A. Scannardo.

303 Old Lake Shore Road Lot B14; mobile home; $47,933; Vanessa Lampman to Carolyn Baker.

No address provided; $100,000; Kevin M. Keohan to Bruce and Patricia Rankins.

No address provided Lot 2; $120,000; Moyers and Hughes Investment Properties to Brian and Wendy E. Roper.


156 Burke Road; land and building; $267,933; Gary W. and Sarah S. Moulton to Mary Drago.

30 Canoe Lane; land and building; $224,000; Robert J. and Jeanette Marengo to Michelle G. and Mark W. Harris.

405 Guinea Ridge Road; land and building; $457,000; Joseph F. and Sheryl A. Schappert to Daniel J. and Elizabeth A. Delisi.

Munsey Hill Road Lot; land; $42,000; Jean Kincaid to Michael Amaral and Teresa Ferrara.


173 French Pond Road; land and building; $284,000; Charles F. and Janis F. Poland to Kathrine D. and Lucas I. Reynard.

446 Highland Drive; land and building; $349,933; Alan G. and Fawn Nixa to Neil P. Leach and Hannah Tomaszewski.


6 Beaver Glen Road; land and building; $165,000; Carolyn A. and Christopher D. Fields to Michael N. Wybert.

Bible Hill Road; $128,000; Maureen Hagler T. and Theresa Wright to Bennett Properties LLC.

166 Jefferson Drive; land and building; $260,000; Kevin A. and Wanda Anctil to Dustin Chickering and Brianna Cebollero.

W. Main St.; $68,000; Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Eastport Property Holding.

40 W. Main St.; multi-family home; $68,000; Bank of America to Wilmington Savings Fund Society.

No address provided; $361,466; Susan F. Bean and Deborah Foster to Weymouth Ft and Roger P. Weymouth.


85 Apple Tree Lane; land and building; $335,000; Lawrence W. Scammon to Jennifer Johnson and Robert Merchant.

436 Pinewood Drive; $232,000; Elizabeth French to Jeffrey N. and Kristine M. Briand.


Academy St.; $262,000; Lakeport Rentals LLC to Antaeus Holdings Ltd.

Baldwin St.; $94,000; Lakeport Rentals LLC to Antacus Holdings.

24 Baldwin St.; multi-unit apartment; $321,000; Lakeport Rentals LLC to Antaeus Holdings.

111 Church St.; office; $335,000; Lakes Region Mental Health to Dasltk LLC.

6 Dixon St.; three-family home; $207,000; Lakeport Rentals LLC to Antaeus Holdings Ltd.

Elm St.; $996,000; Lakeport Rentals LLC to Antaeus Holdings.

345 Elm St.; three-family home; $257,000; Kristen L. Lavallee to Melissa L. Cunniff.

25 Gilman St.; land and building; $107,504; Lee A. Veverka and to FNMA.

25 Grove St.; multi-unit apartment; $282,000; Lakeport Rentals LLC to Antaeus Holdings.

Havenwood Drive; $269,933; D. Jean Gault to Roger D. Rist.

161 Hilliard Road Unit 25; condominium; $162,000; Anthony Sperazzo to John M. Kozak and Catherine M. Marquis.

45 Holman St.; land and building; $253,000; Denise A. Riley to Andrew M. and Casey Hannon.

3 Mulligan Court Unit A; condominium; $287,533; Raymond and Deborah B. Vargo to Scott M. Bailie and Katherine E. Volovski.

Oak St.; $325,000; Lakeport Rentals LLC to Antaeus Holdings Ltd.

1207 Old N. Main St.; land and building; $219,000; Nicole L. and John S. Lahey to Abigail A. Roy and Daniel J. Rivet.

1215 Old N. Main St.; land and building; $320,000; Robert F. and Judith G. Dingman to John S. Lahey and Nicole E. Lyons-Lahey.

54 Patriots Drive Unit C; condominium; $285,000; Kenneth and Amy Brunelle to Anthony and Marcia A. Messina.

33 Pine St.; multi-unit apartment; $335,000; Lakeport Rentals LLC to Antaeus Holdings.

11 Sullivan Way Unit 5; condominium; $175,000; Jamie Reynolds to Shannon McCallion.

41 Treetop Circle Unit 33; condominium; $106,800; Lisa Dalbec to Stacy Casella.

Union Ave.; $179,000; Steven E. and Caroline C. Anstey to Felicity F. Moore.

377 Union Ave.; mixed-use; $594,000; Lakeport Rentals LLC to Antaeus Holdings Ltd.

Weirs Boulevard, Lot 7; $170,000; Blaine R. and Nancy E. Flores to Sophia R. Feliciano.

Lot 11; $825,000; Marilyn R. Carlson Ret and Marilyn R. Carlson to Northland Group LLC.

No address provided; $65,000; James Gorton to Chris Lofgren.


7 Avery St.; land and building; $189,933; Edward W. Darling to Judith G. James.

26 Plymouth St.; land and building; $143,000; Christopher J. and Gilliam P. Benedetti to Michele Maurier.

4 Water St.; Dept Store; $384,000; 4 Water St. LLC to Antacus Holdings Ltd.

17 Winton Road; land; $87,000; Matthew J. Canfield to Shawn D. and Diane J. Michaud.

No address provided; $750,000; Rafd Realty LLC to Northeast Self Storage.


1462 King Hill Road; land and building; $283,000; Linda and William R. Hardy to James A. and Rhonda L. Benoit.


Summer Street; $27,000; Andrew J. and Samantha C. Southland to Lisa Thorne.

9 Tallwood Drive; land and building; $275,000; Lynn Nicholson to Kimberly and Michael Brian.


27 Denmark Drive; multi-family home; $245,000; Dennis Thorell to Brian J. and Mary E. Quinn.

Lot 400; $120,000; William R. Cleveland to Riley Brown.

194 Catamount Road; land and building; $344,933; Brian W. and Winifred M. Geary to Stephen and Slavitza Demaine.

10 Knowles Way; land and building; $338,000; Matthew R. and Krista M. Machala to Eric P. and Kaitlin P. Detweiler.

25 Old Mountain Road; land and building; $340,000; Thomas Bilodeau and Nancy Hoffman to Felicia and Jeffrey Tebbetts.

210 Upper Deerfield Road; land and building; $299,933; Christopher J. Mello to Joseph P. Gilbert and Kristen A. Woytonik.

No address provided; $350,000; Diane E. Gingras to Kristy and John Sylvia.

No address provided Lot 3; $437,000; Gerald A. Faneuf to Douglas and Deborah Fleming.


617 Cross Country Road; land and building; $290,000; Jeffrey A. and Rebecca T. Plue to Melanie C. and Rene Vaillancourt.

509 Rosedale Lane; land and building; $268,000; U.S. Bank Trust to Tina and Vincent Krochmal.

Lot 16; $177,000; Leonard D. Shepley Estate and Richard W. Heiser to Robert W. Griggs.

294 Cross Road; land and building; $271,000; Christopher and Danette L. Bush to Johnnaliz Maysonet and Anthony M. Rodrigues.

206 Dearborn Road; land and building; $215,000; Roger M. McEneany to Richard M. Lafond.

41 Front St.; land and building; $220,000; Richard Lafond to Alexis J. and Tyler R. Daley.

Kimball Street; $69,000; Irealty Investments LLC to MDR Rehab and Development LLC.

5 Kimball St.; land and building; $54,933; Atlantica LLC to Irealty Investments LLC.

37 Mason Ave.; land and building; $350,000; Michael and Samantha Adams to Keith D. and Kristine S. Andersen.

321 Pembroke St.; day-care center; $150,000; Small Steps Learing Center and Avidia Bank to 4 N.H. Homes LLC.

19 Pleasant St.; two-family home; $138,533; OEC Properties 1 LLC to Property Possible Inc.

1 Savage Court Unit 1; condominium; $175,000; Jon E. and Wendy J. Hanak to Autumn Nall and Shane Smith.

Lot 39-3; $479,933; Strategic Contracting Co to Michael A. and Samantha E. Adams.


28 Berry Ave.; multi-family home; $185,000; Anita Elliott to Melissa and Richard M. Goodwin.

520 Tilton Hill Road; land and building; $220,000; Karen L. Healey to WWF Properties LLC.


40 Davis Road Unit 6; condominium; $105,000; Alan and Carol Metevia to Cba Securities LLC.

Emerson St.; $315,000; New Cape Equity Partners to Lucky 13 Properties LLC.

107 Main St.; commercial building; $1,000,000; Paradox Re Co LLC to Harvest Dev Co LLC.

21 Plaza Village Road Unit D; condominium; $73,933; Gerard and Rose M. Monahan to Deborah Stuart.

14 Tamarac Place; mobile home; $42,000; Alzira Araujo to Kevin M. Carter.

14 Town West Road; Auto Sales; $1,400,000; Peter A. French to 14 Town West Road.

No address provided Lot 12; $73,533; Matthew B. Hinkley to Benmont Ventures LLC.


158 Hensmith Road; land and building; $275,000; Raymond and C. Cote Ft and Charlotte A. Cote to Joel and Lori Eugenides.

No address provided; $145,000; Winnie J. Burt to Patrick and Sarah Brennan.

548 Raccoon Hill Road; land and building; $175,000; Christine and Matthew L. Heath to Andrew and Kelly Gagnon.

No address provided Lot 6; $317,000; John M. Nevin Estate and Jacqueline R. Nevin to Kimberly L. and Mark A. Case.


35 Lower Smith Road; land and building; $751,000; Michael Burnham to Alice B. and Bradley M. Christenson.

3 Perley Hill Road; land and building; $260,000; Brendan M. and Melissa S. Mann to Mark R. Joseph.

3 Pine Stump Road; land and building; $205,000; Brenda Lawrence to Sara A. Stankatis.


No address provided; $10,000; Dale S. Mckinnon to Roger Doherty-Ramirez and Patrick D. Ramirez.

Baker Hill Road; $15,000; Marcia B. Banks and Thomas E. Bridgman to Brenda R. and Ronald J. Cooper.

Route 103; $200,000; Kaylie and Mitchell Dean to Jessica Tremblay.

Route 114; $300,000; Lisa M. and William C. Partridge to Richard D. and Susan P. Webb.

58 Rowell Hill Road; land and building; $373,800; Bruce R. and Carolyn M. Penrose to Allison Muirhead-Marsh.

Wadleigh Hill Road; $60,000; Kenneth P. Brown to David M. and Diane C. Brown.

No address provided Lot 7; $316,000; Kristen A. Tyson to Dominic J. and Lynn S. Jundt.


10 Church St.; multi-family home; $224,933; Richard W. Honer to Erica J. Wade.

85 Lancaster Hill Road; land and building; $255,000; Lorraine and David A. Dunlop to Mark A. and Laurie M. Stockbridge.

No address provided; $27,000; Sara Stankatis to Daniel Fedele.


15 Roslyn Ave.; land and building; $234,266; Kristina M. and William M. Daniels to Maurice C. and Teresa M. Knapp.

93 Collins Road; land and building; $143,000; Todd and Marilyn Johnson to Karen Johnson.

Kettle Road; $343,000; Anna Glinko and Ryan A. Schramm to Martha McClure.

10 Pleasant Lane; mobile home; $55,000; David M. Polonia to Kevin R. and Susan L. Levesque.

950 Route 103 East; land and building; $50,000; Carmen M. O’Keefe and Thomas Free to Moira Abastante.


99 Buzzell Hill Road; land; $273,000; Denise Sanel to Kevin and Jessica Plante.

99 Oak Hill Road; land and building; $303,000; Bernard M. and April M. Zapora to Ashley and Randall Snook.

992 River Road; land and building; $231,000; John P. Nuzzo to Thomas A. Beland and Olivia R. Norton.

No address provided Lot 408; $20,000; E. M. Powers Wilson and Susan J. Cote to Shawn M. and Denise C. Hawkes.

484 Concord Stage Road; multi-family home; $332,000; Estes F. and Jane A. Bonsor to Danielle and William Ocker.

62 Cortland Ave.; $512,200; Cortland Avenue Realty to David M. and Rachel Z. Keane.

68 Cortland Ave.; land; $511,133; Cortland Avenue Realty to Timothy J. and Heather L. Lorenz.

72 Hatfield Road; land and building; $335,000; Timothy J. and Heather L. Lorenz to Kimberly A. Koschek.

471 Old Francestown Road; land and building; $304,000; Jeffrey Bruce to Wesley Ayala.

161 Pine Hill Road; land and building; $320,000; Donald G. Fanny to Gretchen R. and Jason M. Guevin.

Route 114; $29,933; Falcom Heights Properties to Mulholland Metal Rest.

174 S. Stark Highway Lot 29; mobile home; $21,000; Mark and Patricia Wheeler to Heather Monterio.

738 S. Stark Highway; land and building; $250,000; Melody Gamache to Matthew F. Dore.

No address provided Lot 160; $78,000; Brian E. Nichols to TKG Properties Inc.


48 Blackberry Lane; land and building; $327,000; Kim A. Dean and Barbara Matecko to Bruce and Tammy Holso.

423 Little Hill Road; land and building; $533,000; Beth A. Masingill to Maria and Paul Klussmann.

1093 Long St.; land and building; $158,333; Doris Beck to Aimee and Jonathan Burtt.

113 N.H. Drive; land and building; $239,000; B. Betsianne Suzor-Harrington to Danyelle R. and Kellen S. Froke.

No address provided; $27,000; Rouleen G. Williams to James M. Christopher.

No address provided Lot 1; $15,800; Nicolas P. Lacourse to Granite Roots LLC.

1604 Battle St.; land and building; $208,000; Randy Inman and Shannon Labella to Stephanie T. Gaumond.

14 Concord Drive; land and building; $120,690; Billie J. Smith to JP Morgan Chase Bank.

12 General Stark Drive; land and building; $240,000; Joshua and Shannon Bond to Amy S. and Jonathan J. Delucia.

72 Pearson Hill Road; land and building; $389,533; David T. MacDonald to Jennifer L. and Joseph G. Stilwell.

16 Webster Lane; land and building; $200,000; Robert M. Anderson to Allison Marks.

Lot 30-1; $38,000; Caroline M. and Charles J. Pellock to Cedar Mill Group Inc.

Lot 49-5; $368,000; Danielle D. and Stephen D. Smith to Elizabeth A. Bonenfant and Bruce A. Prince.

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