Capital area real estate listings from June 19 to 25

  • The Woodstock Community Trust bought this three-bedroom house near the village last winter for 385,000, spent 14,000 on upgrades, and on Monday put it on the market for 259,000 — well below the market cost. The trust hopes to sell two homes a year this way to increase the population of midlde-income people in the village. Photo by Anne Wallace Allen/VTDigger

Published: 7/3/2019 2:58:17 PM

109 River Road; land and building; $230,000; Scott Laudani to Bryana Fleury and Hunter Judd.

24 Townhouse Road Unit 24; condominium; $136,400; Mackenzie Dennison to Hoon and Kathleen Sang.


133 Switch Road; mobile home; $175,000; Marsha A. and Robert C. Feoli to Timothy J. Roy and Kelsey J. Silver.

No address provided; $50,000; Elizabeth E. Frost to Christine M. and Patrick W. Frost.


52 Forest Road; land and building; $271,500; John Cushing Estate and Rachael Cushing-Cook to Jonathan K. and Katelyn E. Chaisson.

363 N. Barnstead Road; land and building; $292,733; Ellen M. and Annmarie F. Costigan to Brian P. and Cynthia B. Murphy.

1431 Suncook Valley Road; land and building; $480,000; Joseph Primeau to Stephanie L. and Jonathan M. Tymula.

106 Varney Road; land and building; $284,000; Karen B. and James T. Harris to Jeffrey S. Morris.


16 Boulder Drive; land and building; $282,800; Dakota Ret and Joan L. Jenkins to Randal S. Weeks and Gail N. Beane.

15 Nancy Drive; land and building; $265,000; Kenneth C. and Theresa A. Delaney to Timothy J. and Kathy M. Simpson.

10 Sunshine Drive; mobile home; $140,000; WJK Realty Corp. to Christopher E. Gallant.

No address provided Lot 238-4; $85,533; BBE Realty LLC to Terrharris Homes LLC.


7 Queen St.; land and building; $223,000; Jennifer A. and Travis J. Craig to Sara M. Cote and Matthew T. Millar.

Route 3; $297,533; Joseph E. Bennett 1990 Ret and Deborah L. Anderson to Diana L. Tompkins Ret and Diana L. Tompkins.


6 Bela View Drive; land and building; $320,000; Harriet A. and Richard L. Kraybill to Jason W. and Sarah B. Littlefield.

10 Sharon Drive; land and building; $391,533; Benjamin and Rebecca Green to Jarad E. and Kayleigh R. Hodes.

2 Van Ger Drive; land and building; $290,000; Cathy L. Lucas to Brianna Goulet and Shayne Greene.

7 Whittier Drive; land and building; $579,933; Billie E. Mills-Lee and Brian Lee to Alexandru M. and Sarah Vaida.


111 Greenwood Path Unit 7; condominium; $297,000; Matthew B. and Rebecca S. Moreau to Arthur G. and Ellen Stephen.

South Main Street; $70,000; Christos Stamnas to Charles Hackett.


43 Cross Road; land and building; $305,000; Joseph and Julie L. Strazzeri to Devon Snell.

27 Highland Drive; land and building; $283,000; Kenneth M. Surette to Jennifer L. and Scott E. Rolison.

71 Main St.; land and building; $178,284; Roderick Tingley to Nationstar Mortgage LLC.

7 Merrill Drive; land; $310,000; Frank L. Merrill to Thomas A. Senecal.

33 Swiggey Brook Road; land and building; $335,000; Joseph R. and Nancy L. Amour to Martin and Michelle Granville.


24 Alder Creek Drive; land and building; $430,000; Carol P. and E. Thomas O’Hara to Christen A. and Joseph K. Yahnian.

50 Alice Drive; land and building; $299,933; Krishna and Nalini Giri to Gajendra Karkai and Binod Karki.

13 Amoskeag Road Unit 13; condominium; $155,000; Charlotte E. Cote to Carol P. and E. Thomas O’Hara.

20 Badger St.; land and building; $240,000; Ryan Mcginnis to Adam Benthem and Katherine Leswing.

49 Bradley St.; land and building; $248,533; Liza Dube to David and Lynn Littlefield.

35 Callaway Drive Unit 1; condominium; $255,000; Callaway Drive LLC to Pamela J. Doubleday.

319 Elm St.; land and building; $345,000; David and Veronica Luce to Andrew and Melissa Lantz.

73 Hooksett Turnpike; land and building; $218,000; Linda M. Garland to John P. Bascom and Leena Kamatham.

16 Ladybug Lane; land and building; $280,000; Sara and Scott Tremaine to Savitra Poudel and Suk B. Rai.

29 Lewis Lane; land and building; $183,000; Jakusik Lt and Sharon O’Brien to Joseph R. Anderson and H. F. Lopez-DeAnderson.

179 Loudon Road Unit 8; condominium; $60,000; Plato Properties Inc. to Edward V. Keating.

99 Peaceful Lane; land and building; $85,000; Christine L. Tierney to David J. and Kenneth F. Langley.

169 Portsmouth St. Unit 30; condominium; $175,000; Judith A. Frost Ret and Daniel Frost to Michelle M. Desjardins.

251 Portsmouth St.; land and building; $220,000; Jacqueline R. Edes to Kelsey A. Bisson and Dillon Fowler.

11 Whitewater Drive Unit 11; condominium; $145,000; Romany Estafanos to Heather A. Parker.

9 Yale St.; land and building; $245,000; Wendy A. Hastings and Robert Kohler to Jennifer A. and Travis J. Craig.


17 Candia Road; land and building; $239,000; Jean E. Amuzzini to Benjamin Averell.

24 Maple Ave.; land and building; $375,000; Bryan Hurst to Charles A. Gilson.

272 North Road; land and building; $622,775; Lisa C. Paladino and Julie A. Gamage to John M. and Christina M. Lewis.


1218 Deering Center Road; land and building; $458,533; Adam and Raisa Bernstein Ft and Adam D. Bernstein to Anna Vonkovn.

91 Driscoll Road; land and building; $340,000; Michael Ballou to Mark R. Viens and Glenn E. McNeil.


241 Grapevine Road; land and building; $283,333; Lee Richmond and Pamela E. Sullivan to Heather L. and William Wardwell.

80 Stark Highway South; land and building; $511,533; Ann M. Hillman to Christopher and Lisa Stonge.

70 Tenney Hill Road; land and building; $380,000; Karen G. Camp to Carla E. and Mark J. Ludwig.


2049 Dover Road; land and building; $226,800; Roberta L. Bourque to Chanel A. and Kyle W. Haskell.


12 Charles St.; land and building; $194,933; Mark J. Dixon to Michael K. Carlson.

3 Constitution Ave.; land and building; $185,000; Jeffrey A. Roberts and Diane E. Stone to Janet L. and John T. Meibaum.

44 Lake Ave.; land; $290,000; R. and F. Land Development LLC to Brandon F. and Samantha Chase.

2 N. Sulloway St.; land and building; $108,400; Chester F. Kulus Rt and Peggy Dimond to Leland C. and Peggy A. Dimond.

No address provided Lot 88; $19,000; Cheryl A. Gonzalo to Kathleen and Shawn Duhaime.


30 Colonial Drive; land and building; $248,000; Kenneth A. and Carolyn M. Arnold to Kayla M. Chick.

2696 Lake Shore Road Unit 10; condominium; $652,000; James V. and Lesley E. Barrile to John and Kerri Bozarjian.

22 Ox Bow Lane; land and building; $235,000; Jeffrey J. and Anita I. Josten to Lisa M. Pettengill.

23 Ridgewood Ave.; land and building; $224,933; Lyall K. and Amelia J. Hamilton-Miller to Scott White.

97 Riley Road; land and building; $282,000; Linda C. Swenson to Gregory A. and Jean E. Cadrette.

Route 11A; $469,200; Cherry Valley LLC to Anna Gorska and Zbigniew Gorski.

23 Sand Hill Road; land and building; $642,533; Robert and Rita Verge to Paul and Doreen P. Gabriellini.

No address provided Lot 4-42; $34,000; Bryan H. and Waneta A. Forbes to Theresa L. Iovino and Mark I. Anderson.

No address provided Lot 2; $335,000; Zane Ventures LLC to Robert F. and Marianne V. Moran.


952 Middle Route; land and building; $225,800; Susan J. Blake and to FNMA.

151 N.H. Route 140; land and building; $218,000; Bruce B. and Elizabeth McCutcheon to Daniel S. and April L. Kelley.

65 Prescott Road; land and building; $415,000; Mary C. Macmillan T. and Brenda Currier to Jeffrey A. Young.

541 Province Road; land and building; $185,000; Christopher Hottel to Paul A. Vets and Kim H. Agocs.

Route 107; $449,000; George J. and Karen E. Harsin to Carlos P. and Shawn P. Albuerne.

702 Stage Road; land and building; $237,533; Bryanna J. Kelly to John J. Moraj and Cynthia L. Moran.


594 Gulf Road; land and building; $212,933; Adam D. and Keri West to Zachary A. Wolf.

Tanglewood Subdivision Lot C11; $110,000; Carolyn L. Patenaude to Anna K. Gleason and Peter N. Twombly.


15 Birch Tree Lane; land and building; $161,533; Bull Fish Investments LLC to Brandon R. Henderson and Cheryl A. Tobott.

12 Emerald Lane; land and building; $62,466; Ronald W. and Deborah V. Sargent to Green Rock Investments LLC.

66 Preston St. Unit 16; condominium; $108,800; Derek M. and Katie R. Ballum to Jessica Ingerson.

Robbins Road; $130,000; Brett M. and Tammy M. Davison to Peter V. and Tiffany A. Markarian.

120 W. Main St.; multi-unit home; $150,000; Barbara Colbath to John Cilley.


859 Gould Hill Road; land and building; $484,000; Priscilla J. Clarkson to Graham R. and Jennifer L. Pellettieri.

741 Upper Straw Road; land and building; $316,000; Jerry R. Tepe to Catrina M. and Samuel J. Young.


53 Adams St.; multi-unit home; $57,000; Ronald L. Garnett to MTR Realty LLC.

127 Big Bend Drive; land and building; $520,000; James F. and Terri A. Howe to Bryan K. and Lori L. Hurst.

43 Birdie Way Unit 43; condominium; $300,000; Harold L. Powell to Paul and Janet Burkhardt.

27 Clinton St.; multi-unit home; $150,000; Stonerick LLC to Antaeus Holdings Ltd.

114 Clover Lane; land and building; $870,000; Carol A. Beane to James J. and Mary C. Labonty.

Darwin Place; $119,000; MJ Farm Estate LLC to Paul D. Libuardi and Lee M. Liburdi.

47 Lyford St.; land and building; $175,000; Christian C. and Lori A. Lake to Jacob A. Cole and Melissa A. Miles.

330 North St.; land and building; $625,000; Paul and Marita Antrop to C.D. and A.M. Hooper Ret and Christopher D. Hooper.

18 Olive Place; two-family home; $155,000; Alan F. and Heather D. Young to Richard J. Pauley.

196 Pine St.; land and building; $129,933; Stephanie L. Shepard to Marcel E. Sylvestre and Margaret L. Miller.

102 Recreation Drive Unit 20; condominium; $15,000; Carol A. Beane to James J. and Mary C. Labonty.

87 Stark St.; land and building; $121,315; Patricia G. Fitts and U.S. National Bank to U.S. National Bank Trust.

19 Tranquility Turn; land and building; $292,533; Nancy C. Ball 2002 Ret and David J. Ball to Kevin E. and Susan Theodore.

Union Avenue; $150,000; Stonerick LLC to Antaeus Holdings Ltd.

277 Weirs Boulevard Unit 13; condominium; $89,000; Robert L. Archambault and Marie A. Pratte to Marisa Wilkins.

690 Weirs Boulevard Unit 10; condominium; $95,000; Anthony C. Stephen to Lakeview Homes LLC.

1011 Weirs Boulevard Unit 3; condominium; $109,000; Gail A. Pasquale to Juliet D. Menezes.

1044 Weirs Boulevard Unit 5; condominium; $250,000; Frank and Gina Berardi to Margaret Cowles-Peterson and David L. Cullerot.

45 Windemere Heights; land and building; $310,000; Gregory A. and Jean E. Cadrette to Christian C. and Lori A. Lake.

28 Windsor Square Unit 28; condominium; $195,000; Rae W. Eden Estate to Linda C. Swenson.

189 Winter St.; land and building; $169,933; Peter J. and Jennifer Bouchard to Kenneth R. Nadeau and Mindy G. Nadeau.

No address provided; $690,000; Roger J. Legendre to Peter and Nancy Welnak.


237 N. Village Road; land and building; $170,133; Henry M. Frost to Michael G. Torino.

1096 Route 129; land; $60,000; Skatah Homes LLC to LP Street Enterprises LLC.

109 S. Village Road; land and building; $325,000; Charles H. and Shirley Hamlin to Eileen M. and William J. Cunningham.

No address provided Lot 9; $402,000; Sylvie M. Dollard to Bradford and Heidi L. Page.


2 Pollard Shores Road; land and building; $230,000; David J. Fortuna to Richard R. Stevens.

21 Winona Road; land and building; $72,533; FHLM to Jeffrey Frost and Kathleen Quinn.

No address provided Lot 38; $399,000; Paul J. and Dawn Dionne to CE Rt and Rosanne J. Spinney.

No address provided Lot 99; $25,000; Aaron K. Leblanc to Joanne and Stephen Hazelton.


Hall Farm Road Lot 22-3; $140,000; Samuel Drive LLC to John and Linda Boisvert.

226 Quail Run; land and building; $375,000; Robert and Susan S. Sullivan to Abigail and Michael E. Goen.

161 Shaker Road; $687,533; Kevin Scarlett to Rebecca and Scott Beckman.


20 Ramblewood Place; land and building; $198,800; Mimi G. Colletti to Paul G. Krause and Linda J. Plunkett.

No address provided Lot 33; $315,000; McAuliffe Qprt and James D. Mcauliffe to Kevin M. Scarlett.

No address provided; $130,000; Robert Caia and James Cassidy to Bobs Beacon Marina Inc.

No address provided Lot 7; $100,000; Bryana H. Laveroni to Ralph R. and Whitney L. Ferrigno.


124 Allen Farm Road Unit 220-12; condominium; $370,000; Raeleen and Shadd Schutte to Jason A. and Andrea J. Watson.

No address provided; $251,933; Catherine McLean and Carole Dennis to Burton 2018 Ft and Gary A. Burton.


425-443 Third Range Road; forest use; $60,000; Elbert C. Noyes to Christopher D. and David E. Noyes.

212 Cardigan Drive Unit B; condominium; $175,000; Karen L. Carter to Delaine S. and John P. Quattrocchi.

461 Carrie Ave.; land and building; $305,000; Nancy A. Daneault and Fred J. Scott to Brandy L. Mahle.

454 Fairway Drive; land and building; $375,000; Fanuel and Lilian Rodriguez to Henry W. Dow.

104 Glass St.; land and building; $220,000; Pauline L. Rainville to Katherine and Sean Padecky.

3 Howard St.; land and building; $182,000; Christopher J. Lee to Alyssa R. and Shaun M. Huber.

100 Main St. Unit 201; condominium; $96,000; Christine Vigue to Karen Ruzicka.

180 Main St.; land and building; $260,000; Aaron and Jenifer M. Tuttle to Anna D. and Cooper Dubuque.


Old Hebron Road Lot; land; $30,000; Horatio and Cynthia Melo to William R. and Jessica E. Bond.

Old Hebron Road; $30,000; William R. and Jessica E. Bond to B. D. Lopez Mayhew Ret and Barbara D. Lopez-Mayhew.

No address provided Lot 1; $40,000; Cardigan Land LLC to Kenneth D. Decosta.


220 Burleigh Hill Road; land and building; $576,533; James A. Miller to Brandon W. and Amy L. Deacon.

10 Contentment Road; land and building; $235,000; Michael J. and Morgan B. Hildreth to Casey S. Fontneau-Ramos and andrea Gaudette-fontneau.

Old Mountain Road; $15,000; Peter J. Drouin to Gregg M. Auger.

No address provided Lot 15-68; $25,533; Jonathan Stankatis Estate and Stephanie Galambos to Jeffrey Stankatis.

No address provided Lot 15-68; $26,266; Jonathan Stankatis Estate and Stephanie Galambos to Jeffrey Stankatis.

No address provided Lot 15-68; $20,533; Jonathan Stankatis Estate and Stephanie Galambos to Jeffrey Stankatis.


56 Ashuelot Drive; land and building; $350,000; 56 Tilton Rt and Phyllis E. Boyce-Ziner to Charles L. and Zachery Bonitatibus.

16 Hill Road Unit 9; condominium; $195,000; Edwin J. Soul and Patricia Donovan to Kevin J. Coughtlin and Christine E. Cannon.


Chuck Street South; land; $132,000; Alan T. and Monica W. Kent to Peacock Hill Road LLC.

104 Chuck St., South; mobile home; $85,000; Kaitlyn L. Gibson to Eryn R. Daly.

348 Colby Road; land and building; $209,000; Eric S. Carter to Jennifer A. Normand and Thomas J. Pepper.

24 Cortland Ave.; land; $449,000; Cortland Avenue Realty LLC to Morgan L. and Peter S. Hallock.

129 Elanor Way; land and building; $340,000; Yiu W. and Dawn M. Leung to Matthew and Carrie Fuller.

53 Grandview Drive; land and building; $330,000; Charles F. and Jacqueline D. Sullivan to Eric S. Carter and Jamie K. Osborne.

155 Irving Drive; land and building; $271,000; Robert C. Hilliard to Stephen Couturier and Alison Hammond.

3 Newman Wilson Road; land and building; $245,000; Andrew J. Blackburn and Donna R. Pondelli-Blackurn to Jeffrey Fortin.

128 Old Town Road; land and building; $110,000; Marc P. Lacerte to River Edge Properties LLC.

114 Reservoir Drive; land and building; $289,933; Kirk B. and Judith A. Leoni to Virginia and Luke A. White.

540 Reservoir Drive; land and building; $275,000; Bryan Tambouris to Corey J. Forrest and Rachel M. Eaton.

23 Woodland Drive; land and building; $275,000; Brian L. Jean to Spencer Allard and Taylor Plante.


Garrish Road; $45,000; David S. and Karyn Baer to Abby A. Rockefeller.

Mutton Road; land; $27,000; Mary A. Graham and Edward McPherson to Joel F. and Rebecca K. Garland.

1516 Pleasant St.; land and building; $60,000; Jeff and Joel E. Lorden to Joel E. and Katherine Q. Lorden.


14 Evans Road; land and building; $247,533; Mark R. Reed to Michael D. Rossing.

626 N.H. Route 4A; land and building; $160,000; Patricia A. Bismore and to U.S. National Bank Trust.

191 Pedrick Road; land and building; $295,000; Joan M. and Richard G. Biron to Ellen M. and William E. Stoops.

No address provided Lot 7; $735,800; Frank P. and Kathleen L. Loiacono to Deborah F. and Marc A. Beerman.

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